Update on home improvement costs

Many people wonder whether it is better to build new or renovate an old house. If so many future owners hesitate, it is mainly for financial reasons. Although the acquisition of an old property allows to benefit from a more advantageous sale price, the cost of the work related to the renovation of the property will, on the other hand, be higher. There are many variables that can affect the price of jobs, making it difficult to estimate jobs. But, if it is impossible to quantify exactly the amount of work for each of you, it is still possible to find out about the average costs practiced by building professionals.

What home improvement costs – find the ultimate guide to estimating them below

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Interior insulation: the average price observed

Insulation is arguably one of the most important areas of work. This can be explained in particular by the increase in energy costs which weakens the purchasing power of households each year. Insulation is a vast area that concerns both walls, attics, floors and roofs. There is often 30% heat loss through the roof and 25% through the walls. The stakes are therefore considerable and allow owners to make substantial savings thanks to the reduction in their energy consumption..

To help you estimate the price of your insulation work, provides future investors with a simulator allowing them to obtain a precise estimate of the needs, as well as a connection with qualified craftsmen. However, this tool goes far beyond simple insulation work since in total, more than 330 home and garden jobs can be analyzed with just a few clicks..

What thermal insulation? Make an informed choice

Interior insulation: wall, floor, ceiling and roof

Interior insulation work will depend largely on the choice of materials, the surface to be insulated, but also on the labor cost of the craftsmen. However, here are the average prices observed as an indication:

  • wall insulation: between 5 and 40 euros per m²
  • floor insulation: between 20 and 50 euros per m²
  • ceiling insulation: from 10 euros per m²
  • roof insulation: between 10 and 50 per m²

Painting work

If you want to give a home a facelift or completely revamp part of your house / apartment by creating a new space, then painting work is, in most cases, essential. The cost of the work varies depending on the paint chosen:

  • acrylic
  • epoxy
  • water repellent
  • vinyl
  • insulating

Repainting your house to give it a whole new look – an essential step in renovation work

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You will also have to take into account the type of support to be painted and its condition (wall or ceiling), the number of coats to be applied, but also the hourly rate of the artisan painter you will appoint for your work. This cost can go from single to double. On average, it is necessary to count, installation included, between 20 and 45 euros per m² for an interior painting.

The kitchen: different ranges

The kitchen is one of the flagship rooms of a home and is, as such, a major expense item for households. It is, moreover, one of the favorite pieces of the French, who do not hesitate to invest in it to make it aesthetic and functional.

If there is one sector that experiences strong disparities, this is it. With the different ranges that exist, it is difficult to really estimate the price of a kitchen. However, we can distinguish two types of kitchens: custom kitchens and others. In general, it will cost more than 5,000 euros to start having tailor-made. In this case, the installation prices can represent up to 20% of the total sale price. As for “classic” kitchens, these are generally kitchens manufactured in batches that are found in kit form. The technician in charge of the installation will invoice on average between 400 and 800 euros.

Electrical work

Whatever your reasons for considering electrical work, it is usually quite expensive, but oh so necessary for your safety! The electrical panel is the central element of your installation: it will be responsible for distributing the current in all your rooms. To calculate an average budget, you have to take into account the price of the electrical panel and additional items (earth leakage circuit breakers, branch circuit breakers, etc.) and the cost of an electrician’s labor..

Thus, for the installation of an electrical panel, the latter will charge an average of between 400 and 600 euros for its intervention. For the installation or upgrading of electrical outlets, it will cost you between 80 and 150 euros.

Renewing the electrical installation – another important part of the work

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Window prices

The openings play a considerable role, both in the energy savings they can cause and in the reduction of noise pollution in your home. Window prices vary significantly depending on the material chosen.

Today, more than one in two windows is made of PVC, with double glazing. They are among the cheapest models on the market. For a PVC window with standard dimensions, it will cost between 100 and 300 euros and add, on average, 450 euros for its installation.

Aluminum is the second most used material. Its thinner uprights allow more light to penetrate and the natural properties of this material protect it in particular against rust and bad weather. However, this represents an additional cost, since it will cost between 250 and 500 euros to afford aluminum windows. The installation, meanwhile, will be of the order of 400 to 700 euros.

Choose superior quality windows adapted to your needs and budget

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Laying a parquet

The parquet has undergone great changes in the space of just a few years. With the arrival of synthetic floors, the ranges have grown significantly. Laminate flooring is undoubtedly the most popular flooring and is fairly easy to install. The price depends on the parquet – between 10 and 60 euros per m² -, and its installation between 20 and 30 euros per m².

Laminate floors are the ideal compromise between laminate and solid. Prices vary between 50 and 120 euros per m², installation included. Finally, solid parquet is the most aesthetic and qualitative solution. For this, it will cost an average of 150 euros per m² including the cost of installation.

To conclude

Before embarking on work that is often expensive, it is best to make an average estimate of the costs incurred. It is even better to ask for a more precise estimate from professionals who are experienced in quoting, so that you know exactly where you are going. This will allow you to avoid unpleasant surprises and thus to calmly follow the progress of your work.