Dark (black) floor in the interior

Dark tones of flooring are a classic home design, familiar to all of us. But only courageous and self-confident people can choose a black floor for their apartment. The almost black color of the floor clearly describes the space, and creates a support for the entire interior of the room. A room with dark flooring will not seem empty, even with a minimal amount of furniture. And the right combination of the black floor with the rest of the interior elements will help create an original apartment design. It is about how to decorate the space of an apartment using a dark flooring that will be discussed.Interesting design of the island Floral wall

How to use black correctly

It is believed that black absorbs light and reduces space; interior using dark shades turns out to be gloomy and not comfortable. There is some truth in this, but it all depends on which shades to choose as companions. It is the right combination of colors that will create a harmonious and luxurious atmosphere in the apartment..

The main advantage of the dark, almost black floor is that all the furniture elements on it look very impressive, be it a simple armchair and a coffee table or a huge leather sofa..

Animal skin on the floor White chairs by the table Huge bed in the bedroom

The ideal companion for black flooring is a light wall finish. It can be soft pastel colors or pure white that will create a bright contrast in the room. Elements of rich red, yellow or chocolate color will fit perfectly into such a picture..

Red armchairs in the living room A striking element in the interior Combination of neutral colors

Black floor in the bedroom

For a classic bedroom interior, a dark floor is ideal. It can be made parquet, self-leveling or laminate. And so that the room does not seem gloomy, it is necessary to include numerous light elements in the interior. This can be wall decoration, carpet, curtain or bedroom set. Moreover, it is not necessary to use only light-colored furniture. Both a white bed and a black chest of drawers will fit perfectly here..Light furniture in the bedroom Black bed on a glossy floor

Living room black floor

The living room in any apartment should be luxurious. And it is the chic and luxury that the dark flooring will give to the interior. The black color of the floor will perfectly fit into the classic style, as well as Rococo, Antique and Baroque. It will ideally be in harmony with both stucco molding and strict angles and lines..

Stucco molding on the walls in the living room Living room decoration with black floor Living room in dark colors

Black floor in the office

A personal office in an apartment is already a luxury for many, however, if there is an opportunity to arrange a workplace in one of the rooms, then a black laminate on the floor will be very useful. It is this detail of the interior that will add elegance and importance to the room, and complementary elements in the form of a leather armchair or dark wood furniture will be an excellent completion..Black floors and dark furniture

Black floor in the kitchen

Black and white kitchens are the classics preferred by most people, and it is in such a kitchen that the subfloor is an integral part. The most practical material for kitchen flooring is ceramic tiles or porcelain stoneware. If a kitchen set with matte facades is planned in the kitchen, then you can use tiles with a surface without gloss, and if the kitchen is glossy, then a shiny, almost mirrored subfloor is ideal here. However, in this case, you need to be ready to constantly rub it so that it produces the desired effect..

Black and white matte kitchen White kitchen unit and subfloor Glossy black and white kitchen

Bathroom black floor

Lovers of clear contrasts will love the idea of ​​a black floor in the bathroom: white plumbing, coffee-beige walls, wooden furniture in warm colors and black tiles on the floor and on the wall in the shower room will create an original ensemble. In such a bathroom it will be pleasant to recharge before work and relax after a busy day. The black floor will also look original in the bathroom with a light ceiling and walls.. Dark bathroom floorBathroom with black floor

Disadvantages of dark flooring

Along with the huge number of advantages of such an original floor finish, such as black laminate or parquet, there are also disadvantages, guided by which many people refuse such an original floor design..

The main disadvantage of a black floor is that this color literally flattens the space, reducing its volume in all respects. You can correct the situation with the help of vertical stripes in the decoration, as well as white walls and ceilings. But if the ceilings in the room are lower than the standard two and a half meters or the room is small in size, then it is better to refuse the idea with a black floor, preferring warm shades of wood or a light coating.

The second equally important drawback is the soiling. All debris, stains and scratches are clearly visible on such a floor. Therefore, it is not only difficult to take care of it, but you also need to treat it very carefully. A compromise in this case can be a floor covering with stains or with lighter veins, thanks to which all small imperfections on the floor will disappear..