How to dress well for a special occasion – the most beautiful evening outfits 2020

Knowing how to dress for any occasion is essential. Obviously, you don’t want to show up in shorts for a wedding or a very short miniskirt for a job interview. Conversely, you know that wearing a formal dress to a football game would be downright ridiculous. More subtle dress code violations can make all the difference when it comes to getting a job. In the event that the occasion is a wedding, it is less of a consequence, but you may not feel very comfortable. So how do you dress well for a special occasion? Although this question does not have a one-sided answer, there are a few basic rules that you can follow to be successful with proper outfits for different occasions..

There are three basic principles to follow when looking for an outfit. The first is to always choose natural fabrics. They are much more comfortable and your skin will thank you for it. The second is to favor classic cuts and simple outfits. When in doubt, it’s better to go for a classic silhouette that looks classy to you rather than trying to create an outfit that is a little too original that might seem rather eccentric. The third principle concerns accessories. The most important thing when choosing which accessories to wear is not to overdo it. As Coco Chanel says: “Fashion is architecture: it’s a question of proportions”.

These are the three principles to follow in order to be a well dressed woman. Once you have adopted them well, you will have the opportunity to play with the different outfits, combine the various pieces of clothing and create chic sets according to the occasion. To give you an idea of ​​what this looks like, you will be presented with some ideas that may inspire you. These are organized around three different special occasions for which we most often tend to seek inspiration.

  1.  Dressing well for a special occasion – the wedding attire

The wedding ceremony normally looks like the couple getting married, let alone the invitation you received. Let the invitation, the season and the time be your guides. The colors on the invitation are in most cases the colors of the decoration of the ceremony. In addition, the tone of the text can give you a cue on the formality of the event. Black text on card stock, written in formal language? There is a big possibility that the marriage will be too. In this case, it would be good to choose a nice Evening dress chic. This is also the case when the reception takes place in an upscale restaurant..

The opposite is the ceremony that will take place outside. In most cases, this is a little more bohemian atmosphere. Perhaps the invitation you received for this wedding is flowery, colorful and jovial in tone. You can always choose an evening dress. Nevertheless, the most suitable model would be a flowered, bohemian chic style light colored dress. And be careful with light materials at the risk of seeing the wind lift your skirt. Stylish overalls are just as beautiful an option as a chic dress. The same strategies can be applied for an elegant cocktail party or a prom.

The evening dress for special occasion like a wedding party or a cocktail party

Elegant long slit evening dress, three options of cocktail or wedding evening dress to dress well for a special occasion

2. Prom and student parties, how to dress ?

Prom is a great opportunity to wear an elegant dress. Plus, there’s no need to obey any constraints that wedding guests must meet (eg, not wearing white). The options at the bottom are perfect for girls who would like to show off their impeccable style and have the option to wear this dress to other important parties. The trend in recent years is such that many young girls choose a short dress that will be a little more comfortable to wear for a long evening with dancing and other activities. The short student party dress can even be made of two pieces. The cropped top and the elegant flared skirt give a jovial look, but as chic as the long dresses. The same goes for the high-waisted pants associated with a lace top or the elegant dungarees..

How to dress well for a special occasion – short evening dresses

How to dress well for a special occasion - the most beautiful evening outfits 2019 from JJShouse

3. Christening attire – dressing well for a special occasion

This is the occasion that demands modest elegance. It is good to think instead of a dress or a suit that covers the shoulders and knees. The typical outfit is light, pastel, with a floral pattern for spring and summer, and in winter, velvet is preferred. The choice is yours according to your figure, but feeling good is also of utmost importance. And finally, go for an outfit that shows your own style while respecting the rules and principles that you have already spotted while reading this article. For more inspiration, don’t hesitate to stock up on women’s baptism outfit ideas to discover in our fashion and beauty section.

Perfect white overalls for a christening – dress well for a special occasion

White overalls long pants, beautiful chic outfit for a baptism, overalls long pants, lace sleeve

Good idea how to dress well for a special occasion

Idea how to dress well, woman mid-length sleeveless dress, How to dress well for a special occasion, two beautiful modern evening outfits

Bachelorette party – outfit idea for all friends and the bride-to-be

How to dress well for a special occasion, bachelorette party outfit, pink balloon woman

Choice of outfit for a prom – idea how to dress well

Beautiful sequined red evening outfit, How to dress well for a special occasion, trendy outfit 2019