House for a well: interesting design ideas for a decorative and functional well for a garden

Garden wells are not only an ideal addition to your home garden, but of course a functional water source in your home. If you are planning to decorate your private property with a well, then this article will be of interest to you. Photo gallery will help you choose a beautiful house from hundreds of options.1

Well house – decoration of every garden

If you already have a well in a beautiful garden, but you are unhappy with the way it looks, then even from an old well you can make a bright decoration for aesthetic purposes. You can start, for example, by finishing the well itself. It turns out that the concrete body can be decorated with modern cladding material, and the roof can be made of wood, tiles or plywood. Today there are a huge number of models of houses for wells that are able to fit perfectly into every garden..

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House for a well with your own hands

An important stage in the construction of a well is the design of its roof. The most effective type of wells is the upper part, which is framed, for example, by a wooden frame. Notice how the photo clearly shows how the frame can be assembled around the top of the concrete ring. Thus, the well is not only a functional, but also a decorative element of the landscape design of a private plot. The roof structure is a rigid structure to which the box is attached. A solid board (3 cm thick, 180 cm long) is suitable for this purpose. The installation of the barrier and the slope must be made using a 2.5 cm plate. Roof material can be selected at your discretion:

  • board;
  • sheet metal;
  • roofing material, etc..36 42 94

Varieties of houses for wells

In the case of both decorative and functional wells, you can choose the appearance of the house to the character of your garden..6  29 32 53


Unusual houses for wells

You can build a well by decorating it with a beautiful roof and flowers.95 96

Traditional rustic well houses

Another option is to opt for a well in a classic rustic design that is typical of its round cladding in stone, timber or thatched roof..57 58 59 60 95 96 97

Metal constructions

Wooden and stone wells fit perfectly into the family garden. Contemporary traditional sites can also be complemented by very fashionable metal wells, which can often be described as works of art. Such bold wells can be made of forged metal.90 102 106

Decorative well

If you are not planning to make a new well, then you can decorate your garden, for example, with a decorative well copy. The copy should be placed near the water entrance and aquatic plants can be planted in the tank to please the eye. These decorative wells are in a reasonable price range. You can choose a beautiful design with an original house. The decorative well is now in vogue. It is an interesting summer garden decoration that is almost indistinguishable from a functional structure. Below are photos of decorative wells that you can make with your own hands. Most often, such models are made from wood and other materials. It all depends on what kind of building style you want to see in your garden..93 98 101 69 70 51 52 35 eight

Decorative well styles

A beautiful house for a well always catches the eye and gives an unusual look to the structure. Regardless of whether a decorative well is installed or a real one, it should look amazing, and the designer’s imagination can be used at personal discretion. Explore several styles of decorative wells with photos.10568 66 100 108 64 44 43 4

Closer to nature – wooden wells

The most common material for well roofs is wood. Models that are completely made from one raw material look interesting. Such wells look especially attractive and aesthetically pleasing..37 27 17 fourteen 38 39 99

Stone inaccessibility

Wells decorated with natural or artificial stone represent natural beauty.12 thirty

East style

An interesting solution would be to create a house for a well in an oriental style. It is clear that in a garden with such a building there must be additions with various decorations and amulets on the topic.3 104

Modern look

Houses for a well of such a plan consist of polycarbonate, tiles, concrete. But metal or brick can also be used for construction.107 62 63 48 49 25 When decorating a well for a house, use the photographs presented. However, you should not be limited only to them if you have your own sketches. Start from personal imagination creating a real masterpiece in your garden.


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