Easter decoration to make yourself with recycling – festive and sustainable DIY ideas

After Christmas, Easter is undoubtedly the one we look forward to the most and even the one that we prepare well in advance. But rather than falling into the trap of impulse buying and spending huge sums of money on brand new decor, why not do it differently this year? Paper, cardboard, plastic plates and cups or even – wooden crates and pallets… There is plenty of material with enormous DIY potential that you can recycle and divert into very original decoration. Head for the Easter decoration to make yourself with recycling to beautify our homes occasionally, while doing good to nature.

How to recycle glass jars – an original Easter decoration idea to make yourself with recycling

Materials and tools:

  • recycled glass jars
  • white primer spray
  • colored markers
  • acrylic paint
  • brushes (ordinary or foam to paint the pot)
  • varnish

DIY decorated and very cute glass jars for your paschal interior

manual activity easter recycled and repainted glass jars with rabbit or easter chick pattern

How to do :

  1. First, cover the glass jar with a coat of white primer. To do this, place the jars with the opening upside down on a piece of cardboard.
  2. Using a black pencil, draw the silhouette of a rabbit or chick’s head on the pot, but without pressing too hard.
  3. Depending on the pattern chosen, then paint the glass jar with acrylic paint and brush. Leave to dry well.
  4. Now add the details using colored markers.
  5. Finally, treat the surface of the glass jars with varnish to protect your creation..

Here’s how to make these pretty pot designs

DIY Easter example easy to make in painted glass jars with rabbit and chick Easter pattern original creation


Cardboard Easter eggs – an original DIY decoration for Easter

Materials and tools:

  • acrylic paint in pastel colors
  • brush
  • corrugated cardboard
  • cutter
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • scrapbooking paper

Recycled cardboard eggs – an eco-friendly Easter activity

easter activity how to make corrugated cardboard 3d easter eggs step by step

How to do :

  1. On a piece of scrapbooking paper, draw the egg silhouettes. Make eggs of various sizes, as desired. To do this, you can fold the paper in half and then draw half an egg. Cut out the folded paper in this way, so that the shape is more symmetrical.
  2. When you have finished drawing the egg, trace the egg template onto the cardboard. To obtain a 3D effect egg, it will be necessary to cut two pieces of cardboard. Mark the middle of the egg-shaped boxes on them, then make an incise starting from the top and going down to the middle. Make sure the notches equal the thickness of the corrugated cardboard. Then make sure that it is possible to insert the two cardboard parts of the egg, one into the other. If necessary, cut with a cutter or scissors to create additional space.
  3. Before even assembling the boxes to make your 3D eggs, paint both sides with acrylic paint (pastel color preferably). Let dry and create the abstract pattern by splashing the eggs with a mixture of white paint thinned with water. Or, draw another desired pattern: polka dot, stripes for example.
  4. After allowing the paint to dry completely, insert the two parts of the egg into each other and decorate with.

The tutorial for this Easter decoration to make in two steps, three movements

do-it-yourself easter decor corrugated cardboard eggs painted with white paint splashes

bunny figurine with corrugated cardboard eggs 3d easter deco do it yourself with recup


DIY Easter Bunny Basket – A Great Easter Activity For Kindergarten

Materials and tools:

  • cardboard box (preferably oval)
  • white duct tape on the outside and pink on the inside
  • black and pink paper
  • scissors
  • glue

Don’t throw away the cereal box… Turn it into a great Easter decoration instead.

DIY example of easy kindergarten easter in cylinder box with rabbit pattern easter decoration to make easily

How to do :

  1. In case your box is a little too high to make a basket, cut to reduce its height..
  2. In another piece of cardboard, cut the “ears” of the rabbit.
  3. Wrap the outside of the cardboard box with white adhesive tape and then the inside (if desired) with pink tape or another color.
  4. Line the exposed side of the rabbit’s ears with the same white tape. Cut off the excess tape with a craft knife. If desired, use pink adhesive tape to mark the inside of the ears.
  5. Have the ears attached to the inside of the cylinder.
  6. Add the details (eyes, nose and cheeks), cutting them out first from black and pink paper. To make the cheeks, a circle hole puncher might be useful. Stick on.
  7. Finally, to create a sleeve, punch holes on two opposite sides of the basket at the same height and insert a ribbon through.

