Set up a practical and aesthetic shoe closet

Do your shoes require a lot of space? The capacity of an entryway unit is not always sufficient to accommodate all of our pairs of shoes. This is how we turn to other practical solutions to store our precious collection of sneakers, pumps and boots. Depending on the budget and the space available, the arrangement of a shoe closet can be done in a separate room or it can be integrated into another living space. Whatever you choose for your shoe storage space, a custom closet or a set of storage furniture, we give you our favorite ideas to create a shoe closet worthy of its name and to make it functional..

Open shoe closet

storage furniture for walk-in closet, corner shelves to store your pairs of shoes, open storage shelf to have your shoes within reach

The custom-made dressing room

A real dream space for all fashionistas, the dressing room is an essential element for organizing your clothes but also your shoes. If your budget and the space you have available allow it, setting up a room entirely dedicated to storing clothes and shoes is the best solution to have them all within reach. Made to measure, the shoe closet is a solution that allows you to have the best functionality and accessibility according to the particularities of the space. Very often, the walk-in closet already has storage specially designed for shoes. To afford an optimized dressing space, we do not hesitate to combine several storage spaces such as shoe bars, a sliding shoe rack or why not a shoe cabinet for a beautiful presentation.

A dream closet with storage for shoes with telescopic bars

storage unit for dressing room with wardrobes, shelves and telescopic bars to store shoes

Even if you don’t have enough space to set up a dressing room, there are plenty of other storage solutions that will accommodate your shoes and accessories. A small wall recess, an entire wall of shelves, storage under the stairs or behind the bed … The smallest square meter can be transformed into a shoe dressing area that is both functional and practical. To have all her favorite pairs close at hand, opt for an entire wall of shoes stored on shelves. In addition to being practical, the storage solution with wall shelves on an entire wall makes it possible to optimize a room by exploiting the heights. If you already have a dressing area in your bedroom with an open wardrobe, just add a shoe cabinet that blends in well with the existing decor.

Multiply wall shelves to store shoes and accessories

dressing area with storage shelf for shoes and accessories, wall shelves that act as an open shoe closet

Dressing area with wall shelves and small storage unit with drawers

set up a dressing area with wall shelves and a small shoe storage unit

Display cabinet that accommodates all your shoes and accessories

glazed bookcase transformed into a practical shoe cabinet, fitting out of a shoe closet in the bedroom

Custom corner shelf

dressing room with corner shoe cupboard on several levels, custom-made storage unit for the development of a dressing room

Shelving unit just for his sneakers

bedroom with bookcase occupying the entire wall to store his pairs of sneakers, bedroom storage unit with shelves

LACK shelves welcome our favorite pairs

space-saving solution with ikea shoe cabinet, lack wall shelves to store your favorite pairs of sneakers

Modular shoe storage

idea of ​​a homemade wardrobe that houses our shoes and accessories, shoe storage and modular accessories

Dressing room that exploits the heights

wardrobe room for shoes and clothes that exploits the heights with its multiple built-in shelves

We put the shoes in the window

shoe storage cabinet in a dressing room with central marble island, large display cabinet to store your shoes in a stylish way

Curtain to hide your shoes

idea to make a dressing room yourself, wall shelves to store your shoes, hidden by a curtain

A cozy touch in this shoe closet with a pink velvet pouf

shoe dressing area in a separate room furnished with high shelving units with a pink velvet pouf

Modern dressing room with a storage system of shelves and wardrobes

dressing room with storage system for shelves and wardrobes, dressing room with shoe rack

A perfect solution for shoe lovers

Custom shoe rack to fit out a dressing room, shoe storage units with multiple shelves

Dressing area with shoe shelves and wardrobes for accessories

dressing area in a bedroom with shoe rack and wardrobes, storage tips for shoes and accessories

Glass and brass shelf bookcase transformed into a shoe cabinet

bedroom storage cabinet

shoe storage cabinet with lockers to put in the entrance or in a dressing room, compartmentalized shoe cabinet

Built-in shoe cabinet for discreet storage

small custom shoe cabinet in a bedroom, built-in storage cabinet with shoe shelves

A custom-made shoe rack to have them close at hand

arrangement of a dressing room with high shoe cabinets, shoe shelves open on the entire wall of the dressing room

arrangement of a dressing area in a bedroom with wardrobe and open shelves, shoe cabinet with shelves to have your shoes close at hand

Open shoe closet in a bedroom

bedroom with wall mounted shoe racks, corner shoe rack

shoe cabinet with multiple shelves in a small walk-in closet, custom-made open shoe shelves

Hanging shoe rack to better organize your closet

hanging shoe rack to put in a cupboard for extra storage space, wardrobe with hanging shoe rack

Transparent boxes labeled so you can easily find your favorite pairs

shoe cabinet with shelves and lockers, transparent boxes to better organize your shoes

shoe storage tip to optimize the wardrobe space, shoe boxes with photos

shoe storage tip, white shoe boxes with photos to easily find the pairs

Stairwell transformed into a shoe closet

fitted stairwell,

stairwell transformed into a shoe closet, high shoe cabinet with open shelves and ladder

Shoe cabinet with mirror

small storage unit with mirror on the side to store your shoes in the dressing room or the entrance

Small storage cabinet with lockers

small shoe cabinet with locker to put in the hallway or in a living room

Make a dressing room in a corner of the bedroom by installing a wardrobe and LACK shelves

homemade dressing area with wardrobe and two lack shelves used to store your sneakers, ikea furniture tips to store your shoes

how to make a shoe closet in a bedroom by installing ikea lack shelves, ikea furniture tip to store your shoes

