Blue and light blue colors in the interior

For interiors, the owners of which will become temperamental natures, blue and blue colors are ideal. Rooms decorated with such shades will help to achieve peace and tranquility. Emotional people, whose element is fire, will feel most comfortable in such rooms..

Dark blue interior

Blue walls

You can decorate the walls in blue when the room is on the sunny side and not shaded by trees. This color itself is very cold and if you paint the walls or paste over them with blue wallpaper, then with a lack of sunlight it will look gloomy.

Blue walls

Blue walls

Blue, depending on its intensity, can be used to decorate walls both in a sunny room and in a shaded one. Since this color is calm enough, the rooms, the walls of which are planned to be made in blue shades, will subsequently need to be filled with pieces of furniture or decor in bright colors in order to avoid the fading of the interior..

Blue walls

Furniture and decor in blue

If the room provides for the arrangement of furniture or decor items in blue colors, then the walls should be made in fairly calm colors. Since dark furniture against the background of dark walls can make the interior unnecessarily cold and even gloomy.

Blue furniture

Blue furniture and decor

In order for the interior with pieces of furniture and decor to look harmonious, it is necessary that the walls of the room be of a more saturated shade. Such a move will make the room more expressive and help to avoid the visual blandness of the environment..

Blue furniture

Colors that match blue and cyan

There are colors and shades with which both blue and cyan are equally well combined. These include:

  • white (and all its shades);
  • gray (depending on saturation);
  • silver;
  • gold.

Blue with white

If we talk about other colors, then you need to be more careful about their choice. So with blue, a harmonious combination can be achieved by adding pastel shades to the interior. And for a tandem with blue, you should choose more intense shades. The same can be said about the choice of colors for wooden interior elements. White and light woods go well with blue, and dark, saturated colors go well with blue..

Deep blue

Taking into account all the peculiarities of the arrangement of these two shades, you can create an exquisite interior from romantic delicate to chic classic. Below are examples of the use of blue and cyan in indoor environments.

Blue and light blue in the living room

Blue walls and green sofa

The living room interior is designed in contrasting colors. By mixing such different styles and shapes of objects, a unique original image has been created, which harmoniously combines high-tech style, blue walls and a classic green sofa..

Country and blue

Country style, in which the blue sofa, armchair, table, pillows, curtains and other decor elements perfectly harmonize with white walls and lemon-yellow objects.

Blue and gray

The interior is designed in calm pastel colors, where white, gray and blue wall colors are well combined. Only a few decorative details dilute all this calmness, thanks to which the room becomes even more sophisticated..

Dark blue walls

The main catchy accent of this living room is the walls painted in blue. The rest of the items, furniture and decor, will fill the space, making it comfortable to use. Due to the fact that the furniture is made in soothing colors, there is no visual resonance and the interior looks quite harmonious.

Blue pillows

A room in muted colors is filled with decor items that are slightly more pronounced in color intensity. This creates a special atmosphere of serenity, which is important for a spacious family living room..

Blue and light blue in the bedroom

In the bedroom, for many people it is very important to feel the closeness of the sky, this contributes to faster relaxation and attunement to restful sleep. What this piece of sky will be in the room is up to the owner to decide..

Dark blue bedroom

The color of the walls of the night sky echoes the color of the bedspread, creating an enigmatic setting. In such a room it will be easy to fall asleep even on the sunniest day, and blackout curtains will help with this..

Soft blue bedroom

A piece of light tender azure sky fills the room with extraordinary tenderness and tranquility. This solution is suitable for romantic people..

Night city on a blue wall

For those who do not have enough small pieces of sky that fill the bedroom with the color of walls or curtains, you can complement the interior with views of the city at night..

A bedroom filled with light

In general, the interiors of the bedrooms, made in blue and light blue colors, will allow their inhabitants to feel lightness and carefree..

Dark blue in the bedroom

The floor covering, made in white, will allow you to imagine that this is not a floor, but a cloud and will make your stay in this room even easier and more enjoyable..

Bright blue in the bedroom

Blue and blue in the kitchen and bathroom

For most people, it is blue and light blue that they associate with water. It is with this color that her children designate in their drawings. Perhaps this leaves its imprint on the subconscious of those who choose these colors for the kitchen or bathroom..

Blue kitchen

In addition to the properties that blue has on an emotional level, it also has a tangible advantage over many other shades. It is quite practical in operation.

Blue kitchen furniture

Indeed, it is in rooms where surfaces have to come into contact with water, as a result of which stains and stains remain, blue can become an indispensable assistant for the hostess.

Blue kitchen

White and blue kitchen

Blue bathroom