Bedroom in blue: cozy atmosphere and stylish design in 70 photos

Decorating a bedroom is always a rather complicated and time-consuming task. This is because it is very important to create not only a comfortable sleeping place, but also, in general, to choose the interior in such a way that it would be pleasant to be in the room. Recently, shades of blue are increasingly used as the main color. This decision, of course, deserves attention, so today we propose to consider all the details and nuances of the blue bedroom.

Blue color in the interior of the bedroom

The overall design of the bedroom plays an important role. But still, it is on the color of the design that a certain emphasis is always made. After all, it is he who sets the general mood and atmosphere of the room. For the highest quality, pleasant and restful sleep, psychologists recommend choosing blue. It soothes, helps to relax after a busy day, and generally helps to maintain inner harmony..

But still, there are certain nuances depending on the chosen shade. Indeed, in fact, the range is quite wide: from delicate lavender to deep blue tones. Therefore, the interior can be either dark or light. The classic color will suit any bedroom, but at the same time, it requires lighter, neutral shades. In turn, the light blue color makes the space visually larger. In addition, it is uplifting, calming and inspiring. Therefore, this option is especially often chosen for the bedroom. If you need to create a particularly cozy atmosphere with a touch of mystery, feel free to choose a deep blue color for its decoration..

As for the combination with other shades, it can also be different. By combining blue and white or beige, you can create a lighter and more airy space. If, instead, use gray tones, then this will immediately make the room restrained, laconic. Lovers of classic interiors will definitely love the brown and blue design of the bedroom. It looks noble and does not require a lot of furniture and decor. In turn, adding gold accents to the room immediately creates a more sophisticated style. It is chosen by families who are not afraid to try something new in the interior..

Blue walls in the bedroom

Most often in the bedroom, you can see blue on the walls. It visually expands the space, which is what many people use. As for the way the walls are decorated, most often in modern interiors they are simply painted with special paint. This option is quite practical. However, in case of contamination, it will be problematic to fix it. As the second coat of paint will look brighter than the previous one. Therefore, nevertheless, more often you can see wallpapers on the walls that are painted in the desired color. The practicality of this solution has long been tested, and there is no reason to doubt it..

Blue furniture in the bedroom

The choice of bedroom furniture is a responsible business. This is because finding the most suitable solution is often difficult. Especially when the walls are blue. In this case, interior designers recommend taking a closer look at white furniture. It serves as an accent and generally makes the room brighter. This solution is ideal when the bedroom is not on the sunny side..

The blue color of the walls in the bedroom perfectly complements the dark brown set. Undoubtedly, not everyone will choose this option. Mostly they are preferred by lovers of the classic interior. Adherents of modern solutions are advised to take a closer look at furniture made of light wood and metal parts. Glass inserts also look quite attractive. They visually expand the space and make it brighter..

As for the color scheme for the bed, then in this matter it is worth focusing more on your own preferences. After all, it does not necessarily have to match the shade of the rest of the furniture. The bed looks great in the color of the blue accent wall. At the same time, contrasting solutions look very attractive..

Interior items for the blue bedroom

Undoubtedly, a significant role in the design of a bedroom is played not only by the color of the walls and furniture, but also by various decorative details. By and large, they create an atmosphere of comfort, which is simply necessary in every home. Therefore, they should always be given special attention. But remember that it is not quantity that matters, but quality..

First of all, we recommend purchasing high-quality textiles. These can be blankets, throw pillows, or something else. They are not only decorative, but also practical. In addition, from time to time you can change them to other color schemes, so that the interior of the bedroom will never get bored. Separately, it is worth noting the curtains, which must be present in the bedroom. Recently, the most dense curtains that do not let the sun’s rays through are becoming more and more relevant. Thanks to this, you can have a quality rest at any time of the day.

In addition, professionals always advise using indoor plants and fresh flowers in the design of the room. They give it lightness, airiness and fill the room with a pleasant aroma. Of course, the plants require care, so it is better to study their features in advance. For fresh flowers, get a beautiful vase that matches the overall style of the bedroom interior. Be sure that such details always attract attention and evoke pleasant emotions..

Correctly selected lighting is of no small importance. It is better to refuse overly bright options, since they are more suitable for a living room or kitchen. Choose a warm option for the bedroom. If desired, you can additionally purchase wall or bedside lamps that will create a dim light.

The blue color in the interior of the bedroom looks especially noble. It not only emphasizes the aesthetic component, but is also often the accent of the design. In addition, by choosing such an atypical solution, you will make a significant contribution to your own quality rest..