Shoe cabinet with sliding mirror door

Sloping shoe closet with thoughtful storage

fit out a walk-in closet with made-to-measure under-slope shoe storage units, built-in low shoe cabinet

luxury walk-in closet with storage system for open and semi-open furniture, shoe storage shelf for walk-in closet

Shoe cabinet under the stairs with full extension sliding shelves for maximum accessibility

small storage unit under the stairs with sliding shelves with full extension to store your shoes

open shoe closet with bookcase that occupies the entire wall, functional shoe storage cabinet

open walk-in closet equipped with wardrobes, shelves and lockers for shoes and accessories, make a walk-in closet from ikea storage

Wall storage with heels to install in the entrance or in your bedroom

wall-mounted shoe storage to install in the hallway to store your heels, small space-saving entryway unit to store your shoes

Smart solution in the spirit of Scandinavian and minimalist decor

black wall shoe storage with minimalist design to put your heels, shoe storage tip

In a room with limited space, shoe cabinets that are too bulky give way to wall shelves

dressing area with wall-mounted shoe shelves and a large mirror leaning against the wall, shoe storage tip in a small space

shoe storage tip in a small bedroom, store your shoes on open wall shelves

Shoe cabinet next to the dressing table

semi-open shoe cabinet next to the dressing table in a bedroom in white, gold and emerald green

Open shoe cabinet

set up a dressing area in your bedroom with an open shoe cupboard, shoe storage unit for dressing room

homemade walk-in closet combining several storage solutions, dressing area with wall shelves, wardrobes and shoe cupboard

fitting out of a narrow dressing room with custom shoe cabinet and cupboard, shoe rack with lighting

fit out a shoe closet in an already existing storage room, shoe shelf installed in a wall recess

Custom-made shoe closet in a recess in the wall

shoe cabinet fitted in an existing cupboard, shoe cupboard with lighting in a master bedroom

make a dressing room in an existing closet by installing wall shelves, shoe closet in the hallway

Shoe cabinet of drawer boxes

modular shoe organizer, shoe storage with set of drawer boxes, functional shoe storage wheel

shoe storage tip to optimize your wardrobe space, stackable transparent boxes to store your shoes and accessories

Transparent boxes to stack against a wall

make a shoe closet yourself, transparent plastic boxes stacked against a wall

Wall-mounted shoe rack with several types of storage

wall-mounted shoe rack with several types of storage, wall-mounted storage cabinet for flats and heels

Open walk-in closet with shoe rack

storage system with ikea shoe cabinet, open walk-in closet with shoe shelves, wardrobes and wall shelves

luxury dressing room with office space and custom storage, shelves and vintrine cabinet to store your shoes

dressing room with shoe cabinet, custom-made storage units to fit out a walk-in closet

Shoe racks at different levels with LED lighting

open storage system with shoe shelves placed at different levels, wall mounted shoe rack with led lighting

home-made dressing area with wardrobes and wall shelves for shoes, fit out a shoe closet in a small space

Pairs of colorful heels displayed on a Billy bookcase

ikea bookcase transformed into a functional shoe cabinet, ikea shoe cabinet with pairs of colorful heels

open shoe closet with a custom shelving system

Luxury walk-in closet in white with shoe compartments

dressing room with cupboards with sliding mirror doors, open shelves and integrated shoe racks

open shoe closet with multiple shelves and a wooden and velvet dressing bench, luxury dressing room

Luxury walk-in closet with compartments for shoes

dressing room with made-to-measure storage and an entire wall of shoe shelves, made-to-measure dressing room in a separate room

walk-in closet with multiple storage for shoes and clothes, storage units for walk-in closet with shoe compartments

open walk in closet with ikea storage system, ikea shoe cabinet with open shelves

storage tips with ikea shoe cabinet, billy bookcase diverted into functional shoe cabinet

Home-made dressing

dressing area with custom shoe racks that occupy both walls, open storage system with shelves

Discreet shoe cabinet with minimalist design

ikea shoe cabinet with inclined shelves, hallway shoe cabinet with wardrobe and shelves

personalized shoe cabinet with wallpaper, shoe storage in a small walk-in closet or bedroom

semi open shoe cabinet with drawers and inclined shelves, fit out a shoe closet in a bedroom

Built-in shoe cabinet in a master bedroom

Built-in shoe cabinet with inclined shelves, custom shoe storage in master bedroom

modular entrance cabinet special shoes, modular shoe cabinet with drawers

built-in cupboard with wardrobe and shelves for shoes and accessories, bedroom storage cabinet

shoe rack with lockers hanging behind the door of a built-in closet in the bedroom

Metal shoe rack on several levels mounted in a cupboard, next to the wardrobe

open dressing area for storing shoes with ikea shelves installed on the wall, space-saving shoe storage tip

Shoe rack to be attached behind a bedroom or wardrobe door

metal shoe rack to attach behind a bedroom or cabinet door, shoe storage tip

Vintage hijacked cabinet for shoe storage

vintage shoe cabinet

shoe storage tip with ikea shelves, ikea wall storage for an open shoe closet

shoe storage tip, stacked transparent shoe boxes for storing pairs of sneakers

Moldings for an original wall shoe rack

wall-mounted shoe rack with reclaimed moldings installed on the wall, space-saving storage idea with heels

space-saving shoe rack on several levels, idea of ​​a functional entryway unit to store your shoes

Make an open walk-in closet by combining various storage elements

make an open shoe closet by combining wall shelves and tall cabinets

set up a dressing room in the corner of the room with an open shoe cabinet and a large mirror leaning against the wall