Tips and tricks for modern and functional garage layout

Very often when planning for a house to be built or renovated, it is the woman who has final say in most of the rooms. Kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom … Impossible not to give your opinion on the decoration of the most frequented rooms in which it will reign … But, what then remains to be done if you are the master of the home and you no longer know where to store all your DIY, repair and gardening tools? The answer: turn to garage planning. In this article we’ll give you all the tips and ideas you need to turn that neglected corner into a tidy and functional space. It’s your turn.

What are the best alternatives for contemporary garage layout ?

garage storage tip, tall cabinet cabinet with shelves, neutral color wall paint for garage

Usually, the garage turns out to be a room that only serves to house a car. But, if you’ve already been lucky enough to own an additional space, why not take advantage of its full potential? Cluttered with tools and personal belongings, the garage is not always a pleasant or practical place, especially if it is difficult to find the object you need, given the lack of organization. What if we set about transforming space to make it more functional? Here are the key points to consider in order to optimize space in the garage.

The garage renovation is done from ceiling to floor

wall paint for the garage, garage transformation project, example of how to decorate your garage with white paint and white tile floor

Walls, ceiling and floor

To begin with, it must be said that if you want to create a pleasant atmosphere, you have to pay some attention to the condition of the walls, ceiling and floor. To get the job done with minimal effort, you can simply freshen up the space with one or two coats of paint. On the other hand, if you plan to transform the garage into a DIY or auto repair shop, it is advisable to favor dark colors. Shades of beige or brown, as well as green are also popular choices..

For enthusiasts looking for more noticeable results, there are plenty of alternatives. For an industrial loft look, you can opt for a wood or brick wall covering. If you want a more contemporary look, wall panels are an excellent solution.

As far as the ceiling and the floor are concerned, there are always many variations. To establish an urban vibe, the concrete effect design is a perfect idea. For a more rustic and warm look, wood is a favorite material. The exposed wooden beams, for example, are a detail that will make an impact upon entering.

There are many possibilities for the original garage wall covering

industrial loft style garage layout model with brick wall, example of wall cladding with panel

Space optimization

The second step in renovating the garage is to sort and classify your belongings. The easiest way would be to leave a place to park the car and create a few separate corners. Thus, we will always have DIY objects, car repair, gardening, football or fishing accessories, etc..

As more often than not storage space is limited, the best alternative is to exploit the walls. Among the functional storage solutions, you will find a wide range of wall or modular shelves, high or low storage cabinets, bike rack, hooks and many more.

Seek out practical solutions and exploit every square meter

wall-mounted garage shelves, example modular shelf with 5 iron shelves, how to store your tools in boxes hung on the walls

Transformation of the garage into a games room or living room

There are quite a few contemporary examples of a garage transformed into a living room or playroom. So, if you want to create a place of relaxation, a male haunt, you can consider using this space to adapt it to your needs. For a “man cave” for example, there is no need to undertake a complete transformation. You just need to find a corner to install a pool table or foosball table while leaving your belongings and tools, as well as the location for the car. If you are looking for ideas for the design of the renovated garage, here is our selection of models that are both modern and functional..

Transform your garage into a game room or male haunt

transformation of the garage into a playroom, dark garage furniture idea, black and wood cabinets, dark wall shelves

Perfect example of how to organize your things well in a limited space

functional garage storage cabinet, white shade wall paint, garage renovation with modern furniture

Functional furniture to put everything in order

garage layout with wall storage, optimization of garage space with bike rack and desk for tools

Open storage to keep all your tools close at hand

what garage shelves, wall decoration with beige paint and white panel with hooks for tools and gardening accessories

Aesthetic and practical design with a car location and a resting area

example of how to convert your garage into a male den, garage model with industrial style table and chair

This is how to take advantage of the free space in the garage

what modern garage cabinet, example kit light wood cabinets for tools, wall storage idea with hooks

Garage with raw accents furnished in a masculine spirit with wood and metal finishes

urban-style garage layout with wooden walls and iron furniture, modular shelves with 5 shelves

Tidy DIY and gardening tool corner

modern functional storage cabinet, model cabinets and shelves for DIY tools, garage renovation with wood cabinet

