The 4 tips for organizing a clean candy bar

The candy bar or “candy bar” is a party trend that’s more current than ever. However, it is no longer reserved only for weddings, but quite the opposite – more and more people choose such a buffet for their birthdays, Halloween, Christmas or any other important holiday for them and for their family. There’s a great reason behind this – candy buffets are colorful, mouth-watering, easy to prepare, and inexpensive! The feeling of luxury is just the appearance. The truth is, you can buy all the items you need on your next grocery shopping trip for a pittance. If you would like to organize your candy bar on your own, you will find below the steps to follow and tips to prick for success..

Choose the theme for your buffet

The theme of your buffet depends on the event for which you are organizing it and above all concerns the decoration. Here, the choice of colors plays the essential role and we advise you to limit yourself to two or three basic colors. For example, pink and white – for a girl’s birthday, or red and green – for a Christmas buffet. But anyway – it will all depend on your own preferences as well. Then try to find tablecloths, balloons, napkins always in the chosen range of colors. The rest of the decorative accents should also revolve around these main tones. It can be ribbons, small figurines or garlands. You are spoiled for choice !

You can choose a snowy theme and use shades of blue and white

how to organize a candy bar in blue theme with toys and petits fours

Combine the decoration of the table with the appropriate containers

Now you have to decide, depending on the number of your guests, how many and which containers you would need. It is better to get yourself a candy box adapted to your event and provide you with several, preferably in various shapes and sizes. They are very practical because you can use them even on a daily basis to store sweets, nuts, or fruits for example. You are reminded that if you are making a candy buffet of assorted colors, you can use transparent containers so that the colors of the candies show through and blend in a beautiful harmony. As soon as you’ve found your containers, store the taller ones back, working your way up to the smaller ones in front of the table. Make sure the back candy boxes are not too high for your guests to reach for the candies.

Candy buffets look better when you mix heights and sizes

organize a candy buffet with red sweets and white marshmallows

Choose the types of candy you want

Perhaps the most enjoyable step in preparing your buffet is choosing the right sweets. Again, it is best not to choose more than three, four varieties. We strongly recommend the use of colored dragees – not only do they tickle the palate, but also produce a beautiful decorative effect. You can still buy lollipops for the little ones, marshmallows, individually wrapped candies to give to each guest or small fours. If you find some with icing in the same colors as your decoration, that will be perfect..

If you just want to have fun, you can skip the theme and choose some candy you like

candies in different colors served on plates

Organize a candy bar – the final details

As soon as you have all the necessary elements, you can move on to setting up your table. Start with the tablecloth and then follow the order mentioned above. Start with the tall candy boxes at the back – for extra height you can store them on cake stands or other “platforms”. Continue with the central area of ​​the table where you can place a smaller number of containers filled with candy to feature amphitheater-like storage. The front of the table is the place for trays or shallower containers to store individually wrapped sweets. Finish with the details – origami napkins, labels or place cards. Embellish with colorful ribbons that will complete your thematic candy palette.

Personalize your buffet by creating labels for the different sweets

a table organized like a candy bar near a staircase with candy