Protect your home with a remote monitoring alarm

The protection of housing and its inhabitants is one of the major concerns of home and apartment owners. Faced with increasing burglaries and the technical ingenuity of thieves, installing a home alarm with remote monitoring remains the best solution to protect your home and to enjoy your property in peace. Long reserved for shops and large companies, the alarm with remote monitoring is increasingly accessible to individuals. More than a simple detection system that only emits a signal to deter burglars, the remote surveillance alarm communicates with the associated security center which will take the necessary measures. Let’s discover together its many advantages and the various safety devices associated with them..

The installation of a remote monitoring alarm optimizes security

how to choose your security system to protect your home or office, the advantages of a wireless remote monitoring alarm

The advantages of an alarm system linked to a remote monitoring service

The alarm with remote monitoring allows you to go a little further in the protection of your home or office. Unlike a conventional, stand-alone alarm that simply acts as a deterrent, the remote monitoring service guarantees the intervention of a security guard in the event of a confirmed alert. Indeed, the house is equipped with various detectors and cameras inside and outside that transmit the data to the associated security center. After that, it is up to the professionals to assess the situation, to resolve the doubt and take charge of the situation if necessary. Because it is connected to a 24/7 monitoring station, the home alarm with remote monitoring is a complete and efficient security device. In addition, it is very effective in the event of domestic accidents such as fire outbreaks, gas leaks, falls, etc. A specialist agent can intervene immediately by providing the appropriate assistance.

The choice of the different component elements your wireless home alarm associated with remote monitoring is largely determined by specific security needs. In general, the alarm kit includes an alarm center, motion, shock and opening detectors, different types of surveillance cameras incorporating various functions. So that your anti-intrusion alarm adapts easily to changes, opt instead for a scalable system allowing the gradual integration of additional elements.

Home alarm: opt for the security of a 24-hour alarm with the remote monitoring service

installation of an alarm with remote monitoring, security system coupled to a central monitoring station

Choosing the right alarm system

Navigating through the many security system options is not always easy. However, by asking yourself the right questions, you can easily guide your choice and opt for an anti-theft alarm adapted to your specific needs as well as the configuration of your home. The criteria to be taken into consideration are the size of your home, your lifestyle, but also the type of residence (main, secondary, vacation home). Do not hesitate to consult a specialist such as Securitas Direct to be able to jointly determine the offer best suited to your particular situation. European leader in the remote monitoring sector known for its brand of remote monitoring alarm system Verisure, the company offers personalized services for both individuals and professionals.

Protecting your home is a top priority

protect your home or office by installing a wireless remote monitoring alarm, an effective security device

The connected alarm

The rise of new technologies and their implementation in everyday life have made possible the automatic remote management of domestic installations. The security system is no exception. Setting up a connected alarm allows alerts to be transmitted to both residents and trusted contacts via a communication channel connected to the alarm center. By opting for a connected alarm, it is also possible to remotely control the security devices via an application on your smartphone. Thus, we are able to close and open the shutters or activate the lights to make burglars believe that there is a presence at home. Among its many advantages, there is also the remote monitoring of the place, the possibility of connecting to a home automation or another computer system. In the case of a connected alarm coupled with a remote monitoring service, the alert can be communicated directly to the security center which will take charge of the situation.

Remote control of the security system via smartphone

connected home alarm allowing remote control via smartphone, home security

A remote monitoring alarm, a stress-free life

which home alarm to choose to protect your home against burglaries and domestic accidents