Inside lighting

Tips to illuminate your entrance – a warm welcome from the doorstep of the house

Often underestimated because of its transient nature, the lobby is nevertheless a reception space meant to impress and make you want to discover the rest. The latter must therefore breathe the heat so characteristic of any habitat that wants to be convivial. Taking care of the furniture, the decoration and, not lastly – the lighting, is therefore essential for a successful decor, at the same time practical, welcoming and design. Anxious to help you create a decor that is at the heart of your home, we will give you some tips and ideas to illuminate its entrance so as to emphasize its aesthetic and functional importance in the house..

Glass doors and several designer lights to illuminate your entrance with style

illuminate your entry, glass entry door with small windows around, entryway decoration idea with rustic entry bench, white paneled wall, large designer chandelier and sconces

Make way for natural light

Today, everything that comes from a natural source is more appreciated, and light is no exception! There is nothing better than a sun bath to illuminate your entrance and if the architecture and configuration of your home allow it, natural lighting is strongly recommended. The front door openwork turns out to be a perfect solution in this case. Equipped with a larger or smaller glass section, the latter now adapts better than ever to your personal needs. In addition to the gain in light, the perforated door guarantees better sound insulation, as well as a unique design aspect, without compromising on safety. Manufacturers in the industry have thought of this well by designing durable, superior quality glazing, so no need to worry! And since there is nothing better than a custom-made door, we encourage you to turn to a specialized manufacturer such as fenetre24 who will take care of designing a personalized solution. From the material, through the measurements, to the handles and other accessories, today the door adapts completely to your desires.

Openwork entrance door in various designs – take advantage of the diversity of the offer on the market

glass front door ideas, openwork door models made by fenetre 24, beautiful facade house decoration

To any space its artificial lighting

But since natural light inevitably goes away at some point in the day, artificial lighting solutions will also need to be provided. The choice of the latter obeys a few basic rules that we will share with you !

  • Lighting according to its function

Mood lighting, functional lighting, accent lighting – all three main types of lighting have their place in the hallway! However, we will naturally start with a large suspension installed on the ceiling which will be able to diffuse the light well throughout the room. For a long entrance, however, the alignment of a series of minimalist pendant lights would be a better idea to ensure maximum light in every corner of the space. The entrance nevertheless plays a purely functional role, given its character as the place for the final preparations before leaving. It doesn’t matter if it’s re-styling, putting on your shoes, getting dressed or searching your bag for keys, functional lighting will come in handy. A lamp to be placed on the hall cabinet or wall lamp, there are several ways to illuminate the activity area at the entrance. Finally, if you have transformed your entrance hall into some sort of art gallery, you are no doubt going to want to emphasize the finest masterpieces and this is where the accent lighting takes you. help.

Decorative entrance idea bathed in daylight and several lights with various functions for beautiful evening lighting

entryway deco example that lets light through, aluminum glass entry door, elegant chandelier and table lamps on console

  • Lighting according to the dimensions of the entrance

And since entrances are one of those spaces that come in a wide variety of layouts, your lighting must also adapt to their particularities. One of the best ways to determine the width of a mood light is to add up the width and length of your room (in diameter) and multiply the result x8 to get the ideal diameter of your pendant light, but this times expressed in cm. Otherwise, if your entrance is large enough, consider increasing the sources of light. Also, if your entryway is rather small, a single light source may be sufficient. Note also that with a low ceiling, we prefer a ceiling lamp at the risk of constantly colliding with a long suspension !

The larger the entrance hall, the more lights you will need !

openwork entrance door, white wooden base, black console, stools, indigo colored wall, white carpet on dark parquet, original chandelier

Decorative tips to maximize light

Finally, there are a few decorating tips that you could also rely on to add extra light to the entrance hall. The first is to bet on warm and light colors in wall painting. These are known for their ability to reflect light and create the illusion of lightness and an airy and enlarged space. The same effect would be produced by a light shade floor and low entryway furniture. And lastly, may the force of mirrors be with you because they also have this property of reflecting ambient light and creating the feeling of grandeur..

Light tint for walls and mirrors to take maximum advantage of natural light !

interior house layout, wood glass front door, round mirror and light wall color to reflect the light, country house layout