Kitchen in kitsch style: bold interior design solutions in photo ideas

Despite the changing trends in interiors, the kitsch style continues to enjoy great interest and popularity. Many consider him too controversial and eccentric, but it is impossible not to notice his unique charm. There are many arguments from both supporters and opponents of this direction. The kitsch style is, finally, a combination of various trends and original design. Ethnic, gypsy and hippie accents can be found in it. For many, this is considered overkill, but there are no more complaints. Even such original interiors can look stylish and climatic, without unnecessary glamor. See how to decorate your kitchen in kitsch style so that it does not overload or annoy with numerous motifs, patterns and colors.

How to decorate a kitsch kitchen?

The kitsch style is, first of all, freedom and original bold connections. Furniture and accessories crafted in the brightest colors will work great, energizing and motivating you to take action. You can definitely fall in love with the kitsch style, but you can also hate it just as quickly. That is why it is important to observe moderation and carefully think over each piece of kitchen equipment. However, if you follow a few rules, the interiors will be cozy and even romantic. So if you like a colorful, original interior, the kitsch style is just for you.

Kitsch interiors: get inspired by real photos

It is difficult to accurately indicate the characteristics of the kitsch style, because its main principle is their absence. This style is dominated by eclecticism, glamor and all kinds of variety. Not only furniture and accessories are important, but also wall decorations. Reproductions of famous paintings, as well as your favorite graphics or photographs are perfect. In the kitsch style, there is a place for both old souvenirs and original, unusual Art Nouveau items. You don’t have to worry about your accessories differing in style or pattern, as everything will be appropriate. In kitchen arrangements, perfectionism is not recommended. This is where creativity and originality are important. So you can successfully fantasize, implementing the most daring decisions in your favorite kitchen..

Features of the kitsch style

Kitsch, also known as the style of free people. People appreciate it for its naturalness, carelessness and comfort, as well as for the freedom to choose models and materials. The aesthetics of kitsch-style interiors are based on the same principles of casual and balanced eclecticism, where exquisite and antique furniture meets modern and designer accessories, exotic decorations, delicate materials, as well as folklore patterns with works of art or pop culture elements. Multicolor, mosaic, art and originality are the characteristics of the original style..

The indisputable advantage of the kitsch style is the freedom to combine colors and patterns that, at first glance, should not intersect with each other. The rich style resists all conventions and principles in interior design, it follows its own path, being more a stylish avant-garde than a knocked down and predictable classics. Although it is difficult to adhere to rigid rules in this style, there are several repetitive motifs of kitsch style in interiors that can inspire those who are thinking about introducing this trend into their kitchen..

Preferred colors for the kitchen

Intense and dominant colors are an important element of the kitsch style, which loves extravagant, sometimes colorful and catchy ties. Don’t be afraid to combine rich and expressive colors. The most frequently chosen interiors belong to the oriental palette of colors, that is, red in the shade of wine or ruby, turquoise blue, cocoa, brown or deep purple. Kitsch kitchens also use muted pastel tones to provide a backdrop for expressive decorations or accessories..

Kitchen furniture in kitsch style

In the kitsch style, the materials and raw materials from which furniture, accessories and decorations are made play an important role. The exoticism of the interior will be emphasized by noble types of wood, for example, rosewood, mahogany or ebony, which refers to the aesthetics of a refined colonial style. Overwhelming and dominant wood can be replaced with lighter bamboo or wicker furniture.

Decorations are equally important. Choose intricate ceramic items, preferably those from long journeys, such as flower pots, vases, or handmade figurines. Genuine kitsch-style accessories can also be found in popular interior design chain stores. An interesting solution for the walls will be colorful wallpapers with a fancy pattern..

A wealth of jewelry and accessories

The kitsch style, in addition to the expressive colors and characteristic patterns, is also an abundance of decorations, knick-knacks that emphasize the artistic and free character of the interior. Kitsch is multicolored fabrics, patterned throws and pillows, carpets with exquisite finishes, extravagant rugs and embroidered bedspreads. Choose bright colors and original patterns for style..

Tropical nature is best reflected in exotic souvenirs from long trips and excursions. Hand-decorated figurines, vases, bowls, candlesticks and plates will find their place in the colorful and unpredictable kitsch style, where diversity, freedom and cultural syncretism reign. Walls can be decorated with paintings of reproductions of works of art, as well as posters of films or music festivals.

Free from rules and regulations, optional, non-conformist and careless kitsch style attracts all those who are looking for original combinations in the interior, which often contain opposite elements. Here exotic meets everyday, high quality with deliberate kitsch. The extraordinary design of the kitchen creates a unique atmosphere in the interior, which is relatively easy to achieve – it is enough to abandon the usual patterns and conventions in design, guided by personal imagination.