The open wardrobe – the best ideas to copy or be inspired by

How to transform your available space into a nicely personalized style open walk-in closet? For starters, you have to think about finding a balance between creating a practical storage space and a beautiful place to take care of yourself. As a relatively private space, the walk-in closet is the perfect place to indulge in more exotic tastes and striking design ideas. Go for a bold, large-scale wallpaper for a luxe feel, or add wallpaper to the interior of bedroom doors for a pop of color. Make a focal point by choosing floor-to-ceiling glass doors, offering a glimpse of a glamorous washroom space. An upholstered chair or an armchair are the perfect pieces to add pops of color and an ambience of comfort. Do you prefer a more neutral look? Soft carpeting and furniture in pure colors will help create a clean, seamless look. Alternatively, take inspiration from your favorite boutique and display your favorite items on open shelves and invest in a gorgeous island or elegant chandelier, then set the glamor with the help of lacquer in marble, brass, stone, copper.

A dedicated walk-in closet can be the dream, but even if you don’t have the space for a large wardrobe, in a small bedroom these walk-in closets and dressing tables you can see in our image gallery below. of this page, will give you a healthy dose of inspiration to create the perfect clothing storage solution in your home..

Opt for an open wardrobe – clothing storage options

Open dressing room, clothes storage, modern interior, girl's bedroom decoration idea

The open walk-in closet offers many more advantages than the walk-in closet with doors. It stimulates us to store our clothes well and sets our preferences. Choosing what to wear is much easier when you have it in front of your eyes every day, which leaves time for your makeup. In addition, it is a top trend in current interior design. An open walk-in closet in white and neutral tones can help you achieve the Scandinavian style that many people seek to achieve..

Beautiful bedroom layout idea with open dressing area

White storage cabinet from ikea painting on the wall, large gray flags, white window decorated with green plants, cacti in different shapes, beige carpet, open wardrobe

Trendy clothes coming out of the closet – choosing to hang the most beautiful items

Wardrobe in the bedroom, rattan chandelier, white bed, original open clothes storage, how to store clothes

Cabinet walls can make the room feel closed, so choose open storage instead. The system you see above is from Ikea and is available in a variety of combinations. It allows you to create a necessary bedroom storage functionality. It also means you can see exactly what you own, so fewer items will be left lying in the back of your wardrobe, out of sight and out of mind..

Purple wall and black furniture – idea how to store your open dressing room that you can hide behind the curtains

Simple metal storage cabinet, storage room, bed and clothes shelves, bedroom layout

Industrial style decoration with black metal wardrobe and nicely arranged clothes 

High metal wardrobe, clothes storage in a bedroom with a beautiful view, large window, vase with white flowers, how to store clothes

The sloping layout offers even more difficulties when it comes to a walk-in closet. But the options are also plentiful, and the fixes for these issues aren’t as bad as you might think. There are a lot of space saving techniques for the sloping walk-in closet. Always in order to make the most of the space, consider installing shelves and using a wardrobe like the one you see in the photo above.

Loft layout with living room – choice of open clothes storage unit

Deco idea parental bedroom open to the living room, gray carpet and gray shelf, original clothing storage storage idea

The design of your bedroom can define the style of your open walk-in closet and the clothes you are going to display there.

Wardrobe, wardrobe, bedroom storage cabinet, clothes display, collage with hanging options

Bedroom with office area and open storage area to easily find things

Bedroom with Scandinavian style wooden desk and mac computer for working, white carpet with geometric shapes, wardrobe without doors, open clothes storage

Open wardrobe in an industrial style bedroom – cool idea how to decorate

Hipster style dressing corner wardrobe storage, chic bedroom with green cactus clothes storage corner

Beautifully appointed New York loft – easy access with open clothes storage

Modular wardrobe simple clothes storage, famous woman's bedroom layout idea, new york style red brick wall

The same open walk-in closet from another point of view – cool idea how to furnish a modern industrial style loft

Loft dressing room with box, original idea of ​​dressing room to store clothes easily, ladder to access everything

The open walk-in closet can be hidden behind large curtains if you don’t have enough time to tidy it up properly

All-in-one walk-in closet, open cupboard walk-in closet that can be hidden behind curtains, adult bedroom

Simple idea of ​​storage Ikea cabinet dressing in the style of Scandinavian simplicity

Open dressing room comfort bedroom storage unit in the house, suitcase with four wheels under the cabinet without doors

Original idea of ​​clothes storage with a glass roof that separates the bedroom from the open dressing room

Clothes storage behind a glass roof, open storage unit, bedroom with place for clothes

Open wardrobe for him and for her – nice room idea in neutral colors

Beige cabinet walk-in closet, classroom storage, make room for your clothes, how to decorate your bedroom

