Renovation or construction? The challenges to face to achieve the home of your dreams

Buying a home is a major step in human life. Almost everyone dreams of having their own shelter and it would be even better if they could adapt it to their preferences, right? But with owning real estate comes responsibilities … Whether it is due to an expansion of the family or a simple need for change, it is not uncommon to find yourself in the need to renovate or even to build the home of their dreams from scratch. In both cases, several factors must be considered: work, budget, deadlines. For those who are planning such an adventure, we suggest that you examine together the advantages and disadvantages of the two alternatives as well as the mandatory points to avoid disappointment at the end of the project..

Renovation or construction? Which alternative is best suited to your situation ?

new house construction project on bare land, what budget to plan for a house renovation project

Prevention measures against the risk of poor workmanship

Before embarking on any renovation or construction of your home, it is advisable to first find out about the standards and regulations. So for example, the subscription to theproperty damage insurance is one of the most important things to do before work begins. A measure imposed by the Spinetta law and essential to protect against risks in the event of a claim.

In general, taking out book damage insurance is compulsory for any owner, whether as part of a project to build a new house or renovate a home. The contract must be taken out when the site opens. Moreover, it is also a mandatory step to obtain a bank loan to finance your project as well as a precautionary measure to avoid a capital loss in the event of a sale.

Special work damage insurance: an essential measure in both cases

property damage insurance specific in the event of new house construction or very old renovation

On the financial side or which of the two options is more profitable 

Regarding the financial side of the project, it should be noted that above all the estimated budget for a renovation and that for a construction depend on several factors: land, materials, necessary work. Since the evaluation of the final result can be made only under the relevant circumstances, it cannot be said with certainty which of the two variants will be more profitable in the particular case. It is still possible to make a reasonable decision based on personal reasons.

Make an appropriate decision according to your needs

building a new house on bare land, advice on the first real estate purchase

Renovation: advantages and disadvantages 

Is your home located in a quiet area and close to shops and transport, but it no longer meets your family’s needs? Or do you own an old property that needs upgrading to turn into a dream home? Then renovating or extending your home may be the right approach for you. One of the biggest advantages of renovation projects is that they are usually more economical (when you keep structures, fixtures and other elements) and they take less time (if major modifications are not planned). . However, if you live in the accommodation during the work, you must be prepared for the inconveniences that may arise and temporarily change your routines..

Transform an old property into the home of your dreams

extension or renovation of an old property, what insurance against damage in the event of renovation or construction

Construction: advantages and disadvantages 

Construction, on the other hand, is a suitable option for those who want to change the environment or are planning their first real estate purchase. While building a new home may seem like a difficult task at first, it has many advantages. One of the strong points: we start the work from scratch, so everything will be new and under warranty. In addition, you will be able to design your home as you wish. Nevertheless, a higher budget and a longer period must be foreseen for the realization of the project..

Building the perfect house from scratch

home purchase on bare land, what insurance in case of construction of a new house on bare land

renovation project or home construction of your dreams, what action to take in case of home renovation, insurance against defects