Which bridesmaid dress should I choose? 110 looks inspired by the latest trends

Have you already set the date for D-Day? It’s time to tackle the planning and all those details that will make your wedding an unforgettable and unique event. And what could be more important than surrounding yourself with the care of your loyal friends throughout the preparations to better manage stress. The choice of bridesmaids and witnesses of honor is therefore a crucial step in having the best allies by your side. You are probably wondering what the difference is between witness and bridesmaid? While the presence of witnesses of honor is mandatory in order to validate the marriage with the law, the role of the bridesmaids is purely symbolic. This American-style tradition has evolved so much, especially in the looks of the young ladies, that it is sometimes difficult to navigate. That’s why we unearth the latest trends in bridesmaid dresses for you.

The perfect bridesmaid dress showcases personality while respecting the style of the wedding.

identical bridesmaid dresses models in chiffon and tulle with sweetheart bustier

Mix and match 

Gone are the days when bridesmaids wore uniform dresses. Now is the turn of modern and elegant dress models with the latest trends that will appeal to all body types and tastes. With the mix and match trend, we highlight the personality of each of the ladies while respecting a certain consistency with the style and colors of the wedding. But the benefits don’t end there – by taking the bridesmaids’ body shapes into consideration, you save them the expense of altering dresses. No more disposable formal wear that you put in the back of the closet after the ceremony. In addition, the versatility of the mix and match style facilitates the choice of dresses and allows you to play with tones of the same color and patterns that are difficult to adopt in a total look. Here are some ideas for a successful mix and match trend:

  • Opt for the floral pattern on one of the dresses. Difficult to adopt as a total look, the floral print will be a nice accent in all sophisticated looks.
  • Neutral colors make it easy to create a harmonious overall look while playing on the materials of the dresses. Also think about these details that will sublimate the nude dress (tulle skirts, lace sleeves, pearl or sequin accents).
  • Mismatched dresses in shades of gray are distinguished by timeless elegance.
  • Play with pastel colors associated with multi-shape dresses that adapt to any body type.

Different models of dresses in the same tones.

different models of bridesmaids dresses in shades of powder pink

We vary the length of the dresses

Bridesmaid dresses that stop just below the knees or ankles are making a comeback. This length will give a pretty retro look and a touch of cheerfulness while remaining sophisticated enough for the occasion. Associated with light and airy fabrics such as chiffon or tulle, these cocktail dresses would be in nice contrast with the long wedding dress. To go further, you can also dress your girlfriends in short dresses in different colors and materials as long as the accessories and bouquets match..

Convertible dresses in pinkish purple associated with glamorous accessories.

convertible ceremony dresses in purple color with a trendy length below the knees

The two-piece set 

The two-piece set seems the perfect choice for an unusual wedding that reflects the free and youthful spirit of the bride and her girlfriends. Consider a lace crop top paired with a high waisted maxi skirt for a romantic yet bohemian look. Do you like the one-color look? So play with the materials and patterns of the top and the skirt.

Two-piece elegance thanks to the combination of the old pink color and the lace pattern.

a two-piece wedding ceremony outfit with a cropped lace top combined with a maxi skirt in the same old pink color

Asymmetric shoulder dress

For all the women who appreciate the elegance of a strapless dress but prefer a less stripped model, the asymmetric strap dress is the ideal choice. It highlights the graceful line of the shoulders and guarantees you an ultra feminine silhouette.

Floral print dress with asymmetric shoulder.

a romantic bridesmaid dress with floral print and asymmetric shoulder

The elegant silhouettes of the bridesmaids are highlighted by dresses in flowing materials with thin straps.

elegant wedding ceremony dresses in fluid material with thin straps for an ultra feminine silhouette

 In autumn we forget about neutral colors and opt for rich tones of emerald green or purple.

convertible bridesmaids dresses in gemstone colors ideal for a fall wedding

A look inspired by nature – loose dresses in neutral color and loose hair sublimated by crown of baby’s breath.

how to dress the bridal party in bohemian chic style, bridesmaids dressed in loose nude color dresses

Mix floral dresses in soft shades and sophisticated one-color models to bring a touch of fantasy to the overall look of your bridal party.

mismatched bridesmaids dresses in the same water green color with floral patterns

Bridal fashion in 2017 dares metallic effects and sequins.

strapless ceremony dresses of different length with a metallic effect

 Romantic Sequin Loose Top Dresses. 

mismatched ceremonial dresses with sequins in golden pink shades

Bridesmaids in a total floral look.  

a model of cheap floral bridesmaid dress, short strapless dress, off the shoulder knee length cocktail dress

Mismatched dresses in fluid materials and soft pastel shades to be in perfect harmony with the intimate atmosphere of a bohemian chic wedding.

bohemian chic style wedding ceremony dresses in soft pastel colors

 The purple lace maxi bridesmaid dress in a modern and classic version.

two pretty models of maxi bridesmaids dresses in old pink lace

 Romantic vision in a pleated dress with off the shoulders.

a sky blue off-the-shoulder chiffon bridesmaid dress

Identical hair accessories and the choice of a single color harmonize the looks.

