Art Nouveau hallway: 100 design ideas

The art of interior design today features a huge number of styles that have come from different eras, countries, peoples and different types of art. One of the most popular and harmonious is Art Nouveau – soft, natural, smooth and refined.

Features of the Art Nouveau style in the interior

This style is for people with an excellent sense of style and taste without striving for pomp and pretentiousness. A harmonious and elegant combination of soft and pastel colors, the use of natural materials and natural motives. Modern is characterized by the presence of arched lines in architectural structures, smooth curves in interior elements. Modern is characterized by asymmetry, the presence of glass elements and decorative accessories, softness and comfort of lighting.

Interior design in modern style

To create an interior in this style, we need: finishing or structures of oval and rounded shapes, wooden floors or imitation of a neutral natural color «under the tree», environmentally friendly furniture made of natural materials with forged details, colored glass and stained-glass windows, unusual asymmetrical lamps and shades, aesthetic sculptures, paintings, figurines, textiles restrained in a color palette, marble or stone materials for decorating various interior components.

Entrance hall in art nouveau style in the house

In the hallway of a large house, the Art Nouveau style can be realized in all its splendor and diversity, taking into account all the main characteristics and requirements. If you are planning your house from the beginning of construction to the final interior design, you can think in advance how to implement the architectural features of the Art Nouveau hallway already at the design and construction stage. And at the stage of finishing work, it is already necessary to introduce interior design elements in the Art Nouveau style, choosing the appropriate finishing of the ceiling, walls, floor. And it is in the house that one of the main nuances of modernity can be used – the installation of forged or wooden stairs, large steps.

Entrance hall in art nouveau style in the apartment

In the case of Art Nouveau interior design in the hallway of an ordinary apartment, most likely, you will have to introduce the main characteristic details and style elements. Moreover, given the small, most often the size of the hallway. Therefore, it is important to maintain a sense and sense of style. Designers recommend ergonomic wooden cabinets for storing clothes and shoes and using floral or natural decor, mirrors.

The walls can be partially decorated with natural stone appropriate for Art Nouveau; to cover the floor, choose laminate, parquet or linoleum in natural shades «under the tree», which, plus everything, will be easy to maintain and use in the hallway. And of course, a couple of accessories representing the Art Nouveau style.

Art Nouveau wallpaper for the hallway

Wallpaper for the hallway in the Art Nouveau style embodies the main features of this style. So for your hallway, wallpaper of discreet pastel colors, plain or with curved smooth patterns, floral ornaments or marble motifs, is perfect. It is imperative to take into account the illumination of the room with natural and artificial light. If the hallway is well lit, you can choose wallpaper in darker shades, but if the room is not sufficiently lit, you should give preference to light shades of wallpaper.

Art Nouveau paintings for the hallway

One of the most important conditions for the location of wall art is the combination of the color scheme of the picture with the color scheme of the interior of the hallway. That is, like everything in Art Nouveau, a picture or several paintings should be made in fairly restrained colors, have natural motives, soft outlines and smooth lines available. Hit, what is called «exactly» there will be a composition of three or four paintings of the same theme, located asymmetrically on the wall.

Chandelier in the hallway modern style

Any kind of lighting fixtures are perfect for modern: wall, ceiling, suspended. It is important to pay attention and correlate the dimensions of the hallway and the chandelier, as well as the degree of illumination when the lamp is on. For a large and fairly high hallway, a large and powerful chandelier is needed. If the hallway is small, then the ideal option would be small one or more lamps, spotlights, wall sconces in beautiful, rounded shades with forged details.

Art Nouveau furniture in the interior of the hallway

Modern furniture manufacturers offer us a chic selection of ready-made sets of furniture for the hallway. You can also make an individual order by choosing material, accessories and decor, always with forged and glass elements, mirrors. The perfect solution is colored stained glass in furniture doors, interior and entrance doors located in the hallway. When buying ready-made furniture, and when ordering individual orders, it is important to choose furniture that «will fit in» in the interior of the hallway of the selected style in size, materials and decor.

Hallway interior in modern style modern

Modern Art Nouveau is often called modern classics. This opinion really has a right to exist. Thanks to modern innovations, we have a new high level of lighting quality, high-quality ergonomic furniture, various innovative techniques and technologies for finishing and decorating premises. We can use the help of professional designers. But at the same time, some of the old, classic rules and style features, interesting, proven over the years, techniques and details, will remain in modernity. It is this combination of new and old ideas and solutions that make the Art Nouveau style so popular, beloved, unsurpassed..

An entrance hall in the Art Nouveau style is a modern, not losing its relevance, functional, aesthetic and cozy choice. Such a stylish, comfortable and equipped room, which meets everyone first, will definitely be a worthy start to get to know your hospitable home..