How to design a small bedroom while optimizing space – 70 ideas

Today we often encounter the problem of limited space, which must be arranged. Only dilemmas! How to arrange a small bedroom? The problem is even greater for children’s rooms – you have to store toys and books, have a well-organized desk, with everything you need. And let’s not forget the clothes! We also need wardrobes, which can contain them all. And all this in a very small space! The first question you need to answer is to concretize the use that you are going to make of it. What are your real needs? The shape of the bed is very important, especially if you have more than one child. Two-level beds and removable platform beds are perfect solutions, but if you want an impressive decorative touch in your child’s room, go for the two-level castle bed. The bed is on the upper level, while on the lower level you find the space dedicated to games or a desk, for schoolchildren. In addition, there is a slide thanks to which the little one arrives at the bottom. Below in this article you will find examples of images of castle beds.

Pallet furniture that you can make on your own allows you to meet your specific needs in a small, space-limited bedroom without investing in expensive and bulky furnishings. For the storage of things, yours and those of your children, consider arranging the small room with baskets and boxes of various sizes. You just have to put labels on it, to always be clear where what you need is.

For tight spaces that you want to separate into separate rooms, use room dividers in attractive colors, such as screens, and even curtains with eye-catching patterns. The sliding glass walls with opaque adhesive films hide visibility, while allowing light to pass through. For a great effect, you can separate the spaces with branches. So you will delimit the living room from the bedroom, for example.

The combination of several floor coverings also makes it possible to distinguish the various areas of the space. To do this, use coatings of a different color or shade.

And, finally, the small stairs can help you a lot in your mission of restructuring a small space into several levels. Composed of 3, 4 or 5 steps, or ten, as needed. Do not forget the idea of ​​the staircase-drawers, they will save you a lot of space and you will do without storage furniture.

A room in which you have room for everything, even for the gym

Here is how to arrange a small bedroom with a space divider in reseda green color


Furnish a small bedroom in red and white in a “I love London!” “


An idea of ​​storage in a small room where everything is in its place

set up-a-small-bedroom-with-small-work-desk

An original solution for very small spaces that makes life easy and a navy blue and white decor style


A beautiful little corner, wide open to the world


Everything is close at hand in the small rooms


Here is how to find room for all your things, by organizing your storage spaces around the bed, thus giving depth to your room


How do you set up a small bedroom using the available space as much as possible? Install a platform bed with storage compartments underneath


The important thing is to properly structure the available space. You can also use sliding doors to do this. You will get a nice contrast by choosing them in bright color 


To make the most of your son’s space and games, you can set up such a castle in his bedroom. Also available in the version with bed on the upper level 


Even in very small spaces, you can organize a welcoming and inspiring reading corner. Bet on warm colors to set the mood


The platform bed is the perfect solution for the arrangement of the small bedroom 


How to arrange a small bedroom for a child? By installing lots of drawers, to properly store all the games and toys


We put everything away!


Storage units can serve as room dividers. Here the bed is surrounded on both sides by such furniture and on one side is the dining room


Above we have a cozy bed, below is the kitchen area, open to the living area, in which we install a not too bulky sofa and a small coffee table and voila


By mixing bright colors in the small bedroom, you get a friendly atmosphere and the space looks bigger


You can use the space under the stairs to create a friendly space for rest and reading. Your children will be delighted!


Attic rooms are a big challenge for the layout, with their broken roof and low ceiling. But, with a healthy dose of whimsy and, thanks to shelves and storage boxes, bins and baskets of any size, you create a beautiful, warm, bespoke space for yourself.


You will find everything you need in this perfectly organized corner


Use colors too, to accentuate the different areas of your small bedroom, which you can transform into a magical place

layout-small-bedroom-bed-mezzanine-and-below-mini-living room

A bedroom, a home office and a dining room, perfectly combined


When you are forced to combine the bedroom with a space for other purposes, you can preserve your privacy with large sliding windows with decorative films


A large bed surrounded by everything you need

arrange-small-room-all-tidy up

Two-level, well optimized


Structure the bedroom with stairs, to create more space


  Under the mansard roof, life is good!


Another solution to preserve your privacy in small rooms and to organize them: screens


The limited space of the small bedroom can inspire you for many attractive solutions

set up-a-small-room-in-a-restricted-space

Use the contrasts of colors and shapes, to create the illusion of a larger space


 Next to the large platform bed there is a wardrobe and underneath there are plenty of drawers and cupboards. All in white, to optically enlarge the space


Here we find an accent that makes the bedroom more spacious: a mirrored screen. This way you can use the space behind it, as a walk-in closet, for example


Big baskets with labels are one of your best accomplices for small rooms. Just like the niches


Two great ideas to make the most of the space in your children’s room



All the comfort on two levels


Pastel colors, for a soft and warm atmosphere


A teepee for the play corner, with lots of cushions. No need for a large space to feel good


Here we painted a wall in turquoise blue to give depth to the corner with the bed


Exotic-style comfort


Experiment boldly, to create a place for yourself where you will feel completely at ease


Divide the space in half and, in the part that will serve as your bedroom, install a platform for the bed, under which will be large drawers. And put large curtains in a light color, to isolate this part from the other – the living room


Pallet furniture offers personalized solutions for your interior


Rainbow colors, and two wardrobes and drawers, organized all around the bed. Above the desk, shelves of different colors have been installed


How to arrange a small bedroom? Here is a solution that combines a work desk and a bedroom. Rollaway beds are always a good idea in such cases


Two beds and a work desk in one piece of furniture


When you have a higher ceiling, the right solution is to create a two-level room – bedroom on the second level and living room on the first.

how-to-arrange-a-small-bedroom-with-chic-friendly-small-living room

In white and black, with many photos of faces with various expressions. It helps to make the small bedroom more cheerful


An offbeat atmosphere, in pink and white


How to arrange a small bedroom in an attic? It is also possible to install the bath there, here is how


A friendly space


By using space well, with the right furniture, you can create the illusion of a spacious room


Here’s how to make the most of the space, using the window frame, using a mattress and cushions  


Stairs with drawers to save space


A playful atmosphere using the triangular shapes of the shelves and the handles of the furniture


Look for unusual and original solutions to transform the small bedroom into a fun place


All corners of the room can be used to increase your feeling of comfort


How to arrange a small bedroom in a romantic style for your daughter? Here is an idea


An optimally and interestingly structured room


A solution for small rooms in purple and stripes


Furniture on removable platforms saves a lot of space


Experiment with colors to structure the space and make it welcoming 


There is always a clever solution to tight spaces


You can put a wallpaper in light colors, with original patterns and a floor lamp style, to create a unique atmosphere


Two solutions for the children’s room



Consider optimizing the space in the corners


How to arrange a small room with a little cabbage? It’s not that complicated!


On one of the walls of the attic, you can put multiple shelves and arrange books, paintings, in short, whatever you want to store


Especially for rooms that are too small, consider storage spaces of this type