 The mix and match in a glamorous version: cocktail dresses with sequins or golden sequins associated with tender shades of pink and beige.

mismatched wedding ceremony dresses harmonized by the choice of accessories and the association of sequin models with soft shades of beige pink ceremony dresses in soft shades of pink and coral, a long model of a girl's dress entirely embroidered with sequins identical bouquets are a nice way to harmonize the looks of the bridesmaids dressed in mismatched dresses idea for a pretty sparkling girl's bridesmaid dress in golden beige and straight cut

        Asymmetric jacquard skirt associated with an embroidered or lace-effect top.

two piece sets are a good alternative to classic bridesmaids dresses

Choose a dress completely covered in lace to distinguish the maid of honor from other bridesmaids.

two-piece candy pink wedding ceremony dresses combining a maxi tutu skirt and a lace-effect top

The most feminine color to adopt this season – powder pink.

elegant and romantic ceremony dresses in nude pink paired with floral-print sandals

Tunic dresses for a Greek goddess silhouette.

the bohemian bridesmaid dress model is flattering for any body type

Bridal fashion 2017 – flowing dresses, off the shoulders and soft colors.

a model of cheap bridesmaid dress in silk chiffon with fluid cut declined in pastel shades

The black dress remains a timeless classic for any occasion.

black maxi dresses with fluid cut and transparent effect ideal for an elegant and sophisticated wedding outfit dress your wedding procession in little black dresses with lace collar

Two-piece dresses bohemian chic spirit.

bridesmaids of the bridal procession dressed in cropped lace t-shirt and flowing embroidered skirt

 The floral print is one of the major trends in 2017.

a floral print bridesmaid dress for a spring bohemian chic look, fluid model with loose top

Unique bridesmaid dresses in soft shades of pink.

unique ceremonial dresses to highlight the personality and shapes of each maid of honor floral pattern cocktail dresses perfect for a chic and elegant wedding outfit

The pastel and neutral bridesmaid dress is shaping up to be the ever-fashionable strong trend.

models of ceremonial dresses that will suit all silhouettes, fluid strapless dress with a feminine figure in a maxi flower-print bridesmaid dress bridesmaid dresses with thin straps and floral pattern

Airy materials and floral patterns are in perfect harmony with nature.

bohemian chic style bridal procession in pleated strapless dresses

 The empire waist highlights the small chest.

pretty empire style bridesmaid dress in soft shades of pink and blue cheap bridesmaid dress model with fluid cut and empire waist elegant silhouette in long dress with fluid cut and open back cheap bridesmaid dress model with fluid cut and empire waist mismatched dresses

Unique dresses in shades of navy blue.

wedding procession in mismatched dresses in shades of navy blue elegant bridal procession in navy blue, mismatched formal dresses and a chic jumpsuit bohemian chic bridesmaid look in a two-piece dress in matching material and color

 Maxi skirt in aqua green lace and matching top.

a two piece bohemian bridesmaid dress pattern with a vintage lace maxi skirt three models of vintage lace wedding ceremony dresses in pastel colors

 Unique romantic look for each bridesmaid.

unique bridesmaid dresses designs in shades of pink and cherry red unique bridesmaid dresses designs in shades of pink and cherry red an autumn wedding with a bridal procession dressed in flowing burgundy-colored dresses romantic vision of a maid of honor in a dress embroidered with pearls or with a lace effect bridal procession of bridesmaids in vermin red strapless dresses in strong contrast to the princess dress of the bride  

Dare to wear the two-piece dress that mixes materials and patterns.

highlight the personality of each bridesmaid by opting for a two-piece dress that mixes materials and effects

Wedding procession in ash pink and sequins.   

idea for a wedding on a glamorous theme, bridal procession in ash pink and sequins

   Dresses with metallic reflections for a glamorous touch.

 an elegant wedding on a glamorous theme, gray formal dresses with sequins and v-neck   maxi bridesmaid dresses that combine the softness of lavender and the glamor of sequins

