How to furnish a 20m2 studio? See the best ideas in 50 photos!

Are you looking for original ideas for furnish a studio? Are you a student, or just an artistic person who loves cozy little homes? If so, this article is for you. Here we will give you 50 ideas in photos to create a magnificent student studio decor.

Small tips for furnishing a studio

gray and white studio decor, gray wall paint, whitewashed parquet, gray sofa, gray bed and black and white bed linen, colored carpet

Small apartments have their charm. It is indisputable! They are most common among young singles, college students, and couples without children. But how to decorate and furnish a house of this type. First, think about freeing up as much space as possible. Often in studios we can’t find space for all our things.

Here’s a wonderful idea: Separate your bed with a large blackout curtain. It’s an easy to install and really functional idea. You will need to install a curtain track and you are ready to go. In this way, you will be able to have complete privacy, ensuring you a restful sleep. Why a blackout curtain. First of all, since it will stop the sun’s rays early in the morning. The negative side is that with it you will make your room appear smaller, but if that doesn’t bother you, it is a really functional option..

The room divider – a super easy way to separate without creating a light barrier

curtain to separate bedroom corner from living room in white and gray Scandinavian style, bohemian chic accents

What to do in the kitchen? For her you will need a quality range hood. She will help you with the fight against bad smells in the kitchen. You can also put a sliding door that separates the kitchen. Such an installation would cost you between 100 and 300 euros.

Or use the sliding door to separate the sleeping area

sliding doors to separate bedroom from living room kitchen, wooden bench with gray cushions, wooden furniture

Mezzanine beds are also a good variant to save free space and at the same time to have everything you need. In the images below you will find the proposals of the specialists, selected by our team.

A loft bed to save space

wood and white studio kitchenette with loft bed above with gray mattress and cushion, concrete effect floor, wood and metal table

And in general, the choice of smart furniture is of paramount importance to gain precious square meters. For example, dual-purpose furniture is a great tip for freeing up floor space. In fact, the furniture itself is a great idea of ​​separating the various activity areas in your small apartment. Thus, the small kitchen island would be a wonderful idea to separate the kitchen from the living room and the same for the back of the sofa and the headboard which will preserve your privacy in the sleeping area. But still think of a sofa bed, headboard-bookcase, the storage cube-stool and generally any piece of furniture that has the advantage of built-in storage.

Clever furniture is your first ally

loft bed on wooden plank, white kitchen model with view of mabre central island, black bar chairs, checkered tiled floor and light parquet

Then, it would be better to go for a clean and minimalist style. So avoid piling up unnecessary objects (especially on the ground) as well as overly bulky furniture. If you like small decorative trinkets, consider storing them horizontally instead. This will avoid putting too many things on the ground, so as not to disrupt traffic and create the feeling of grandeur. Furniture on casters is another little tip to free up space when you need it.

Sleek Scandinavian style for a stylish studio

white and gray kitchen separated from a sleeping area open to gray and white scandinavian living room with zebra rug and gray sofa

In a studio, light is more important the smaller your space is – natural as well as artificial. Because the problem in large open spaces is linked to the concern to properly illuminate every corner of the room. Natural light is thus intended to be neat and maximized. So, avoid solid barriers and consider using transparent materials and materials. As for artificial lighting, we will seek to increase the number of light sources. Thus, apart from general lighting, the various activity areas must be equipped with direct or functional lighting, so as to avoid the impression of finding yourself in a cave..

Natural light to make the space appear larger

idea how to set up a studio with white walls, with a living area as a small gray sofa, light wood aprquet, navy blue central island

Finally, do not underestimate the power of the chromatic choice either, because the color of the walls and the furniture would also play an essential role in attracting the maximum amount of light. From there, a feeling of airy space that seems bigger than it is. It is for this reason that on the walls, we will prefer light and reflective colors instead of colors that absorb light. The range of neutrals (whites, grays, beiges, earthy tones) in their neutral tones is for example a very nice solution not only to attract light but also to create a timeless and classy decor without stifling the space.

White walls to attract as much light as possible

furnish studio in garage, idea for bed under slope with gray and white linen, sofa and woven chair, white carpet on light wood parquet

Here are some very useful tips for creating a comfortable, airy and stylish studio. We hope this will help you to set up your small studio, now enjoy our ideas.

A great idea for a small space layout in Nordic style

studio layout with light wood parquet, gray and white sleeping area with bed and dressing table, white sofa, nesting tables

white tiles in small white studio kitchenette, stainless steel vacuum cleaner, dining area with black round table, white sofa and neutral-colored cushions, wine-colored wall

studio decor idea with brick wall, white kitchen with white tiles, light parquet, dark gray sofa, round bis table

Small studio under slope with glass roof to separate the bedroom

exposed beams in a white kitchen open to gray, brown and white living room, black and white carpet, Scandinavian-style small studio layout

deco living room dining room in nordic studio, dining area with round white table and black chairs, gray sofa and black metal coffee table

example of studio layout with brown sofa on the floor, wooden bed on light wood parquet, green wardrobe, large mirror, desk

small studio 20 m2 layout with gray sofa, glass table and bedroom area separated by a transparent curtain, shelving unit with separation unit

kitchen open to scandinavian living room with gray sofa, oriental rug, bohemian chic chair, white kitchen with marble splashback

how to arrange a small studio with kitchentte separate white studio open to living room and separate from modern adult bedroom area in gray and white with nordic decor

Ultra elegant Scandinavian style student apartment decoration

small bed with integrated drawer and gray, white and navy blue bed linen, gray sofa decorated with colorful cushions opening onto a white dining area with Scandinavian furniture

central island and all-white kitchen open to sleeping area and living room, white pendant light and light wood parquet

black kitchen with gray bar and industrial wooden and black metal stools, light wood parquet, gray and white bed corner, black metal and marble coffee table

small apartment decor with modern white kitchen and glass splashback, kitchen open to dining room and glass roof bedroom separation

