Bedroom 14 sq. m: successful layouts in different stylistic directions

A bedroom is a room of a house in which a person seeks to sleep comfortably, as well as to relax in complete peace and unity. Thus, enough attention should be paid to the design of the bedroom. If you have a bedroom of 14 sq. m, this article is for you, since here are collected the most successful photo projects, as well as useful tips for arranging the living space of the indicated area.4469394268 81 82 86

Modern bedroom 14 sq. m: tricks and tips

A small bedroom in a block is particularly difficult to arrange. It is worth choosing light colors and eliminating unnecessary things. Any inappropriate accessory will make the room even smaller. Aim for clear colors that bring in more light, and cool tones to add depth to your interior. Eliminate complex prints in your designs. Simple, timeless designs will do better, especially vertical stripes. Thanks to these optical tricks, a small bedroom can visually increase its area. The sleeping room should have a muted interior in soft colors. It is worth keeping the right balance between cool and warm colors. Don’t forget that each of the shades affects your mood..31 32 36 44 48

Bedroom design 14 sq. m: selection of furniture

What is the interior of the bedroom 14 sq. m will be the best? First of all, you must feel good in this room. That is why choose a style that suits personal tastes and promotes total relaxation..

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The right wardrobe

The layout of the bedroom should include both comfortable furniture and practical accessories. The most important element of the interior is, of course, the comfortable bed. It is equally important to choose the right wardrobe for the room, which is 14 sq. m it is better to choose the built-in type. Some of the fronts should be covered with mirrors. A particularly small bedroom will appreciate this solution, as the room will appear larger and brighter. Lovers of traditional design can put a classic wardrobe on legs, since in a room of 14 sq. m it will easily fit.23 24 26 3 90

Bedside table or console

Other useful bedroom furniture includes a bedside table, a small chest of drawers, and a dressing table, which is useful when using cosmetics (especially since cosmetics should not be stored in the bathroom due to large fluctuations in temperature and humidity). The dressing table can be in the form of a light console on which a small mirror will be installed.5 7 nine fourteen 19 12 13 51 53 88

Additional storage space

A bedroom with a wardrobe and a dressing table is a practical and charming solution for a fairly spacious room. If you want to maximize the available space in small bedrooms of 14 square meters, then boxes, organizers, chairs, tables and suitcases for storing small items and bedding will work here. They can even act as atmospheric decorations for the bedroom..27 28 29 22 21 25 17 eighteen 15 35

Bedroom accessories

A few photographs that remind you of the pleasant moments of life are wonderful bedroom decor. Paintings in the break room will work well as well. A real sensation is created by watercolors and graphics. However, small things shouldn’t be too complicated, so as not to create the impression of a mess..89 85 83 69 74 79 76 87

Bedroom beds and mattress

Bedroom beds and comfortable mattresses are the basis for a good rest. The choice of material for the bed, as well as its color and design, is a matter of taste and style in which you arrange the bedroom. However, the size of the bed and the parameters of the mattress are very important. The bed for the bedroom can be one or double. In a small bedroom, a mattress size 80/90 / 100 × 200 cm is sufficient for one. In the case of a double bed, the minimum width of the mattress should be 140 cm. However, a model 160/180 × 200 cm or 200 × 200/220 cm will be better. If the bedroom is small enough, then you can opt for a sofa bed. Another big issue: how do you fit the bed in the bedroom? According to the rules of feng shui, it is worth placing the headboard against the wall so that you can access it from three sides. It is not recommended to place the bed in front of the door. It is advisable to place it as far from the window as possible. Another not the best position is between the door and the window..38 39 43 49 47 57 59 60 61 72 67 50 45 41

Bedroom 14 sq. m: photo lighting design

The bedroom is ideal for additional and spot lighting. Lamps for the restroom are used less and less, but they should be installed if there is a desire to interestingly complement the interior. Wall and table lamps, which emit soft light, are especially useful. In turn, bedroom bedside lamps are often used for reading. They should shine brightly to make reading your favorite book or newspaper a pleasure. The literature study lamp can be conveniently installed, for example, at the head of the bed. A model with an adjustable leg will be useful.2 16 twenty thirty 42 40 56 65 70 77 78 84

Bedroom design 14 sq. m in a modern style

The modern bedroom is a room in which shapes, colors and materials play a decorative role. Focus on geometric shapes, preferably simple and compatible with each other. You can indulge in a big extravaganza in the living room or kitchen, but the location of the bedroom should enchant with order, harmony and serenity. And how to decorate a modern bedroom step by step? Let’s start with a bed based on clear shapes, avoiding unnecessary decorations. Wooden structures in a simple design, in which the decorative function is observed only in the color and pattern of the material, are an excellent choice. A metal bed can be slightly softened with fabrics. When it comes to other furniture, opt for a dresser, bedside table, and wardrobe with sleek fronts and delicate textures. What are the colors for a modern bedroom? Preferably white, gray and blue as a base, which can be enlivened with more energetic colors. But do it in moderation!ten eleven 33 34 37 46 75 73 80 71

Bedroom 14 sq. m can be beautifully arranged. Today, simplicity dominates fashion, so the more free space left in the lounge, the better. Many designers believe that one bed is enough in small bedrooms..