Beautiful indoor pools

We live in a time when no one is surprised by the presence of a swimming pool on the territory of a country house. it has become as commonplace as, say, a gazebo, patio, or garden swing. The only question is to determine the choice, and this directly depends on the personal preferences of the owners, and, of course, on financial capabilities. Although, there is another factor that also affects the correctness of the choice – this is the degree of habitability of your home. Today we will talk about houses in which the owners live all year round, which means that they need a pool inside the house all the time..

Design of a room with a pool inside the houseBeautiful house design with a poolSpacious room with a swimming pool on the territory of a country houseSmall indoor pool with glass wallDesign of a room with a pool in beige tonesSpectacular glass roof pool design

How to properly equip a room with a swimming pool

Wherever you decide to place an indoor pool, in an annex or directly inside the house, you will inevitably face the question of how to properly decorate the premises and the pool itself, what material, color, etc. to choose. As you know, the room in which the pool is located, like the bathroom, is wet. Therefore, we need moisture resistant finishing materials. But that is not all. You will also have to take care of preventing fungus, mold, corrosion, and generally reducing the destructive humidity in the room, which is formed due to fumes from the pool. In addition, as a result, heat is eaten up, which leads to a strong cooling of the room. And if the humidity level exceeds 65%, then being in such conditions becomes hazardous to health due to lack of oxygen.

Moreover, when the pool is placed inside the house, moisture inevitably appears in other rooms as well. But there is a way out. And it consists in competently ensuring the replacement of air, namely, wet to dry, and cold to warm. For these purposes, there are supply and exhaust ventilation. However, very often this is not enough. In such cases, special heaters and dehumidifiers fitted in the pool area should be used. For an indoor pool, a dehumidifier is a must. It works in the same way as an air conditioner, it only absorbs moist air, cools it, while water vapor condenses and then merges. And the dehumidifier heats the cold air and returns it to the room. It also makes further control and regulation of the humidity level automatically. It is possible to mount such a dehumidifier at any stage of construction, even at the final stage, which is very convenient. By providing ventilation and installing a dehumidifier in the pool area, you will have much more options in terms of the choice of finishes, up to making the walls wooden. After all, now you will not be too humid, and everything will be all right with the temperature..

How to choose a pool design inside the house

Typically, designers advise decorating the pool inside the house in the same style that prevails in other rooms. For example, if the house is made in a classic style, then the room with the pool should correspond to this..

The pool room should correspond to the general style of the house

With this option, it is a good idea to decorate the walls with waterproof paint, tiles, acrylic plaster or with cork paneling..

As wall decoration - waterproof paint For country style, for example, wall cladding with wood or stone cladding is indisputable..

Country Style Wooden Indoor Walls

If this is art deco, then here, like nowhere else, mosaic panels or tiles are appropriate on the walls..

The pool area is tiled

For those who have more difficult financial opportunities, you can decorate the ceiling and walls with plastic panels – a very economical option. To create a pool in a modern style, it is recommended to make one of the walls made of glass, and completely, using a frame with double-glazed windows. The rest of the walls can be made with metal-like mosaics or simply painted with waterproof metallic paint. By the way, glazing of one wall can be used not only in a modern style, but in general in any one, because due to this, there will be more light in the pool room and less heat loss, thanks to multi-chamber double-glazed windows

One wall of the pool room is completely glass Half Walls of a Small Pool Room Made of Glass Swimming pool room with two large glass walls

If the pool is in the annex

Now, if the pool is located in an annex or even in a separate building, in this case, its style can be absolutely anything.

Small pool located in the annexSwimming pool located in the annexe,

For example, the pool always looks spectacular in «winter garden» with a lot of living plants, as well as materials such as wood and glass should be present in the interior. Or you can make a separate room with a swimming pool in the style «private beach». To do this, use sand-colored tiles to decorate the sides of the pool and arrange warm overhead lighting that simulates the sun. It is also a good idea to place a few palm trees in tubs, arrange a bar counter made in Hawaiian style, as well as sun loungers, umbrellas – a warm resort atmosphere will be provided even in extreme frosts..

Chic pool design with tropical ambiance

There are a lot of design options, the main thing is to use your imagination, and also take into account the characteristics of the room. For example, if it is small, then moisture-resistant materials must be used, because when swimming, water will inevitably hit the walls.

Small pool room decorated with tiles Small pool design with glass walls Mini-pool, tiled, in the territory of a country house Spectacular design of a small room with a swimming pool

Regarding the floor – it is advisable to make it heated, for example, from porcelain stoneware with an anti-slip effect. If you use a tile, it is best to purchase a special tile that is intended for use in the construction of swimming pools (this should be indicated in the description). This is a very important point, because ordinary ceramic tiles become traumatic when wet.

Swimming pool room design with special floor tilesPool in a country house with glass walls and special floor tiles

The ceiling can be decorated with PVC-canvas stretch ceilings that are not afraid of moisture.

Pool Bowl Finish

Here the principle is as follows: the larger the bowl, the more expensive the finish is. However, for those who want to save money, there is a way out. Namely, PVC film – finishing the pool with such a film will be much cheaper and also faster. In addition, there is a choice of patterns that mimic mosaics or tiles. The film is very convenient because it is flexible, i.e. allows you to easily finish any shape, for example, steps. The downside is that it is not very reliable, but its repair, if necessary, is quite simple.

For wealthier people who have already made the costs of organizing the pool and do not want to save on finishing, the most common option is to decorate the pool bowl with mosaics. This is a very reliable and beautiful option. And the choice of mosaic tiles is very wide. And if you use glass mosaic, then you can thus prevent the growth of bacteria that form on the walls. In general, I must say that experts from all over the world prefer mosaic tiles when it comes to finishing the pool bowl. For wall decoration, mosaics are also used, however, more often in fragments, creating a panel or a combined version. It’s also a good idea to decorate the pool bottom and walls with mosaics..

Tiling is considered the easiest option. In addition, curved sections are difficult compared to mosaics. But if you still choose a tile, then it must also be special, i.e. designed for swimming pools, which is particularly durable and minimal water absorption. However, the choice of decors and colors of such tiles is still not very large..

Another good option for finishing the bowls of swimming pools is porcelain stoneware, which can be used in combination with other materials, for example, with the same mosaic..

Bowl color selection

One thing to keep in mind here is that the color of the bowl determines the color of the water. In this regard, the best options are blue or light blue. After all, these are the colors that are chosen for finishing swimming pools in hotels, water parks, boarding houses, etc. they are most attractive to people.

The blue color of the finish is optimal for rooms with swimming poolsDecorating a room with a pool in blue color with a starry sky effect

In some cases, orange, sand or yellow-golden shades are used for finishing swimming pools, i.e. warm. This design also looks pleasant, especially if the room is stylized to resemble the atmosphere of the tropics or an oasis in the desert..

It is not recommended to use green for finishing. Being in such a pool will be associated with swamp and mud. The white pool is also less attractive. The water looks colder in it than in the blue. And any pollution will be visible.

Finally, I would like to say …

Do not forget about the most important thing – no matter what chic material and color you choose, still such things as the characteristics of the consumables that were used, namely, grout and adhesives, as well as the quality of styling, play a huge role, i.e. the skill of the workers. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that the pool cladding be entrusted only to real professionals in this business. Otherwise, jokes with such things can be expensive in the future..