Idea how to arrange a studio in an industrial loft

industrial loft decor with brick wall, black and wooden kitchen open to dining room with wooden table and Scandinavian chairs, living area with gray sofa

charcoal gray kitchen with rust effect backsplash open to living room with gray sofa, gray coffee tables, white dining room glass roof

black kitchen with white splashback open to dining room, living room, bedroom, Scandinavian interior design idea with orange accents

A very small studio with several clever storage spaces

black and white deco in a kitchen open to living room dining room, wall decor of frames, landscaping under the slope

white walls in a gray and white bedroom semi open to the kitchen, wood and metal shelf wall decor, small space layout

white and wood kitchen open to gray and white bedroom with deco of potted green plants

loft bed raised above a studio kitchenette open to black and white dining room, gray sofa, black and white carpet

Ultra chic industrial style studio decor

wood and gray kitchen open to living room with charcoal gray sofa, bedroom with bed and original wallpaper headboard, industrial loft decoration

small long apartment decor with white walls, gray sofa, charcoal gray carpet, gray coffee table, wooden desk

kitchen open to small living area with gray sofa, white kitchen, light wood parquet, high mezzanine bed

vintage deco studio layout 20 m2 with gray sofa, wooden table, white and gray kitchen, gray and white bedroom

small studio space layout with living room bedroom two in one, gray carpet on gray wooden parquet floor, wall decorated with black and white frames

gray wooden kitchen open to dining room in island bar and living room with gray sofa, black TV shelf, gray walls

Small, refined Japanese-style apartment

small apartment decor ideas with wooden furniture, raised bed gray mattress, small space layout example

decoration black kitchen open to dining room with white table and wooden chairs, light wood parquet, Scandinavian style living area

small white corner kitchenette, Scandinavian dining area open to gray and white bedroom, black and white frames wall decoration, student studio decoration idea

set up a Scandinavian-style studio with gray and white bed, wooden floor, dining table surrounded by black chairs, white walls

gray high cabinet and gray base cabinet, white bed decorated with white, gray and black cushions, pearl gray walls, light gray parquet

living room corner gray sofa and black coffee table open to white and purple sleeping area, white walls, studio layout idea

A raised loft bed to save precious square meters

raised bed on a wooden platform in a white studio and wood with white studio kitchenette kitchen

white and stainless steel kitchen open to living room area in gray and white, white walls, large glass doors, light wood parquet, white TV cabinet

small apartment layout with bed on a platform isolated from a shelf, white brick walls, gray sofa, wood and white coffee tables, orange rocking chair, wood bar table surrounded by wood and white stools

white studio kitchenette with gray bar surrounded by gray bar stools, kitchen open to living room with gray sofa, gray and wood table, yellow TV cabinet

office area under raised bed, semi-open kitchen area to living room with charcoal gray sofa, gray and wood coffee tables, black dining table and white chairs

Parisian apartment decoration with loft bed above a vintage style white kitchen

mezzanine bed above a studio kitchenette, white kitchenette cabinet, white tiles, light wood parquet

white corner kitchenette in studio with gray walls, kitchen open to living room with gray sofa and white coffee table, light wood parquet, high loft bed

small apartment layout idea with white corner kitchen, pegboard kitchen storage, white floor and gray sofa

white mezzanine bed above a kitchen white kitchenette open to living room with white sofa and glass table on gray carpet on light wood parquet

deco idea raised mezzanine bed with living area below with white sofa, wooden table on black and white chevron rug, student apartment decoration

brick wall with large bay window, bed with white sheets in living room with blue sofa and wooden and glass table, gray carpet on wooden floor

small apartment layout with gray and white bed separated from a small living area with gray sofa, white kitchen with black worktop

Small studio layout with hanging bed

high suspended bed with white mattress and white bed linen, staircase with chalk painted wall, long wooden desk, small dining room next to a bathtub bathroom

studio decor idea with bed in a niche next to library cabinet, dark green sofa, wooden desk, student apartment decoration with white studio kitchenette

black and wood kitchen cabinet and black and wood desk with a bed above, wooden sofa with gray cushions, light wood parquet

gray and white studio decor idea with white walls and small dining area with white chairs and table, light wood parquet

how to set up a studio with navy blue sofa and white bed, leather chair, blue and white carpet, industrial table and stools

stylish student studio decor with bed decorated with colorful cushions and small living area next to it with gray sofa and white coffee table on gray carpet, wall art picture frames

A bohemian chic decor in a charming little studio

example of studio layout with gray sofa decorated with bohemian chic cushions and a tv stand opposite, white walls, dining table with healthy breakfast

small living room and bedroom space layout, stylish decor with gray and white bed, gray sofa, white coffee table, white armchair

white studio kitchenette with brick wall kitchen backsplash, white kitchen cabinet, dining area with Scandinavian table and chairs, lounge area with white and metal table, woven pouf

small apartment with dining room, bedroom with blue and white bed linen, glass partition next to a gray and white living room

The most original ideas for furnishing a studio


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furnished-studio-cheap-studio-with-balcony-colorful-carpet-chic-living room-studio


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bedroom-with-blacon-furnish-a-studio-with-balcony-sofa-gray-carpet-in-the-living room



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living room-with-white-brick-wall-deco-studio-20m2-blue-sofa-in-the-chic-living room

living room-with-light-wood-floors-white-walls-beige-carpet-round-gray-stool

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living room-beige-fur-carpet-beige-sofa-white-fenetre-large-small-studio-20m2


chic-living room-gray-carpet-gray-sofa-wooden-floor-deco-student-studio-walls-pale-gray




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