Apartment safes: keep your valuables as safe as possible

The answer to the question of which safe to choose for an apartment largely depends on your needs. What you should look for when choosing a safe for your home is, of course, the size, capacity and type of construction, as well as the type of lock in the door. Use the practical tips and photo-ideas of this article to choose the most acceptable version of the protective box for yourself.. 31 77 79

Safes for apartments – fire-resistant option

The main issue to consider when shopping is the purpose of the stash. A fireproof safe at home is better for storing files, CDs that contain important documents for us. Items of this type are not as susceptible to thieves as they are at risk of apartment fire. It is worth noting that high-quality home fire-retardant safes also protect documents from water that can flood the apartment, for example, due to a breakdown in the sewage system, water supply, as well as as a result of flooding by neighbors. Home safes manufacturers usually provide information on how long it can withstand water pressure. Flood resistance can be up to 24 hours! 36 43

Anti-burglary safes for apartments are designed for weapons

The second, more popular type of home safes is anti-burglary. Apartment security safes, as the name suggests, are designed to protect your items from theft. Thus, a burglar-proof safe is the ideal place to store jewelry, money or art. This stash also works well as a safe place for home weapons..12394147545950

Built-in safes and other types of hiding places for an apartment

Consider buying a safe if you store precious items in your apartment. The choice of the cache depends primarily on the cost and size of the item. You can buy small, comfortable safes, furniture structures or wall cabinets to set up in a camouflaged location..71 72 73 56 62

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Apartment safes are small

Loose safes with resistance class S1 in small dimensions and low weight must be fixed to the floor or surface of the furniture of the apartment to prevent them from being stolen along with the contents..19 53 7

Built-in safes for the apartment

Furniture safes should be built into the desk or hidden in cabinets. They most often belong to the S1 class.23 21

Apartment safes made for the wall

Class I wall safes can be successfully integrated into the wall, completely disguised.eight nine4

How to choose a safe for an apartment?

Currently, the safety of the apartment is in the first place, since the installation of a safe is necessary for the safe storage of valuables, and sometimes to comply with legal requirements, for example, for a pistol. However, not all safes, despite their physical resemblance, are the same, so you need to know what to look for in order to choose the best.. 67

Apartment safes small and large – dimensions and weight

The sizes of home safes are very diverse. Large apartment safes are those whose door can be square from 50 to 50 centimeters. In turn, the weight of this type of home safes can even exceed 40 kg, in the case when it is completely empty.. 1 2

In stores, however, you can buy safes that will fit safely even in a small apartment. If you choose a small home safe, then pay attention to its shape. Typically, smaller apartment caches are characterized by being very narrow or flat with varying heights. A common solution is a chest of drawers-style safe..83

Home safes – capacity

The size of home safes is, of course, related to their volume. Large home safes are those with an interior volume of at least 25 liters. In turn, really small apartment safes can hardly have a volume of 3 liters. The capacity of a dozen liters is, rather, the average value for the caches of apartments and houses.15

Apartment safes – types of locks

Home safe locks fall into two categories:

  • mechanical (key);
  • electronic.

Key locks are a standard offered even in the case of very cheap home safes. This does not mean, however, that a mechanical lock for a home safe is always worse than an electronic one, because a lot depends on the locking device. Electronic locks for home safes are so convenient that you do not need to open them with a key that can easily fall into the wrong hands or be lost. In addition, electronic locks have a built-in memory that allows you to check at what time the home cache was last opened..


How to install a safe in an apartment?

Installing a home safe is a painstaking task. It is best to schedule this task while renovating your apartment. To make the structure as safe as possible, it should be installed on the wall that supports the building. Remember that the assembly must be carried out in such a way that it does not damage the structure of the entire apartment. It is worth making sure that the home safe is provided in the building design.27 80 2646

Is it worth having a safe in the apartment?

Home safes make sense if you’ve decided to keep items at home that are valuable enough to outweigh the purchase and installation costs. The safe must have a resistance class corresponding to the value of the items or money stored in it. An electronic timer can be used as additional protection for the safe. Household caches can also be protected by an alarm system. It works with seismic detectors that respond to vibration with a specific frequency response for sawing, drilling and blasting. The alarm is mounted directly on the safe or next to the wall.

Apartment safes allow you to organize reliable security for valuables and important documents. Whether it’s jewelry, watches, cash, contracts, official documents, collections or valuable souvenirs – modern caches are at your disposal in a wide range when it comes to security.!