A bonsai tree – the ultimate decoration for the interior or the garden

a bonsai, Where bonzai,  From Japanese “to plant, take care of plants in a pot” is, in Chinese tradition, a tree or a plant with one or more rocks, and, according to Japanese tradition, a tree or a plant in a pot. This word literally means a plant (usually a tree or shrub) grown on a tray or in a pot. This tree is miniaturized by special pruning techniques, and by ligating its branches. It is repotted regularly to prune its internal roots as well as those that join the surface of the pot, making it an aesthetic work of art resembling the tree in nature. a bonsai tree is the perfect decoration for the interior or the garden. There is a classification of bonsai according to the form given to them. Often a bonsai is part of several distinct styles, but there are no strict rules in their creation from an aesthetic point of view. The creation of styles constantly refers to the shapes of trees in nature; professionals advise not to take inspiration from the shape of other bonsai, but directly from trees in nature. Bonsai does not seek mimicry with nature, but the miniature evocation of the power of the tree: it must have thegasoline of a big tree. You can now take inspiration from our photo gallery to choose the plant that suits you best.!

A bonsai tree Boganvilla with pretty flowersboganvillia-bonsai-plant-purple-flowers

A flowering Rhododendron bonsai treebonsai-rhododendron-flowers

Beautiful Acacia bonsai tree bonsai-tree-acacya

Bonsai Azalea bonsai-tree-interior-azalea-2

Bonsai tree for outdoorsbonsai-tree-exterior2

Bonsai cherry treebonsai-tree-cherry-blossoms


Japanese maple with red leavesbonsai-japanese-red-maple

Lemon tree bonsaibonsai-tree-lemons

Tuscan olive bonsaibonsai-tree-tuscan-olive bonsai-tree-design-pots bonsai-tree-elegant bonsai-tree-exterior bonsai-tree-pink-flowers bonsai-tree-fruit-apple tree bonsai-tree-beech-chinese bonsai-tree-beech-japanese bonsai-tree-inspiring-zen bonsai-tree-interier-5 bonsai-tree-interior bonsai-tree-interior-6 bonsai-tree-interior-7 bonsai-tree-interior-azalea bonsai-tree-interior-flowersbonsai-tree-interior-plant bonsai-tree-tropical-miami bonsai-tree-orange-leaves bonsai-tree-treasure-d'or bonsai-Crassula-ovata bonsai-of-Pinus- bonsai-maple-japanese bonsai-flowers-in-colors bonsai-botanical-garden-brooklyn bonsai-psidium-littorale-var-longipes bosai-tree-people bonsai-trident-maple We hope you liked our proposals for bonsai tree and you have found inspiration for an original decoration.