Bedroom 20 sq. M.: How to equip a spacious room?

A bedroom with an area of ​​20 square meters is a fairly spacious room that not every family living in an ordinary apartment or house can boast of. Therefore, such a voluminous bedroom can become an excellent basis for the implementation of the most creative design ideas and the embodiment of all the plans of its inhabitants..

Large bedroom design ideas

In the vastness of a large and free bedroom, many design options and styles will be appropriate. Before designing a design, it is important to prioritize and determine what goals and objectives the room will fulfill in addition to its main function – a place to rest and sleep. You also need to choose the style of the interior in which the bedroom will be decorated..

In recent years, the Scandinavian style has been very popular due to its relative simplicity, showiness and economy – well-lit, in light colors, using simple plant elements and clear geometric lines..

Undoubtedly, the classic interior style loved by many with characteristic features: symmetry, straight lines, luxurious and always natural building and finishing materials. You can opt for a minimalist style or modern high-tech, ethnic or eco-style, art deco or eclecticism.

Layout of a twenty-meter bedroom

The basis of a competent layout of the space of any bedroom is based on the principles of ergonomics and your preferences, taking into account the recommendations of designers and master finishers. And the main final goal of the layout is a safe, comfortable, meaningful and ergonomic interior of a large bedroom..

To achieve this goal, it is important to pay attention to the following nuances: the size and shape of the room, how many people will be accommodated in the room, the size of the furniture matches the size of the bedroom, sufficient and comfortable artificial and natural lighting, the required amount of high-quality and safe furniture. It will not be superfluous to plan and place natural light sources and artificial lighting systems.

Renovated bedroom 20 sq.m..

The choice of building and finishing materials for the renovation of a twenty-meter bedroom is very diverse. To decorate the surface of the ceiling are used: beautiful and durable stretch ceilings, suspended plasterboard structures, decorative plaster or wallpaper.

To decorate the walls of a large bedroom, paper or non-woven wallpaper, textured, Venetian or structural plaster are most often chosen. The floor is decorated mainly with laminate or parquet; quartz-vinyl or linoleum are also often used..

Zoning of a bedroom with an area of ​​20 sq.m.

Not only small rooms require ergonomic and thoughtful zoning. When designing the interior of large bedrooms, this is also necessary. First, it is determined with the question, which zones, what approximately their size and for what or for whom they will be allocated. Basically, these are areas for rest and sleep, a work area, Zoning will be performed using partitions, furniture arrangement, different design of the surfaces of the ceiling, floor and walls, curtains, decor elements and accessories.

Bedroom design 20 sq.m. with dressing room

Not so long ago, the trend of creating and arranging dressing rooms came into our lives. It is logical and convenient to place such an option in a bedroom, provided that a rather large bedroom area allows it. A favorite design technique is the construction of a plasterboard structure with sliding doors, inside which there are convenient storage systems for things and shoes. If there is a niche in the bedroom, then it is this niche that can be organized as a small dressing room.

Combined bedroom 20 square meters

A large bedroom is not always an option planned during construction. This is often the result of combining with another room to increase the amount of usable home space. The most popular solutions to this issue are combining a living room, a hall, and even a kitchen with a bedroom. As a result, subject to effective and ergonomic zoning, we get a spacious, functional and comfortable room for rest, sleep and everyday life..

Depending on which room the bedroom is combined with, we also select furniture. Built-in pieces of furniture, various kinds of furniture transformers, partitions with shelves and niches for placing things, decorative elements are very convenient and compact. Be sure to pay attention to the color resolution and illumination of the combined room, which, by the way, will also help in solving zoning issues..

Bedroom + children’s room for 20 square meters

Not everyone today has access to luxurious multi-room apartments, which is why the combination of two bedrooms – a child’s and an adult’s – is a common case. This combination is especially important for owners of two-room apartments with one or more children. In this case, the hall or living room performs its direct functions, and the bedroom is used for rest and sleep for all family members. And in this case, competent zoning is necessary: ​​dividing the bedroom into a children’s and an adult part of the room.

Zones can be highlighted with partitions, curtains and furniture. An important issue is the selection of compact, but roomy and functional furniture. In order for the child to be able to engage in creativity in a calm atmosphere, to prepare lessons in the future, it is recommended to place a child’s workplace in the bedroom with a table, chair, wardrobe or shelves, good lighting.

A large, cozy and functional bedroom is a great solution for any home or apartment. As a result of the effort and money spent on the renovation and interior design of the bedroom, you will receive a favorite and comfortable room, which will become a source of inspiration, vitality and desire to conquer new heights.!