Dressing idea: more than 70 ideas to furnish the dressing room of your dreams

To have a walk-in closet that can easily accommodate our entire wardrobe … And in which we can dress with confidence … This is the dream of many of us. But the reality is often a little different since you rarely have a room entirely dedicated to clothes storage. However, the lack of space and budget are not enough reasons to make you give up on the walk-in closet of your dreams. In fact, there are plenty of tips for creating a storage area that will be both functional and suited to your space. Modular organization systems, dressing area with shelves and rods, open dressing idea with clothes rails … Our selection of smart storage will certainly give you ideas.

Dressing idea: decorate the dressing room of your dreams with a few smart ideas

dressing ideas in a corner of the bedroom or in a separate room, storage systems for each type of space

1. Dressing room behind curtain 

The walk-in closet hidden behind a curtain is a perfect solution for anyone who dreams of an open wardrobe but can’t seem to keep it in order all the time. Let’s face it, you don’t always have the time and the habit to put everything in its place after digging through the piles of clothes for the outfit of the day. Once the curtains are closed, you have a dressing room hidden in the decor which still leaves the clothes easily accessible. Curtains also act as a decorative element that adds texture and visual interest to the bedroom. By varying the colors and textures, you can really change the entire feel of the living room. Most often the storage area behind the curtains consists of simple open shelves and wall-mounted hanging rails accompanied by a cabinet. It is therefore a non-binding solution that could find its place in the bedroom as well as in the hallway.

Dressing room hidden behind curtains

walk-in closet with curtains fitted along the entire wall of the bedroom, consisting of several shelves, a storage unit and wardrobe bars

2. A walk-in closet as a separation unit

It’s not always possible to devote an entire room to the walk-in closet. To create a “dream closet-room” effect, you can easily separate the bedroom or studio space into two distinct areas using a room divider with multiple storage spaces. The dressing room as a room divider is an integral part of the decor while keeping a certain privacy. In the example below, the home-made furniture made from MDF panels performs a triple function of partition, headboard and dressing room. With its fresh sea green color, the cupboard without doors is also an original decorative element. The specialists at IKEA advise us to choose the PAX system which is a perfect solution for delimiting a dressing area behind or next to a bed thanks to the possibility of combining different modules. For more storage space, consider installing hooks or hanging rails on the wall opposite.

Both a room divider and a headboard, this sea green cabinet also plays the role of a smart dressing room

create your dressing room behind a partition cabinet that separates the bedroom into two well-defined spaces


3. Combination of open and closed storage

Use a combination of wardrobe bars, small storage units and open shelving to create a walk-in closet that will occupy an entire wall section in the bedroom. In the example below, the bent bars of copper tubes have been fixed leaving enough space underneath to accommodate two cabinets with drawers. The result is therefore more than successful in a small bedroom. This type of layout also has the advantage of being infinitely customizable depending on the space available.

The tubes also present a nice industrial decorative accent in the monochrome bedroom

make your dressing room by installing wardrobe bars on a section of the wall and placing small storage furniture on it

4. IKEA clothes storage system

By opting for a storage system at IKEA we have the possibility of combining its elements to create a personalized arrangement adapted to the space. For a storage solution that is both minimalist and functional, consider a scalable system such as ELVARLI or PAX. For the arrangement of a storage wall in the photo below, we made a combination of MULIG rods, two KALLAX shelves, a RASKOG service, an EKBY TONY shelf.

Dressing room with multiple storage spaces throughout the wall 

dressing room with multiple open storage spaces all along the wall, a walk-in closet composed of compartmentalized storage units, wardrobe bars and wall shelves and ikea sideboard

5. Open and minimalist dressing room with clothes racks 

Displaying your clothes on racks is the favorite wardrobe of all fashionistas. A perfect solution to show off your prettiest clothes while creating a boutique atmosphere in the dressing room. Add a few shelves as well as various small storage and you have just made a minimalist walk-in closet. The little extra: think about increasing the number of storage boxes to store accessories and small objects that you do not use every day.

Minimalist open wardrobe with two overhead clothes racks and an open shelf

a clothes and shoe storage area with white clothes racks and an open shelf in light wood for an elegant and discreet open wardrobe

 Recess in the bedroom transformed into an optimized dressing area

make your dressing room in a recess in the wall by installing open shelves and a wardrobe bar

Telescopic walk-in closet with multiple organizers, baskets and storage boxes

a telescopic open walk-in closet with multiple organizers, baskets and storage boxes, placed next to a shoe cabinet

Copper tube wardrobe to display favorite clothes

a wardrobe bar in recycled copper tube fixed to the ceiling above some low storage furniture, make your dress

Dressing idea that plays the role of partition 

storage system with multiple storage units mounted next to the bed which acts as a partition and open dressing room

An original idea to create a dressing area behind the bed

multifunction storage cabinet that plays the role of partition, headboard and dressing room, dressing ideas that blend into the bedroom decor

In matte black, the clothes rack is a real decorative accent

matte black clothes rack next to the vintage dressing table for an elegant and minimalist open wardrobe in the sleeping area

Functional dressing room with curtain

a wardrobe with metal shelves against a section of wall concealed by curtains hanging on a fixing bar, idea of ​​dressing room with curtain in a bedroom with small space

Dressing room that blends into the bedroom decor

walk-in closet with white curtain that blends into the decor of the white bedroom, clothes storage system with clothes rails, shelves and baskets concealed by curtains

Wardrobe bar mounted on a shelf bracket and accompanied by a chest of drawers

make a walk-in closet along the bedroom wall consisting of low storage units and a hanging rail fixed to the wall using the brackets

L-shaped walk-in closet with open shelves, hanging rails and boxes 

storage system with open shelves, wardrobes and drawer cabinets, how to arrange a dream walk-in closet in the bedroom space

