Holi powder: a trendy item for your unforgettable party

You’ve probably come across these pictures of fairy-tale festivals where people are all covered in colorful and magical powder. But, what is it actually? And again, can you surprise your guests with such an unforgettable experience? The answers can be found below in the article. Because today, we’re bringing you a trendy item to throw a unique and impressive party, including holi powder. What to treat yourself to a wonderful party like coming out of a fairy tale !

Add an element of amazing surprise to your party

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Holi powder, what exactly is it ?

As you can guess, this is a colorful powder that comes in many vibrant hues. It takes its name from the ancient Hindu festival of colors which is still very popular in Nepal and India. Initially, the holi powder is made from natural sources such as chrysanthemum leaves, ground neem, mint or forest flame, rose petals, turmeric, pomegranate etc. Today, corn starch or rice powder is most often used. To get pretty, vibrant shades, food coloring is usually used. However, the components vary among different manufacturers, so we advise you to read the details on the products and only opt for those that are certified and meet the standards..

A kind of magic powder that turns every event into an unforgettable and fun party

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What is the symbolism behind the use of colored powder ?

During the famous festivals, we especially celebrate spring and fertility. It is also an opportunity to pay tribute to the bright colors that we observe during this season and which evoke a feeling of joy and happiness..

Holi powder comes in many bright and cheerful colors

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For what occasion can we use holi powder ?

After unveiling the secret behind the composition and origin of holi powder, it’s time to examine the best ideas for what occasion to use it to amaze our dear friends and loved ones. Here are some clues on this topic.

# As part of a wedding

Marriage is one of the most special events in human life. Moreover, the latter itself is made up of a few small unforgettable moments such as, for example, the bachelorette party; the dance party and the fun photobooth. Thus, the use of the holi powder during these times is a very suitable and original option to make the atmosphere even more special and memorable. In addition, the result will be even more fantastic, if you offer your guests an all-white dress code. !

Eliminate stress during your D-Day celebration by opting for a colorful photobooth

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# For a gender reveal party

Organizing a party to reveal the gender of your baby is gaining more and more popularity in Europe. So if you’re looking for a fun and remarkable way to share the good news, why not do it with a colored powder? However, it also comes in the form of cannons, balls and extinguishers. You can also hide the powder in a balloon and then pierce it to release a cloud of pink or blue color..

Find out the sex of your unborn baby in an original way

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# Birthday celebration

Young or old, everyone feels a little more special on their birthday. Especially if you share it with friends or family! However, over time it becomes difficult to always find a new way to make your party unforgettable. Fortunately for this year, we have the solution we need! Yes exactly, we are talking about colored powder. Whether it’s for a child’s birthday party or an adult party, adding a dose of color and good humor never goes unnoticed. In addition, if you want to go even further in the results, you can consult the suggestions of a fluorescent evening specialist. You will easily make your party shine using a few products that are not only colorful but also luminescent.

Organize a birthday party that is out of the ordinary

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