Photos of a pilot’s contemporary house

Almost any architect can take an empty apartment and create a pretty, modern space. But this is only possible when the designer can understand the personality and aesthetic preferences of the apartment owner so that he can create something truly unique and be inspired – this is most important for an architect who work on personal plants. It is a creation of the Polish architecture studio LinaThe inspiration here comes from the love of aviation and the simplicity of the owner. They made a special city shrine just for him.

bedroom-with-a-white-platform and-a-wardrobe-with-a-sliding-door

The architect created unique nooks and crannies in the apartment partitions. They are lined with wood, the surfaces are white and with a lot of space between the furniture, but also noticeably aerodynamic. The eye moves quickly from corner to corner, creating the sensation of flying.


Antique toy planes are almost the only decoration:


The owner of the apartment, a pilot himself is attracted to the Concorde


The plane gives a warmer sense of atmosphere

cool - photos-of-contemporary-house-dun-pilot

You see the not-so-big kitchen – inspired by the air and the life in the air here too we don’t have a lot of business. Wood as a main material makes the bedroom even more cozy even in the minimalist style found on all contemporary house photos if below.


The living room is in perfect harmony with the whole house with its own style and Scandinavian style chairs



The perfect airplane bathroom &# 128578;


the-living-room-of an aviator-and-the-photos-of-contemporary-house-of-a-pilot

The architect took Concorde Lord into account in creating this perfectly serene office. The college shelves in the office mimic the curves of an airplane’s wings.


This dividing corner specifically creates a view of the tucked-in desk, just as you might see if you were looking out of an airplane window..










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