 Mismatched dresses in gray are the perfect choice for an urban wedding.

flowing maxi dresses in shades of gray for an elegant wedding procession ceremony dresses with pleated maxi skirts and different style tops

Choose identical materials and vary the cuts.

unique models of ceremonial dresses in fluid materials and neutral colors romantic bridesmaid look in a flowing maxi dress in pink, peach and white unique ceremonial dress models in fluid materials and neutral or pastel colors        mismatched ceremony dresses in shades of green for a look in harmony with nature A vintage breath of the 50s with the return of tea dresses.

pretty satin ceremony dresses

bohemian chic style bridal procession in shaded coral color dresses with length that varies from maxi dress to above knee model tunic-style ceremonial dresses with off the shoulders and maxi length two piece bohemian bridesmaid dress model combining a white top and a purple maxi skirt long dresses with lace top and choker neck for a bridesmaid look that is both elegant and bohemian chic

We do not forget especially the little tutu dresses in old pink.

a tutu bridesmaid dress in ash pink that plays on the transparent effect

little tutu dress in pale blue with silver belt and transparent effect collar powder pink bridesmaid dress model with tutu style tulle skirt the asymmetrical shoulder is one of the big trends in bridesmaid dresses

 Vintage ceremonial dresses in pastel shades.

bridal procession in short dresses in aerial materials with floral belts a little gray ceremony dress with asymmetric shoulder and satin belt from small strapless dresses in navy blue with asymmetrical shoulders in lace, bridesmaids in identical short dresses

Bring in flashy colors for a cheerful bridesmaid look.

little coral and fuchsia pink dresses for a bridesmaid look full of good humor wedding procession in short purple dresses with asymmetric shoulder

By small touches or in total look, the golden accents make their big effect.

small strapless dresses with golden stripes in perfect harmony with the printed dress of the bride strapless rose gold sequin bridesmaid dresses           convertible satin dresses for an elegant overview of the wedding procession

A trend adopted by more and more stars is gaining popularity – the jumpsuit for you.

a sapphire blue jumpsuit for an elegant and feminine maid of honor look  a pale pink jumpsuit with a neckline for an elegant and feminine maid of honor look

elegant figure in eggplant-colored jumpsuit, idea for a flattering wedding outfit elegant silhouette of a lady of honor in an emerald green jumpsuit

Chic and spring look in a floral dress. 

the floral trend adopted by bridal fashion, chic vision of a maid of honor in a floral dress

   bare shoulders add a romantic touch to the vision of the wedding procession aqua green bridesmaids dresses for a fresh look romantic and feminine vision of a bohemian chic bridal procession in flowing purple dresses

The maid of honor in a floral dress surrounded by bridesmaids in pastel dresses.

strapless dresses of the girls of the wedding procession in soft pastel shades, dress with floral print for a contrast effect bohemian chic style bridal procession in pleated strapless dresses

    a lady of honor dress in navy blue with a pleated maxi skirt and a choker collar

 Female silhouette in maxi dress with bare back and bohemian sleeves.

sublime silhouette in a gray blue maxi dress with bare back and bohemian sleeves mismatched burgundy wedding ceremony dresses, elegant silhouette in a cap sleeve empire dress navy blue maxi dresses with thin straps and fluid cut

    Satin dress model with slit.

satin bridesmaid dresses in soft shades of purple, blue and champagne wedding procession in dresses with soft shades of powder pink, wedding attire in the bohemian chic spirit ceremony dresses in soft shades of pink and coral, a long model of a girl's dress entirely embroidered with sequins  mismatched wedding ceremony dresses in neutral shades             elegant rode silhouette flowing bridesmaid in pale mauve lady of honor dress with fluid cut for an elegant and airy silhouette

 The knee-length dress adapts to many occasions.

elegant models of ceremonial dresses that adapt to many occasions mismatched dresses in navy blue for an elegant and sophisticated wedding procession short ceremony dresses that adapt to many occasions          pretty glamorous style bridesmaid dresses with chiffon skirt and gold sequin top

Beaded embroidered dresses in nude color.

 nuptial procession in nude color, elegant and romantic silhouette in a fluid dress with a bardot collar or a transparent-effect bustier  nude color wedding ceremony dress with flowing pleated skirt  a tunic style witness of honor dress in powder pink color  

 Vary the materials at the top to create unique looks.

a chic two-piece bridesmaid dress with a flared skirt and sequined top

the trend is for two-piece dresses that combine a cropped top with a long maxi skirt