The industrial revolution in the kitchen – more than 100 decorating tips for designing an industrial style kitchen

The industrial style has become a real phenomenon in interior design, which has quickly established itself as an important part of the modern repertoire of designers all over the world. As for us, decoration enthusiasts, the loft spirit is an inexhaustible source of inspiration for adopting a modern style that likes contrasts and raw materials without sacrificing chic. This industrial “revolution” in interior design took hold of our favorite space – the kitchen. With the food craze in recent years and the explosion of cooking shows, the kitchen has become a central space in the home. This growing importance is reflected in a return to functionality in design, resistant materials and free movement. These are all characteristics of the industrial style kitchen.

Industrial style kitchen with rustic decorative accents

small industrial concrete kitchen with rustic decorative accents with a dining area

The industrial style is characterized by an airy workshop atmosphere that favors open and decompartmentalized space. High ceilings, bay windows, oversized furniture, large volumes are its most distinctive features. But that doesn’t mean the industrial look is only for large kitchens. The taste for functionality and the clever layout of space also make it the ideal style to better optimize every square meter in your small kitchen.

High ceilings, brick walls and a workshop-style atmosphere.

industrial stainless steel furniture and brick walls give a workshop atmosphere to this industrial style kitchen

The great originality of the industrial kitchen consists in the efforts to balance an authentic look at the limit of the raw design with a contemporary chic design. Unlike other styles here, we do not try to hide elements deemed incompatible with aesthetic standards. On the contrary, the functional structures of the kitchen are integrated in a harmonious way. Hood, ventilation ducts, piping, exposed frame and various metal details are all presented to view. This display spirit is clearly visible in the ingenious storage solutions. We therefore favor open shelves and utensil holders over upper cabinets..

 Spacious modern kitchen with central stainless steel island.

a spacious industrial kitchen with a modern design with a central stainless steel island and a suspended metal construction

In this atmosphere, reminiscent of old factory workshops, it is the raw-looking materials that are in the spotlight. Concrete, metal and wood go hand in hand in a harmonious or contrasting combination. The preferred finish for many appliances, stainless steel is increasingly entering the home to create an atmosphere worthy of a chef’s kitchen. Its aesthetic appeal – the shiny appearance fits perfectly into the sleek contemporary design. The industrial look having the advantage of easily combining with other styles (vintage, rustic, Scandinavian), the choice of furniture finishes and materials used depends on your desires and your possibilities.

 Sophisticated mix of materials – understated elegance enhanced by the presence of exposed beams and leather accents.

an industrial loft style kitchen with an elegant and refined design with exposed beams

Apart from being a characteristic feature of the industrial style, the bay windows bring more light into the kitchen.

an industrial loft-style kitchen fitted out in length, combining wood and metal for a warm and authentic atmosphere

 Industrial style kitchen incorporates resistant materials such as concrete. 

concrete loft-style kitchen with metallic accents and characteristic industrial lighting for an industrial decor

 The contrast between the red bricks and the white kitchen with designer lines gives a modern look to the industrial space.

an industrial loft-style kitchen combining brick walls and a white design with clean lines

Factory-style bell suspensions 

The fronts of the wooden furniture give a warm atmosphere in this industrial style kitchen.

a sunny and spacious industrial loft vibe kitchen with white brick walls and factory light fixtures

The glass roof is used to delimit the kitchen – an ideal solution to give an industrial look to small spaces.

original idea to develop an industrial kitchen delimited by glass roof

   Vintage-style cuisine with colorful accents.

an industrial loft-style kitchen with colorful accents delimited by a workshop glass roof

The rustic industrial style dares to combine materials – raw wood, metallic accents and stone go hand in hand in this welcoming kitchen.

modern kitchen that combines industrial decor with rustic accents such as reclaimed wood planks

The stainless steel finish of the kitchen furniture and the blackboard effect splashback give a real “professional kitchen” aspect.

