Apron design in the kitchen

An apron in the kitchen has long become not just a protective armor for the wall, which can be subjected to daily cleaning from greasy splashes and stains, but also a decoration of the entire interior. With the decorative design of the work area, you can set the tone and mood of the entire room. And the variety of finishing options is so great today that it can be quite difficult to stop at any of them. I propose to consider the most common all the advantages and disadvantages of each of them, so that when faced with the choice of finishing an apron in your kitchen, it would be easier to decide.Small kitchen design Kitchen interior in light colors

Apron design

It is design that should be the main criterion for choosing a finish. At this stage, you already clearly need to know what color the furniture and wall, ceiling and floor decoration will be. In order to create a harmonious combination of all the basic elements in the kitchen, there are several interesting techniques that many designers use:Chocolate kitchen Original sink in the kitchen

A contrasting apron that will become a bright accent in the room. It does not have to be monochromatic, the working wall with huge flowers or fruits, as well as decorative inserts in the tiled masonry, looks very interesting. There is nothing complicated here: a dark set – a light apron, light furniture – a dark one. In either case, the finishing of the working wall in a colorful juicy color will look very original..Original sink in the kitchen Blue color in the interior

An apron as a link for all colors in the room. This can be a mosaic tile, which will include colored elements that match the tones used in the kitchen interior. For example, beige walls and ceilings, chocolate floors and white furniture – beige mosaic trim with white and chocolate splashes will fit well into such an ensemble. An original solution would be a mosaic picture or tiles imitating natural stone with stains to match the furniture and walls.. Light kitchen and dark sink Mosaic on the working wall Original apron trim Gas stove by the window Washing by the window in the kitchen

For lovers of a calm classic interior, finishing to match the kitchen furniture would be an ideal option, however, such a combination is welcome only if the kitchen is made in light colors, otherwise a gloomy picture will turn out. Steel-colored details in the interior TV in the closet in the kitchen Bright lighting in the kitchen Large window in the kitchen Dining area decoration

Apron finishing material

An equally important question to be resolved further is the material for finishing the work surface. And there are no less options:

Ceramic tiles are classics of the genre. The advantages of this finish are its strength, practicality and safety. Such a wall will not be afraid of chemical cleaning or fire. This finish is quite easy to maintain and manufacturers offer such a wide range of products that even the most picky buyer can find a suitable option for themselves. The disadvantages of such an apron include only the fact that a perfectly flat surface is required for laying tiles. Although it can also be presented as a virtue, saying that such a surface will be perfectly flat.Kitchen in dark colors

A glass apron is a trendy finish. New technologies make it possible to make the material sufficiently durable and reliable, contrary to the prevailing opinion about glass. Such a working wall will be durable, the material is not subject to deformation, burnout or abrasion. It is quite easy to care for, it can be washed with any mild product. But the main advantage of this finish is its uniqueness and glamor. On such a working wall, it is easy to make an interesting backlight behind the glass, thanks to which the kitchen will acquire sophistication and originality. The disadvantage of this material lies only in the complexity of the installation, it is unlikely that you will be able to do it yourself. However, the result is worth hiring specialists for this..Unique apron design Gray glossy apron

An apron made of natural stone and wood today is no less common than ceramic and glass ones. In some interiors, where only natural materials are used, it is simply impossible to replace them. It’s not worth talking about the practicality of natural stone, although it should be noted that a not too thin slab should be used. But as for wooden panels, then you should know that they are susceptible to mechanical damage and, for all its beauty, this material is not fire-resistant.. Kitchen with dark floor The combination of neutral colors in the interior Dark chocolate kitchen

The cheapest and most impractical today are MDF and plastic, although this does not prevent them from being widely popular. You should be very careful with such an apron, do not push hot dishes to it and do not clean it with abrasive and aggressive chemicals. With good care, such a work wall can last for several years..Large lamps in the kitchen Original patterned apron

In conclusion, I would like to say that whatever the apron is, it is important that it harmoniously fit into the overall picture of the room, complementing it and bringing its own flavor, and serve a long and loyal service to its owners, while maintaining its ideal appearance.