An Easter decoration to make in kindergarten or at home with mom and dad

kindergarten easter activity recycled easter basket easter bunny pattern white color


Wreath made from an egg carton – another Easter activity idea for kids

Materials and tools:

  • washable paint
  • miniature pom poms
  • scrapbooking paper printed with various patterns
  • two egg cartons
  • small and large round plates
  • scissors
  • hot glue or DIY glue
  • pencil

Wreath made in a recycled egg carton… Awesome, no ?

easter wreath diy spring wreath with cardboard flowers qur make with recycled egg box

How to do :

  1. Use a piece of cardboard to make the hoop for your wreath. To do this, first trace the large plate on it with a pencil. This would be the outer edge of the hoop.
  2. Using the small dessert plate, trace the inside edge onto the carton. Then cut the excess and the inside to form the hoop.
  3. Cut out the cells in the egg carton and the pointed centers, using scissors.
  4. Cut, still using scissors, the corners of these pointed triangular parts to create petals, which fold outwards. With the scissors, slightly wave the tips of the petals.
  5. In the same way, transform any cell into a flower, by trimming the corners with scissors and folding any petal thus created outwards. Create more notches for an additional amount of petals. Round off the tips of the petals for a more realistic rendering.
  6. Paint the cardboard hoop a green color with the washable paint. Let dry.
  7. Then paint the petals of the flowers with washable paints of various colors. Let dry.
  8. Glue the flowers onto the paper hoop using hot glue or craft glue. Be sure to vary flower sizes and colors as you progress.
  9. For the center, tie colorful pompoms.
  10. Cut “leaves” from the printed scrapbooking paper and then re-attach with glue to the base of the flowers.

Alveoli that bloom to become flowers or how to make a creative flower wreath

idea of ​​preparing spring wreath deco easter to make oneself easily from cardboard diy

spring wreath of painted cardboard spring flowers and pom poms easy easter decoration

Plastic eggs decorated with recycled paper – an Easter decoration to make in the green spirit

Materials and tools:

  • plastic eggs
  • old book or magazine paper
  • acrylic spray varnish
  • cardboard to create a “rabbit” template (optional)
  • scrapbooking paper in a variety of prints and colors
  • paper cutter
  • glue varnish
  • multi-purpose white glue
  • foam brush
  • scissors

A basket full of Easter eggs like no other

Plastic Easter Eggs Decorated With Paper Book In Simple Adult DIY Easter Basket

How to do :

  1. First choose pages from a book or magazine to decorate the plastic eggs. Recover from an old book or magazine, or print a free digital version.
  2. Cut the side margins with a craft knife or scissors. Then, if necessary (in case of anchor jet printing), cover the pages with a few coats of acrylic varnish. Otherwise, there is a risk that the glue varnish dilutes the letters of the text. If laser printing, skip this last step.
  3. Cut the pages into strips one to two centimeters wide. Then, cut each large strip of paper into a few smaller strips..
  4. Using a foam brush, apply a thin coat of glue varnish to the plastic eggs to adhere the paper strips. Apply a dozen strips of paper to each of the eggs, gluing them one at a time. Allow the glue to dry before adding more strips. Do not be too fast and make sure to smooth out any creases during the application process.
  5. It would take 4.5 turns to cover all of each egg. Cut and adjust the size of strips, if necessary, to fit the egg.
  6. Finish the work on the eggs by adding an additional layer of glue varnish.
  7. Print a rabbit and trace directly on the scrapbooking paper, first on a piece of cardboard, which to use as a template. This is not essential but will make the multiplication of the bunny pattern much easier..
  8. Trace the template on the scrapbooking paper and cut out.
  9. Using white glue, attach a bunny silhouette to each of the eggs. Smooth the surface well to avoid bubbles and other irregularities.
  10. Store this beautiful original DIY Easter decoration inside a beautiful basket and use to decorate a fireplace, hallway, centerpiece, etc..