a loft-style kitchen with industrial stainless steel furniture for a professional design spirit open industrial kitchen that combines materials such as stainless steel and white lacquer

Navy blue kitchen with eclectic design 

industrial kitchen furniture in shades of green and navy blue with eclectic design

Cowhide effect bar stools for a decorative accent in this monochrome kitchen.

industrial loft-style kitchen with central concrete island and cowhide effect bar stools example for an industrial decoration adopted by small touches in an elegant pastel-colored kitchen

Industrial-style decor with a metal shelf suspended from the ceiling and workshop furniture.

industrial loft kitchen with red brick walls and reclaimed furniture industrial kitchen with a raw appearance fitted out in length with a concrete counter and worktop

    Contemporary design with pure lines that combines wood and concrete

industrial kitchen with clean lines and contemporary design combining wood and concrete black and white kitchen with elegant design combining industrial decor with Scandinavian atmosphere   industrial storage cabinet for a functional and authentic kitchen   elegant black and white kitchen with a subway brick splashback combining an industrial deco atmosphere with Scandinavian chic

Industrial style kitchen with colorful accents.

loft-style kitchen with colorful lacquered industrial furniture and a central island in marble and reclaimed wood a multifunctional industrial cabinet serving as a worktop and lunch counter kitchen revamped with the addition of some industrial furniture such as a metal and wood shelf

 Industrial loft style kitchen delimited by dark wooden beams.

industrial loft style kitchen with exposed dark wood beams in contrast with light wood furniture

 Airy workshop atmosphere with an emphasis on the rusty metal effect finish of the central island.

workshop-style kitchen fitted out in a large open and sunny space, emphasis on oversized industrial furniture and finishes industrial kitchen combining concrete, rust-effect steel and rustic wood for an industrial rustic atmosphere

    The combination of stone, marble and oak adds to the harmonious play of colors for a chic and contemporary ensemble.

functional industrial kitchen in shades of blue and gray equipped with a central island with storage space

industrial deco transforming the kitchen island into a focal point in this classic design kitchen industrial deco kitchen with a central island in waxed concrete that completes the sleek design

Industrial look enhanced by in-line bell pendant lights.

New York industrial loft-style fitted kitchen combining concrete, rustic wood and stone open kitchen in industrial loft style combining bricks, black steel and marble

 Reclaimed atmosphere in the kitchen 

industrial deco inspired by recycling for a workshop kitchen aspect modern and functional industrial kitchen combining wood and black metal

 Dare to use contrasting styles     

a loft-style kitchen combining industrial stainless steel furniture with a contemporary look with an old showcase buffet

Open metal shelves play both a functional and decorative role.

functional industrial deco in black metal for an elegant and contemporary atmosphere in the kitchen

 The raw aspect of concrete is tempered by the use of fluorescent colors and the presence of wood.

industrial deco in concrete and wood whose raw appearance is tempered by touches of color

     The country-style kitchen is often inspired by industrial decor for a more original appearance.

some industrial deco accents in a country style kitchen industrial decor in a country style kitchen that dares to combine raw materials and rustic elements

Double kitchen island in wood and metal to complete the carpentry workshop atmosphere.

industrial deco in wood and steel for an authentic factory spirit  kitchen with neutral tones and classic design that adopts some touches of industrial decor

 Industrial style kitchen with monochrome design.

monochrome industrial kitchen with a sleek design with rustic accents

Enhance the elegance of the matte black metal finish with a few pops of color.

industrial loft style kitchen with a raw and contemporary design combining concrete, matte black metal

 The raw appearance is softened by the abundant natural light and outdoor vegetation.

industrial loft style kitchen in b

Modern kitchen playing on contrasting wood finishes.

black kitchen and wood playing on the contrast of matte black paint and the natural look of wood industrial loft style kitchen with matte gray finish cupboards equipped with a central wood and concrete island  monochrome kitchen combining modern design with clean lines in the

   Small kitchen with a total stainless steel look.