Opt for a baroque chandelier and an open dressing room all in Scandinavian style for the chic white bedroom

Wardrobe with storage cabinet in the wall, modern chandelier, white carpet, office area, bedroom easy way to store everything

Simple stylish garment storage idea – choose a color scheme to show off your clothes

Deco idea master bedroom, exhibition clothing corner, black metal cabinet, white wall, well appointed bedroom storage cabinet

Beautiful bedroom with vintage style decoration – choose the design style of the bedroom and orient yourself to the style of your dressing room

Dressing room all in one, vintage bedroom decoration and vintage suitcase, low wardrobe, white shelf, bedroom decoration everything is visible, painting with plants

Corner dressing room storage cabinet modern design scandinavian style

The two-level loft offers original storage options like the one in the photo below

Modular dressing room storage unit adult bedroom simple decoration, red dress with long sleeve and gray stripe sleeve

Dressing room low wardrobe open dressing room beautiful decorative design, all in gray and white bedroom

Small wardrobe storage cabinet, bedroom low wardrobe cool idea, industrial lamp yves saint laurent

The positive of an open dressing room, parental bedroom decorating idea, colorful carpet, glass roof separation of the bedroom and the walk-in closet

How to put away his clothes for men, bedroom for adults for men

Bedroom storage furniture master bedroom decorating ideas, metal storage ideas simple decor

Tall white metal wardrobe, adult woman bedroom decoration idea, pink and white open dressing room decoration

Wardrobe closet and two covered storage units and open wardrobes for clothes, stylish dresses, master bedroom decor idea with furniture in the wall

Modular walk-in wardrobe cool angle design idea original photo, purple, beige and dark gray beautiful bedroom decoration palette

Simple bedroom dressing room for the entrance, modular dressing room for clothes and shoes, bedroom storage simple idea in black and white

Dressing room while a dressing room cozy bedroom stylish decoration, geometric pattern carpet

Small dressing room dressing room bedroom storage cabinet, clothes basket under the window

Green and pink open dressing room, modern interior clothes storage, bedroom idea, pretty flower bed cover

Wardrobe storage cabinet how to store clothes, white wall, stylish sofa

Storage unit behind glass roof, bedroom clothing storage bedroom

Low wardrobe storage for clothes how to store clothes, scandinavian furniture wood

Original master bedroom decor idea, white wardrobe storage without doors in the bedroom

Corner dressing room storage chic bedroom clothes

The open walk-in closet is suitable for small spaces as well as for large ones.

Modular dressing room simple clothes storage idea

Small boxed walk-in closet, bedroom and dressing room for clothes, white bedroom decorated in beige

Dressing room cabinet walk-in closet easily store clothes vintage style, hipster gray pallets

Dressing all in one box dressing cupboard open for bedroom cactus green mirror table and shelves

Small walk-in closet wardrobe storage for clothes bedroom vintage style apartment with high roof

Open walk-in closet storage cabinet bedroom comfort in modern brick wall home white apartment sofa

White and black clothes storage cabinet for bedroom

Wardrobe cabinet bedroom storage cabinet make room for his clothes island in the modern dressing room

Low wardrobe bedroom storage cabinet easy way to store all original storage in a white bedroom walls

Wardrobe walk-in closet storage cabinet bedroom clothing exhibition

Deco idea master bedroom storage cabinet well appointed bedroom

Corner dressing room storage cabinet modern design scandinavian style

Modular dressing room storage unit for adult bedroom simple decoration furniture for storing clothes

Dressing room all in a low bedroom deco wardrobe everything is visible

Large dream dressing room with a sofa in the middle and magnificent carpet in front, shoe storage unit and a dressing room for clothes, bedroom low wardrobe cool idea

The positive of an open dressing room deco idea parental room coats and hanging dresses

Parental bedroom decorating ideas do it yourself

How to store your stylish clothes in gray, beautiful dresses and suits

Bedroom storage unit master bedroom decorating idea with large space for clothes

Low wardrobe deco idea parental bedroom open dressing room

Wardrobe dressing room deco idea master bedroom furniture in the wall adult man bedroom gray

Deco idea parental bedroom dressing corner inspiration decoration bench for seating colorful curtains

Modular walk-in wardrobe cool angle design idea original photo pink carpet space under slope

Dressing room modular dressing room storage beige bedroom bedroom

Dressing room while a dressing room cozy bedroom stylish decoration gray bedroom dressing room linked to the beautifully decorated bedroom

Small dressing room dressing room storage cabinet woman bedroom vintage style

Wardrobe closet in the bedroom, gray drape bed, scandinavian decoration storage modern home style clothing

Open dressing room as a partition – great idea how to store your clothes and simply separate the bedroom from the living room

Clothes storage idea for parental bedroom do it yourself, hipster decoration, room separation with clothes storage dressing original pallets