Flowers in the country: we fill the garden with bright colors

For many, a dacha is not only a vegetable garden and work, but also a wonderful place to relax in a beautiful garden. Even a novice gardener can plant flowers, but it is very important to approach the process with taste and understanding, because the flower garden should really decorate the site, and not make it too pretentious and variegated.

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Giant allium

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But planting flowers is only half the battle. They need to be properly cared for. Today we will tell you about the most successful types of plants and show vivid examples of stunning flower arrangements in the country..



Types of flower beds 

Before planting plants, you need to study the features of landscape design, choose a suitable place and choose harmoniously combined elements of the flower garden.

flowers in the country

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Flower garden in the form of a lawn

A blooming carpet looks very impressive in the garden. A certain area of ​​the lawn can be sown with wildflowers – chamomiles, cornflowers, poppies, clover, etc. Such a flower garden does not require watering and will serve as a picturesque meadow for wonderful picnics.. 



Flower garden rabatka 

It is a narrow strip of flowering plants that will look great around a terrace or along a garden path. Several varieties of annual low-growing flowers (you can add medium-sized ones) are sparingly planted in stripes, most often alternating colors. Simple flower ornaments create a stunning effect.

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Chamomile and Salvia 


Flower beds

They can be of very different shapes – typical round, geometric square, diamond-shaped, rectangular and even intricate, but very graceful curly. In addition to the usual low flower beds, you can build a little more raised (by 10-15 cm), decorating them around the perimeter with stone, brick, wood or a plastic border.

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Even the simplest gazebo or wooden arch can be decorated and refreshed with vines. Clematis, climbing rose, maiden grapes, ornamental beans and other climbing plants are perfect for these purposes..

Climbing rose




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A wide strip of flowers of different heights. Such a flower garden assumes a certain background. Mixborders look beautiful near board fences or brick walls. The appearance of such flower beds changes throughout the season – some faded plants are replaced by others. They can consist of annuals, perennial flowers, or combinations thereof.. 


The creation of a well-thought-out and balanced mixborder takes a lot of time, so in this case it would be more rational to use perennial flowers. They are also perfect for decorating a flower bed or flower bed..

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Perennial flowers in the country


A charming unpretentious plant – pansies. This is a wonderful choice for an elegant flower bed or mixborder. Dwarf varieties of phlox, geranium, large-flowered flax, gentian, oak sage, cinquefoil, gypsophila paniculata are bright luxurious perennials that are often used to decorate a garden plot.


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Plants with a height of 40-80 cm are considered to be medium-sized. Gardeners use them in many types of flower beds. An excellent choice is daylily varieties that are easy to care for and incredibly beautiful; yarrow, pleasing to the eye with its lush flowering; or the original pink radiola with juicy leaves. Late flowering varieties of cornflower, peony, phlox paniculata, monarda double, astilbe are beautiful and peculiar in their own way..

Flowerbed with delicate peonies


Yellow yarrow




Pay attention to a very spectacular flower – a stock-rose, about 1.5 m high and inflorescences very reminiscent of the color of peonies. Luxurious stock roses can range from pale pink to deep burgundy shades.. 



Tricyrtis resembles an orchid or lily, the spotted sap is original in its changing shades. Helenium hybrid, willow sunflower, basil will look no less impressive in the garden.




Flower care

Every amateur and beginner can grow garden flowers, but still it is important to highlight a few points here..

Remove wilted flowers and plant debris regularly. It is convenient to do this while watering or weeding a flower bed. The faded flowers turn into fruits or buds that require strength to ripen. And this significantly slows down the germination of other flowers on the plant, and the appearance of your flower garden will be much more aesthetically pleasing without wilted plants.

Blue hydrangea and white balsam


Some plant varieties bloom twice a year if pruned after the first flowering. The cut is made at a height of up to 10 cm from the ground for flowers such as lupine, balsamic tansy, bathing suit, chalcedony lychnis, terry daisy, cat, sage, larkspur. It is better to cut the small petal by only a third, and then fertilize the plant.

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Plants with large flowers and leaves need to be supported. Bamboo, metal, or wood poles planted in the ground will do. The stems of the plants are tied to them with a garden cord. Some types are actively growing, they also need additional poles. Several supports are driven in around the plant and the cords are pulled horizontally. Experienced growers use special support rings with an adjustable diameter. They are sold in many gardening stores..


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And for those who do not like long and scrupulous work, we suggest choosing unpretentious plants for their flower garden: lilies of the valley, tulips, clematis, tenaciousness, snowdrops, fern, Kirkazon.


Sun-loving species of perennials are perfect – peony, bell, mallow, lily, carnation, lupine, as well as annuals – calendula, salvia, petunia and others.


Pick the most beautiful flowers in your opinion and create amazing compositions in the garden at the dacha.

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