functional layout of a small stainless steel kitchen delimited by a simple curtain an industrial chic kitchen with metallic accents and natural decor

 Central island in solid wood overhung by an industrial design chandelier.

country style kitchen combining elements of industrial decoration with rustic accentsingenious layout of

 Ingenious juxtaposition of two opposing styles.

open kitchen combining contemporary all-white design with industrial workshop-style furniture  arrangement of    monochrome industrial kitchen with a refined design combining concrete with the lacquered fronts of the furniture small industrial loft-style kitchen with a glass roof

The display of utensils is part of the industrial style aesthetic.

the metal utensil holder plays a functional and decorative role in the industrial decoration of the kitchen

industrial deco kitchen with rustic wood accents with a concrete worktop   industrial kitchen furniture without doors in a rustic atmosphere

Industrial atmosphere guaranteed thanks to visible functional elements.

kitchen   kitchen

Industrial loft combining the cozy atmosphere of Scandinavian style and the authentic industrial aspect.

open space style kitchen in an industrial loft combining functionality and comfort  welcoming kitchen combining contemporary design with reclaimed industrial decor a multifunctional industrial cabinet serving as a worktop and lunch counter

Industrial style kitchen fitted in length.

industrial style kitchen fitted out in length with two disparate walls small kitchen that combines

Eclectic kitchen with functional design.

industrial kitchen in stainless steel and wood with cupboards with glass doors and a crystal chandelier for an eclectic look modern stainless steel kitchen open to the dining room with industrial and rustic decor  industrial loft style kitchen juxtaposing a brick wall, a wooden construction and a slate wall section

    Scandinavian style in this kitchen with industrial accents.

kitchen with modern Scandinavian design in black and white and typical accents for industrial deco example of l

the industrial bell pendant light and the exposed frame are industrial deco accents that

storage solution for an industrial style kitchen without upper cabinets

 The vintage look of the tiles adds a touch of charm to the industrial atmosphere.

industrial loft style kitchen made very welcoming by the chic accents on the floor and splashback the kitchen   colored splashback in contrast with the   black and wood kitchen with chic design and industrial deco accents on the wall and ceiling industrial loft style kitchen equipped with two kitchen islands painted purple

  Unexpected southern note in a professional kitchen atmosphere.

black and white kitchen with concrete worktop and stainless steel appliances for a professional kitchen atmosphere original idea to develop a small industrial deco kitchen by optimizing the an industrial kitchen with a modern design playing on the contrast of the brick wall and the matte gray kitchen furniture functional layout

 Dare to use flashy colors in the monochrome kitchen layout.

monochrome industrial kitchen enhanced by fluorescent yellow bar stools an open kitchen of industrial deco with rustic accents playing on the contrast between the wood and the white of the walls and the ceiling industrial loft style kitchen with a raw and contemporary design combining concrete, matte black metal     industrial loft style kitchen in stainless steel, fitted in length for a professional kitchen atmosphere  sober aesthetic d

   The shelves in copper and wood tubes are an industrial storage solution that is both functional and decorative.

original storage solution with open shelves in copper pipes and wood for an industrial kitchen atmosphere open shelf in wood and metal that s  industrial furniture combines functionality with its decorative role  removable industrial cabinet serving as

   Removable central island in the functional industrial aesthetic.

industrial furniture with wheels playing the role of   spacious kitchen fitted out in an industrial loft style, with a contemporary refined design     classic kitchen design with industrial deco accents thanks to the bell pendant lights and workshop-style bar stools

 Shabby chic kitchen with industrial accents.

kitchen all-white kitchen combining industrial decor and        industrial style furnishings

 Scandinavian atmosphere with industrial accents.

modern kitchen combining        modern industrial kitchen combining   industrial loft style kitchen with matte gray finish cupboards equipped with a central wood and concrete island            the matte black finish of industrial furniture s  black kitchen with compact design with matte black metal finish ideal for a small space with an industrial style