Building your house: 5 tips for preparing your project

Are you thinking of a makeover for your home? Or are you planning to build one? There are lots of details to specify, choices to make, for good build his house… It is not that difficult to imagine the elements in bulk, but one thing is to imagine, another is to assess the feasibility of projects and succeed in achieving them in the end. We present to you some essential points to consider, as you embark on this exciting mission..

1. Choose materials that are economical and durable over time

Don’t be fooled by the materials that are in vogue right now. It is about educating yourself well about the quality and strength of the materials you are going to choose for your home. The great classics are always a good choice: cement blocks and bricks have proven their worth. A tip: always keep in mind the climatic conditions of the place in which you are going to build your house. The only downside to cement is that it lets cold and heat penetrate your home. But its price is economical. So, if you choose this material, reserve a certain amount for the thermal insulation of the building. As for bricks, they are not only an economical option, but also provide good insulation. This aesthetic material is extremely weather resistant. Each space requires different materials. So, to create a shelter for your car, using an economical material, the opportune option could be bamboo and / or a simple wooden structure.

Build your house with the right materials – estimate your spaces and their destination

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2. Use software for the house plan 

Because a construction is often the project of a lifetime, there is nothing like a 3D plan tool to prepare and plan it! From designing your house plan to decorating and planning, the 3D plan tool will allow you to experiment with different combinations, until you find the one that suits you. Among those available, we tested the house plan to build KoziKaza. Free and 100% online (no download is required), you will be able to create the plan of your future home in a few clicks … and also walk around in 3D in your virtual home, almost as if you were there! After drawing your walls and partitions, you can add your doors and windows, then move on to the planning part. A large library of furniture and customizable objects is available to you! Finally, decorate your plan by adding your floor and wall coverings.

Building your house and furnishing it in 3D is easy with an online tool !

we present you an original idea to choose the interior design of your home

Experiment to find the layout that suits you best quickly !

red plastic chair, transparent glass table, living room design idea, indoor green plants

3. Very important: the insulation of the roof!

The weather conditions are beating down on him. It is estimated that 25% of heat loss in a house is due to poor roof insulation. The choice of the right insulation depends on the type of surface: flat roof, pitched roof, flat or pitched roof. You can isolate them with:

  • insulation boards, which have a high insulation value and are easy to install, in addition;
  • rock wool which also offers good sound insulation;
  • glass wool which is light and represents an economical option. You can choose it only if you have an attic. Glass wool takes up more space than insulation panels;
  • injection insulation is the easiest to achieve. After the injection of two mixed components, a foamy layer is formed. This type of insulation is more expensive than the others and you will need a specialist to carry it out.

The roof of a house is as important as its base

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Good roof insulation is essential for a house

4. Make plans for the stairs and the spaces under the slope

Stairs are very important for the design of your interior. Choose the type that is most appropriate to your specific case – quarter-turn, straight staircase, spiral … This choice allows you to better structure your space, making the best possible use of it. If you plan to have children, opt for a staircase secured by a guardrail and forget about models with the steps alone attached to the wall. You will also have to think about making a good plan of your spaces under slope, to use them effectively. It will save you space. Consider installing a bookcase or a dressing room, shelves… And why not a bathroom? In this case the roof window would be a very good option. Make sure you have any administrative permissions you will need beforehand – a simple declaration or a building permit, depending on the size of your project. Ask for the advice of a carpenter for the work to be done, for authorizations, contact the town hall service. Also consider the insulation of the floor and the ventilation of this specific area which has specific requirements.

A bathroom in the attic? Why not?

build his house, bathroom in the attic with medium-sized window, flooring in brown PVC parquet

And why not convert your attic into a terrace?

building a house, building a house, building a roof terrace, folding windows to let in lots of light

5. The trendy board to create your atmospheres

This interior decorating tool is the absolute must-have before shopping. It suggests you how to combine furniture, colors, materials and objects. So you get harmonious decoration variants. You just have to decide what style of decor you want for your interiors. Try out different moods to be able to choose the one that suits you the most. This tool will also help you to arrange your garden and your terrace. You find trending boards online, where you also have the opportunity to share them with other members of the community and ask for their opinion on the vibe that appeals to you the most. And you can share them on Facebook and Pinterest, but also by email.

 Trendy boards show you how to match the elements and colors of your interior decor. build your house, trendy board for the layout of the house in style, furniture and details matched in style and color

The trendy board guides you in your choice of materials and colors for the upholstery of the furniture

construction of the house and interior design, choice and mixtures of fabrics and materials, how to match them and how to create a harmonious marriage between them