A wall bed ceiling – practical and innovative

a wall bed ceiling can be stored manually in the blink of an eye. This mobile mezzanine saves precious square meters thanks to a very clever system made up of strips of fabric with a basketweave and counterweights. Net profit: you save no less than 4 square meters of space. Nice when you’re short on space. At night the bed is firmly installed on its 4 legs, by day – just fold up the retractable legs and store the bed on the ceiling with a simple gesture. On the finish side, you can opt for several options: recessed spots to create a luminous ceiling, integral formwork to hide the bed in a false ceiling, bedside shelves, side bookcase, mirrors, ladder, protective railing … What is the difference between a Murphy bed with ceiling and a simple convertible sofa bed? – Ease of use: handling a sofa bed is often tedious (you have to prepare your bed every evening and put it away every morning) unlike the wall bed ceiling which is very easy to store. In addition, it is not necessary to move any furniture placed under the bed since it can be installed at the height of your choice (from 35 to 120 cm). Comfort side: This is a REAL bed with a REAL mattress and not an extra bed! Selection of photos to show you the advantages of a wall-mounted ceiling bed.

A wall bed ceiling saves you space


The fold-away bed which is easily stored on the ceiling is very practical


A real bed that is hidden in the ceiling


This is a tip for small apartments

Murphy bed-ceiling-sofa

And can be very comfortable

Murphy bed-ceiling-sofas Murphy bed-ceiling-wood-decor Murphy bed-ceiling-different Murphy bed-ceiling-stairs Murphy bed-ceiling-staircase-library Murphy bed-ceiling-armchair-green Murphy bed-ceiling-ideal-for-studio Murphy bed-ceiling-ideal-red Murphy bed-ceiling-young-man Murphy bed-ceiling-day-at-night wall-bed-ceiling-brown Murphy bed-ceiling-wall-yellow Murphy bed-ceiling-black wall-bed-ceiling-oval Murphy bed-ceiling-red-curtain Murphy bed-romantic-ceiling Murphy bed-ceiling-red Murphy bed-ceiling-studio wall-bed-suspended-ceiling wall-bed-ceiling-variant Murphy bed-ceiling-purple

We hope you liked our proposals for wall bed ceiling and that you have found inspiring ideas for your interior.