100% successful garage renovation project

how to optimize space in a garage, corner garage storage model, car space and tool cabinets

Wonderful example of how to transform a space into a friendly room

example how to easily renovate a garage, converting a garage into a living room, garage renovation project

Male kingdom with modern storage furniture

example garage layout with tool cabinets, wall storage model with hooks, tidy garage example

Clean style and minimalist design in this renovated garage

modern garage decoration with green walls and white furniture, model white cabinets with shelves and hooks for tools

Impressive design in blue and grayish shades

example of modern garage renovation, garage interior design with gray panel walls and white ceiling with bike rack

Very suitable and practical choice of furniture

simple workshop layout idea, white-walled garage with light wood furniture for tool storage

Multi-level storage

garage storage shelf model, example how to arrange your garage with DIY and gardening corner

Contemporary design with clean lines

white wood garage storage cabinet, garage decorating idea with car space and tool storage cabinets

Ideal furniture for the makeover of the garage

black cabinet kit with wooden counter and hook storage, idea how to arrange your modern garage

choice of garage storage shelf, space optimization with wall storage, example of a garage with car space and furniture

Beautiful design in gray shades with modern lighting 

modern interior design in a gray garage with storage furniture and space for cars, modern garage decor

garage furniture idea, garage renovation project with wall panels and cabinet storage furniture

Garage transformed into a playroom with a modern design combining black, red and white

how to transform your garage into a playroom, garage decoration idea in white, black and red with stainless steel cabinets

example of functional garage shelves, tool cabinet kit model, how to renovate your garage with gray paint

Wall storage with hooks to organize your tools

functional garage storage choice, garage space optimization tip, trendy beige wall paint

example of functional garage layout with car space and functional wall storage units

Modern garage equipment

modern interior design in a garage furnished in white and gray, gray cabinets with shelves kit template

modern garage decoration with dark red furniture and black finishes, example of how to arrange your garage

Garage renovation plan with enough free space for the car

trendy white panel wall covering pattern, modern garage renovation idea with storage furniture

what storage to optimize space in a garage, interior design garage with car space and wall storage

Contemporary style wooden storage equipment model

how to decorate your garage, transform the garage into a functional room, model of wooden cabinet with cabinets and shelves

example of how to organize your tools in a garage, vertical storage model with wooden wall shelves

Here’s how to spruce up the garage with a vibrant coat of paint

how to decorate walls with yellow paint, example of modern garage renovation with wall storage in hooks and boxes

modern interior design in a garage with beige walls and gray floor, spacious garage decor with car space

Light paint visually enlarges the space

wall painting idea for garage, example how to renovate a garage, transform a garage into a living room

modern interior in a renovated garage, what paint for a garage, example wall storage with bike rack

If you haven’t yet decided which color to choose: green will be a hot trend in 2019

trendy wall paint 2019, garage renovation example, functional storage cabinet model with drawers and cabinets

Industrial style living room in a garage

how to transform your garage into a living room, model of a living room fitted out in an industrial-style garage

Play corner in this rustic garage

playroom layout in a garage, rustic-style decor with stone walls and dark wood ceiling

Garage transformed into ultra modern bedroom

how to renovate your garage, transforming a garage into a modern living room, garage bedroom layout

example how to arrange your garage, modern interior design in a garage with orange walls with gray and black furniture

Garage with separate corners for tool storage and play area

modern garage layout example, garage transformation idea, garage storage cabinet

Two more ideas how to transform the garage into a top bedroom

how to transform a garage, convert your garage into a bedroom, industrial style decor with brick walls

industrial bedroom decoration in a garage, garage renovation idea, garage bedroom model

garage storage cabinet, example how to transform your garage, space optimization in a garage

garage decoration in gray and black with red accents, example of how to use wall space in a garage

Garage layout with rest area and functional storage equipment

modern garage layout example, renovated garage model with rest area and tool storage units

Example of excellent garage layout

modern garage renovation in gray and black, example how to optimize space in a garage, wall storage model

workshop layout in a garage, functional storage cabinet idea with industrial style shelves and cabinets