Burgundy bedroom: a bold choice in interior decoration

Scientists have long proven that various colors and their shades really have a direct impact on the mood and state of the human soul. And in psychology there is even such a method of correction – color therapy, which, with the help of the influence on a person of various colors, improves his psycho-emotional state. In the case of a classic and solid burgundy, we can also please lovers of this rich shade, making bright accents in the entire aristocratic interior of the bedroom in this color..

Burgundy bedroom interior

For such a rich and deep color in the bedroom interior as burgundy, it is important to choose a successful combination with another equally self-sufficient color. The following color duets can be safely called the most successful and effective, but at the same time not flashy, but refined: burgundy and dull yellow, burgundy and pale pink, green and burgundy.

Burgundy wallpaper in the bedroom

Luxurious burgundy wallpaper creates a special sophisticated and chic atmosphere. Today, the range of wallpapers is large enough and varies in price, quality, material, manufacturer. But burgundy wallpapers are ready to demonstrate all their advantageous sides, if you take into account some of the nuances.

Burgundy wallpaper is suitable only for a fairly spacious bedroom, and they also need decent lighting or a bright room on the sunny side. You can also use liquid wallpaper, which has gained well-deserved popularity due to its indisputable advantages: noise insulation, elasticity, seamlessness, environmental friendliness, ease of use..

Burgundy curtains in the bedroom

If you are ready for a bright and functional accent in your bedroom interior, then burgundy curtains are your choice. The curtains of this rich color on the window set the mood for the entire design and interior of the bedroom. Therefore, you need to be careful when planning and decorating other elements of the interior and decor, try to choose a combination that is suitable for you and your room with a different color or several colors..

The undoubted plus of burgundy-colored curtains is that they very poorly transmit the sun’s rays and protect well from daylight. Behind the curtain of such curtains, in a comfortable environment, you can take a nap after a tiring night work shift or in the midst of a hot summer day..

Burgundy stretch ceiling in the bedroom

When choosing a burgundy stretch ceiling for a bedroom, it is imperative to take into account some features and nuances: this rather rare and non-standard color version of the ceiling requires special attention. It is better to choose a glossy finish that visually enlarges the space, which can slightly absorb the burgundy color. It is important not to oversaturate the rest of the bedroom interior with burgundy; it is better to combine such a ceiling with light colors and bright accents: decorative elements and accessories. Burgundy ceiling – the basis for the implementation of many interior styles from classic to oriental style.

Bedroom white with burgundy

You will definitely like an excellent, harmonious and pleasant combination of white and burgundy in the interior of the bedroom. White is quite versatile, you can easily pick up, for example, a white bedroom set, burgundy curtains, wallpaper with white and burgundy colors, a burgundy plaid and an ottoman. Or white decoration of the bedroom, white tulle and burgundy furniture, as well as irreplaceable accessories and decorative elements in burgundy shades. Any combination of white and burgundy is a wonderful and win-win option for decorating a bedroom.

Burgundy gray bedroom

Gray is a very popular, versatile, versatile and sometimes neutral color. That is why it goes well with almost any other color and shade, even the brightest and most saturated. The combination of burgundy and gray in the design of the bedroom is a special chic and elegance, this magnificent combination can be safely called ideal, refined, rich, aristocratic. Details and accessories of silver color, modern multi-level lighting will perfectly fit into the burgundy-gray interior.

Beige and burgundy bedroom

This combination can be safely called the most noble and restrained of all color combinations with burgundy, which will suit balanced and calm people of any age. Beige and burgundy in the interior can be played in various styles: classic, minimalism, ethnic. Furniture and flooring in beige will look natural and appropriate, and thick burgundy curtains or a glossy stretch ceiling will add special sophistication to the room. Here you can safely experiment with the fact that from the components of the interior «color» in beige, and what to choose in burgundy.

Green-burgundy bedroom

An interesting and rather unusual combination of such rich shades, which will certainly create a cozy and joyful atmosphere in the bedroom. An effective option would be a floral (burgundy) or plant (green) print or pattern in the bedroom interior.

Maroon bedroom

A bedroom in a maroon color scheme is, above all, an incredibly stylish atmosphere. No wonder the combination of brown + burgundy, black + burgundy is often used in such interior styles as country, oriental, baroque, classic, art deco. An original and unique bedroom design in maroon combinations is the choice of courageous, strong and self-confident people. With such an unusual and rich combination, it is better to resort to the help of an experienced professional designer so as not to «overload» the interior of perhaps the most important room in any house – the bedroom.

A burgundy bedroom is a very beautiful and sophisticated design solution that will add a little peace of mind, confidence, stability to your life. Let the rest in your special bedroom be pacified and replenishing for an active life and new achievements.