Easter crafts to create a decoration that stands out

Plastic Easter Eggs Decorated With Paper And DIY Easter Bunny Pattern For Adults


Ultra friendly chicks created in a glass jar

glass jars decorated with painting inside and bouquets of spring flowers

Small pastel colored flower pots with rabbit pattern for the centerpiece

original easter table decoration with recycled glass jars painted and decorated with motid rabbit with flowers inside

Easter basket made in a eggs

making diy easter basket in egg carton repainted with green colored eggs pipe cleaning handle and deco crepon paper around

plastic cup transformed into a nursery Easter basket with artificial grass, plastic eggs and pipe cleaner handle

deco easter bunny in ice cream sticks and paper patterns simple and creative kindergarten easter manual activity

Another example of a crown made in a box eggs

colorful flower wreath and recycled egg carton boxes easy to make diy easter

DIY easter wreath easy easter in colorful ribbons paper bunny silhouettes what to do with scraps of fabric

Easter basket idea in a white painted tin can with black papin silhouette

diy easter basket in glass jar with sugar easter eggs inside and tissue paper deco and paper bunny silhouette plush ears

A branch and bottles collected to create an original Easter tree

recycling branch in jar glass bottle decorated with colored easter eggs diy easter original

Easter bunny pattern paper plate with cotton ball tail feet original diy easter

recycled glass jar filled with candies in the shape of clorified eggs and chocolate bunny deco tissue paper flower Easter activity

Do you have floral vintage tableware on hand? Here’s a great idea to reuse it

beautiful recycled vintage tableware filled with mini easter eggs easy to make at home easter decoration

recycled jar and transformed into terrarium with dried grass at the bottom colorful eggs flowers easter activity recycled jar

recycled plastic bottles painted with cat pattern with suspensus flowers inside diy easter

Muffin cases transformed into beautiful DIY spring flowers

DIY Easter Kindergarten flowers in colorful muffin boxes on wire rod

white clothespin pot cover with flower inside and Easter eggs around Easter DIY for adults

egg wreath card stock scrapbook various patterns easter activity kindergarten or adult

easter decor to do yourself vintage watering can decorated with flowers eggshells ribbon diy easy easter

Easter decoration to make wreath of branches with deco ruba rose plastic eggs artificial flower

A table decoration for Easter reclaimed in rustic style

easter table decoration idea of ​​centerpiece in recycled egg box diy candle and small flower bouquet inside

make a diy easter basket out of recycled clothespins and decorated with a ribbon easter manual activity

make an easter bunny in round wooden trunks assembled diy easter deco idea to make yourself with recycling

DIY Easter bunny in kindergarten to display at home

easter bunny made in toilet paper roll pipe cleaner and red pompom nose DIY easter paper ears kindergarten

rabbit made in toilet paper roll with face ears paws paper wiggly eyes cotton tail whiskers

mini kindergarten easter basket in alveolus egg box artificial grass and miniature plastic eggs

Easter eggs in corks

Easter eggs in recycled corks on a wooden board plastic eggs purple flowers and Easter bunny figurine

flower pot repainted with verdigris paint and decorated with colorful polka dots in chalk grass and colored eggs

glass jar painted with lime paint and transformed into a vase for painting branches Easter decoration to make

chicks made in eggs put in cardboard eggs and mother hen in recycled cardboard diy easy easter

What to do with fabric scraps? Make an Easter bunny 

what to do with scraps of easter bunny fabric in an embroidery drum with printed fabric easter wall decor

what to do with eggshells attached to the outside of a white easter egg easy easter decoration, DIY easter decoration with recycling

what to do with scraps of fabric spring wreath easter deco to do yourself with recup chicks toys colored eggs flowers

Decorated tin cans filled with Easter eggs

recycling tin cans activity easter preserves decorated with scrapbook paper and colorful ribbon

Recycling Trunk C Tree With Holes Egg Holder And Glass Vase With Dandelions DIY Easter For Adults

recycle glass jars to make an easter decoration idea painted jars with rabbit and chick pattern with string around the neck and flowers inside

old frame repainted in blue with ribbons and jute deco and thread a nest inside and blue eggs and diy easter music background

recycled wine bottles painted in pink paint with white cotton tailed rabbit motig and white ribbon

wooden cubes repainted in white and transformed into white easter bunnies mustaches metal wire wooden heart ears ruba jute

how to recycle egg carton ideas for easter decoration vase with flower inside red color easter activity