Cozy reading place

In order not to be in the eternal search for a comfortable and cozy corner for reading, lovers of this exciting activity can easily organize it in their own home. There are many ways to do this, and sometimes very unusual.

Home library with reading spaces

Cozy reading area by the fireplaceThe original design of the reading space in the interiorAn architectural niche designed as a place for rest and readingAn exclusive and highly unusual reading space

The windowsill is the most common reading space

If you have housing with large wide window sills, or even better, if there is a bay window or window with a beautiful view, for example, to the sea or a park, then one of them can easily organize a cozy place where you can have a wonderful time with your favorite book or magazine … Such a place for reading is especially good because when the eyes get tired of books, the wonderful landscape outside the window will perfectly relieve stress and help you relax, getting positive emotions, especially if you drink a cup of coffee or tea..

A window with a beautiful view as a reading areaThe windowsill is a wonderful place to readEffectively designed window sill for reading space

Currently, a cozy window sill is becoming more and more in demand, especially since if you increase its size, it will be able to perform additional functions, for example, it will become a place for recreation and leisure for children and adults. The most common use of a window sill is the design of a sofa window sill, which, by the way, looks very impressive..

Or you can equip a window with a bay window so as to organize there a home library with built-in shelves for books..

Built-in bookshelves and a cozy reading sill

But even a small window can be decorated with soul so that a small space still has individuality. To do this, you just need to apply a little imagination, and, moreover, at no special cost. Under the windowsill, among other things, you can make drawers for storing linen and all kinds of things. This design is very convenient and practical, and also perfectly decorates the interior..

Cozy reading area by the window with drawers for things

A window with a window sill, highlighted by bookcases, also looks very original, despite its apparent simplicity at first glance. Thus, a unique design of the reading area is obtained, consisting of bookcases with a reading space on the windowsill between them.

Window highlighted by bookcases

Another window sill can be safely converted into a bench if the windows in the house start at a height equal to 46 cm from the floor, because it is this value that is standard for the manufacture of chairs and stools. The window sill-bench, in addition to being an additional seating place, will serve as a wonderful cozy corner for relaxation and reading, for example, in a bedroom or a library.

Sill-bench for reading in the home library

However, for the convenience of those sitting, it is necessary to observe the correct depth of the window sill-bench, which should be equal to 30 cm. And of course, you cannot do without soft upholstery and cushions, which will change the appearance of the window sill beyond recognition..

The study is a great place to read

If the apartment has an office, even if it is small, then such things as an armchair, a table, a lamp, shelves or shelves for storing books can be perfectly placed in it. Even if there is no office as such, it can be organized simply by highlighting a cozy corner-office on the territory of your home, where you can use it both for relaxation and for work, for example, on a laptop, while acquiring the originality of the interior. Lighting plays an important role in arranging the work area. The presence of a window is highly desirable, because daylight is best for vision. However, for the evening hours, you still have to take care of a mobile lamp, which can serve not only a lamp, but also a floor lamp or sconce. The main thing to remember is that the main attributes for a comfortable and cozy place for reading are a soft sofa, armchair or chair, as well as a small table..

Corner-study for reading and work

Arranging reading space using a regular chair

Nevertheless, it should be admitted that the main element necessary for comfortable reading is a banal armchair. Especially in cases where there is no way to arrange a reading place on the windowsill or in any other corner of your home. And you need to choose it, first of all, from the point of view of convenience and comfort, because you will have to spend long hours in it – this means that the load on the spine should be the least, and the chair as comfortable as possible.

Very comfortable soft reading chair

When creating a reading area, it is best to place it somewhere in the corner so that the chair does not interfere with anyone. It is also necessary to organize lighting, which should not be too bright, so that the eyes are not overstrained, and the pages should be illuminated evenly, which is equally important. It is advisable to place bookshelves as close to the chair as possible so that you can get the book you need without getting up from it.

A table is also needed in the reading area. On it, for example, you can put a cup of tea or coffee in order to turn the reading process into a real pleasure. By the way, if you wish, you can also place an ottoman for the legs, which will serve as a very convenient addition.

Cozy reading area with an armchair

Thus, there are a lot of ways how to equip a cozy reading space in the house, as well as design solutions. The main thing is that you need to build on such criteria as maximum convenience and comfort and a little imagination..