Gift set for women – the best gift idea for mom

“A mom is a person who takes everyone’s place… But no one can replace her…” says a popular proverb. This creature therefore deserves the surprise of a very special gift idea for mom. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about her birthday, Mother’s Day, or some other occasion to celebrate. To give her something unique and personalized, nothing like a gift box for women. Find some great suggestions today.

The spa / cosmetics box

Since your mother is the person who has spent her whole life pampering you, now it’s your turn to make her happy. Mother’s Day is a great opportunity to do so. Cosmetics box? Superb idea! Except, make an effort to educate yourself about her tastes in beauty products. Skin / hair type, age, preferred scents, ingredients – all of these factors play an important role in choosing cosmetics. And if you want to give it a true Zen experience, there is nothing better than a spa set. Besides the essential salts, bath gels and exfoliators, this type of box contains all kinds of objects conducive to well-being and a peaceful atmosphere. Scented candles, aromatic lighter, mini bottle of champagne … And even, why not, a little chocolate to enjoy when lying down in your bathtub. In case you would like to personalize your gift more, feel free to make your own DIY bath products made from natural ingredients..

Spa box to spend a cozy evening in the bathtub

spa box with fruity soap and lily of the valley bath bombs in wooden box

The book box

Magnificent idea for bibliomaniac moms. The book box is an ultra original gift that is gaining in popularity. But instead of giving her a bunch of books, why not personalize the experience once again. The choice of the editorial staff is the gift box Kube. Besides surprise books, there are all kinds of cute treats and treats – candles, greeting cards, soaps, teas, etc. The inspiring women books box, for example, would be ideal for Mother’s Day. There you will find 3 books on the lives of some impressive women, as well as a chocolate bar, some jars of jam, notebook and three cards.. Kube also offers personalized monthly book boxes, another good gift idea !

Book box for reading enthusiasts

the kube box books inspiring women jam jars notebook mother's day gift cards

The box of teas

Mum loves to accompany her afternoons with a cup of tea? Don’t hesitate to offer him a box full of his favorite teas. Or, a box of exotic teas that she has never had the opportunity to taste. Any lover of the hot drink would be delighted. Often made of wood, these boxes give the impression of opening a real jewelry box. If you plan to fill the box yourself, just be sure to do it on a specific logic. Most often, it would be a question of arranging the bags in a chromatic order..

Rich assortment of teas in a box – a real gem

wooden tea box with tea bags with different tastes example gift for his mother.jfif

The basket of delicacies

Since it’s hard to find a mom who can resist sweets and desserts, this type of set is a sure bet. Certainly, the fact of making it yourself is an idea that tempts. Your mother would only be very touched by the gesture. Muffins, chocolate bars, cupcakes, vegan truffles. And then, chocolate, strawberries, vanilla – the choice would again depend on his personal taste. For more complex and refined delicacies, don’t hesitate to turn to a chocolate maker or pastry chef.

Pretty box filled with pastel colored macaroons

box of macaroons in pastel colors and various tastes white flowering branches original mother's day gift gourmet box.jfif

The cocooning box

Here is finally a box that mixes elements of all the boxes that we have just listed. Its main idea is to participate in the creation of a 100% cocooning experience. For this reason in particular, the objects would be selected based on your mom’s idea of ​​the perfect evening of relaxation. This could for example be a scented candle, a tea cup, socks, a soft blanket and possibly a few treats..

Well-being box to spend cocooning moments

Cozy box of green plant tray yellow plaid service kettle and teacup, gift idea for mom