Design of the trundle bed – practical and cozy

There are many types of beds for children. For families with children, trundle beds for children can be a good option. The trundle bed has two in one beds. There is a regular bed and a low bed on wheels which is stored below. Two children can sleep in a room without the need to buy two separate beds.


At night, the extra beds can be used while in the morning it can be rolled under the regular bed as it is not in use. Even, this bed is still favorable for parents who have only one girl or one boy.


Here is a super original design with a trundle bed for the boy’s room


And a design of the trundle bed for princess girls


Unique design for the nursery with a colorful trundle bed


Use of the trundle bed

The most common use of these beds is to serve as a guest space. sometimes families or colleagues stay longer than we have to provide an extra bed for their children.


In addition to being an extra bed for visitors or clients, the area under the pull-out mattress can be transformed into a storage for clothes. Just remove the emergency mattress and fill the space with the large drawer.


Modern design- gray wall and white bed


Large trundle bed in black with wardrobes


This is an idea for your two boys 


Simple construction – elegant design


Cool nice white bed for a small bedroom in Scandinavian style


Unique design for a boy with many friends


And for girl friends we offer a trundle bed in white


And that is really practical!

design-in-orange-for-your-worm-trundle-bed elegant-trundle-bed-in-white emerald-bed-wooden-model-original-african pretty-design pretty-design-of-the-bed-in-simple-style-and-pink-with-a-wood-floor pretty-design-in-white-in-retro-classic pretty-bed-in-white-for-your-harmonic-and-minimalist-design the-best-wooden-bed-louse bed-with-gray-and-iron-flags wooden-litdenanft-for-ecological-decoration wooden-bed-and-decoration-in-red flexible-bed-in-white-for-a-grand-girl-in-pink trundle-bed-with-wardrobe-in-white-and-mattress-little-for-child child's-trundle-bed wooden-trundle-bed-and-bed-in-a-basket-panel corner-pull-out-beds cute-crib-for-your-girl-in-pink practical-bed-decoration-in-vintage-white-and-decorative-cushions scandinavian-style-in-white scandinavian-style-bed-painting- simple-and-comfortable-ltigogne simple-and-cheap-idea-and-furnishings torronto-bed-white-and-beige-mattress unique-design-for-your-leather-trundle-bed unique-and-pretty-bed-of-girl-child versaille-style-de-lit-et-des-matela-en-blanc