Boutique atmosphere with a steel clothes rack

the large antique framed mirror and the steel clothes rack below the open shelf recreate the ambience in a

A master bedroom in khaki green and brown with discreet open dressing room behind curtains

dressing idea arranged throughout the wall of shelves and wardrobes hidden by brown curtains that harmonizes with the khaki green bedroom

dressing room idea in a small master bedroom, open dressing room behind gray curtains

The cabinet doors have been removed to make a nice dressing room

a homemade dressing room made from a wooden cabinet whose doors and storage systems have been removed

original idea to make your own dressing room, a dressing room adjoining the bathroom with a wall of shelves and many storage boxes

the layout of a functional dressing room with a storage system of open shelves and drawers decorated with white storage boxes

Wall niche converted into a dressing room

create a walk-in closet in a wall niche in the bedroom by installing a combination of open shelves, wardrobes and drawers

Ikea storage system that acts as a partition

an open wardrobe near the bed that separates the bedroom into two distinct spaces, ikea clothing storage system

do-it-yourself dressing room for a small master bedroom, wall shelves with hanging rails and a chest of drawers to store clothes

original idea to create a walk-in closet in a small bedroom, ikea clothing storage system with shelves, rods and baskets

We optimize the space under the slope by installing a wardrobe bar

dressing room under the slope, a wardrobe bar under and a shoe storage unit

make an open design walk-in closet by installing a wardrobe bar and a stack of shoe boxes

A double open wardrobe in a corner of the bedroom

idea of ​​dressing to do it yourself thanks to two wardrobe bars fixed at two levels to the wall, create a dressing area in the bedroom

Dressing idea with cork walls

make your own dressing room, a dressing room with cork walls with metal hanging rails, wall hooks and a black chest of drawers

fit out a dream closet with two white steel clothes racks placed along the wall and shelves mounted on brackets

Plumbing pipes in the hallway to hang clothes on

a storage system for metal bars installed in the corridor

make a reclaimed dressing room from stacked wooden crates, a dressing room with a section of white brick wall

dressing room under a mezzanine to optimize space in a studio or small apartment, dressing room with wall niche to store shoes and open wardrobes

Modular telescopic wardrobe

a white stainless steel telescopic open wardrobe system from ikea fixed to the living room ceiling

Corner wardrobe with multiple functional storage

corner dressing room equipped with a storage system for clothes of open shelves, rods and drawers that occupy the entire walls

set up a dream dressing room in a separate room with a storage system including rods and drawers

make a dressing yourself using a few mat black clothes rails placed behind a bed and hidden by curtains

dressing area with gray curtain that separates it from the rest of the refined style master bedroom

A storage system that rises to the ceiling

make a dream dressing room in a separate room by installing shelves up to the top of the wall as well as rods at different levels

an industrial open wardrobe in plumbing tubes with storage space for shoes accompanied by crate and vintage suitcase

make a walk-in closet by attaching a few wall shelves with a wardrobe bar below the shelves

Open wardrobe fitted in a wall niche

a dream dressing room fitted out in a wall niche with wooden and copper shelves and a floating storage cabinet

homemade dressing idea with a rod and wall shelf accompanied by transparent acrylic storage boxes

open dressing area with a white chest of drawers without handles and a rod with white shelf

make a two-level walk-in closet with plumbing pipes and wooden shelves fixed to the wall

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a corner dressing room under the slope, low space saving storage unit with drawers and rods

Dressing idea both functional and aesthetic

set up a dream dressing room in the bedroom using a high shelf and two white clothes rails

a dream closet with two white clothes rails that blend into the white bedroom interior

We optimize every corner in a small bedroom

small rods attached to the bottom of the floating storage unit, accommodating a few dresses and shirts

homemade walk-in closet with rods attached to the wall, shelves and shoe storage bars

an angled rod fixed to the ceiling accompanied by two wall shelves for an easy and economical homemade dressing

set up a dream walk-in closet in a narrow room with open shelves that go up to the ceiling

Small pantry converted into a dressing room

a small pantry transformed into a dressing room

small dressing room in the bedroom with white clothes rails and perforated panels hung on the door to store accessories

open dressing room arranged as a separate space in the bedroom thanks to a partition, equipped with open wooden wardrobe that matches the vintage chest of drawers

a few wall shelves fixed throughout the wall and white rods that transform the wall into a dream closet

Dressing area with an industrial locker and suspended copper bars

do-it-yourself dressing area with hanging copper wardrobe bars and an industrial metal locker

an open dressing room in the child's room with a metal rack and a multitude of colored baskets

a clothes rack made of copper plumbing pipes welcoming clothes in pastel and earth tones in a bohemian chic bedroom

minimalist open wardrobe with a black steel bar suspended from the ceiling which accommodates a few blouses and dresses

idea of ​​open wardrobe in a small studio, clothes rack laid along the living room wall to the brick wall

Painted in the same matt black color, the dressing room blends discreetly into the decor 

a wall niche converted into an open wardrobe painted the same black color as the bedroom

idea to make a dressing room using a modular storage system

make your dressing room on a section of the bedroom wall with wall shelves, rods and drawers

Black minimalist dressing room

make a minimalist dressing room by fixing wardrobes to the wall, above a floating dresser in the bedroom

The development of a walk-in closet under the slope

how to make a dressing room yourself in an attic room, a retractable wardrobe bar attached to which you can hang your clothes

dressing room in a separate room, ikea storage system with rods and drawers

a dressing wall with wall shelves and rods that accommodate shirts and blouses

The dressing room is every fashionista’s dream

dressing room idea with elegant dressing table and a white clothes rack, white and pink dressing room decor

Carrying wooden crate

homemade dressing room made of wood with integrated shelves, a wardrobe and a plant holder