Decorating the balcony inside: 100 stylish options for 2018


Recently, the balcony is increasingly being used as a living functional room. In order for this to become possible, it is qualitatively insulated and glazed, after which they begin to design the space with finishing materials, in accordance with the style of the room. Finishing a balcony involves not only considering the advantages and disadvantages of the materials used, but also taking into account their use. A balcony is a small space that is often not heated, so this fact must be taken into account when facing a balcony or loggia. In order to understand the best way to decorate the balcony inside, you need to compare the materials, consider their advantages and disadvantages, and also consider them through the prism of design and practicality in application..

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Stone is a spectacular and presentable material that is not cheap, but also looks beautiful. It is unpretentious in maintenance, able to serve for many years and has a high level of durability. However, in order to finish the balcony, you cannot use natural stone – the reason lies in its high weight, which is contraindicated for a balcony, the only exception is a loggia.

It is important to remember the fact that it is not necessary to make the finish from one material, because you can combine, take into account the characteristics of the materials, and then choose successful combinations, creating a stunning and unique interior on the balcony or loggia.

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Wooden lining is best suited for a balcony on which it is supposed to have a rest, light tea. Wood is an environmentally friendly and natural material that gives the impression that you are outside the city or on a cozy terrace. High-quality lining made of wood is very easy and simple to install, since its elements have grooves, due to their presence, the surface is flat, there are no cracks.

Repairing wood trim is also very easy, the damaged part is dismantled and replaced with a new one. Lining made of coniferous wood is a cheap option, but if you are interested in quality and reliability, then you should pay attention to aspen or oak.

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The use of plastic panels for finishing the balcony inside is a solution, which raises a number of doubts and different opinions. Advantages of the material: moisture resistance, low weight, wide range, ease of installation. However, on a par with this there is a significant drawback – fragility. If the temperature is too low, then the plastic lends itself to deformation, cracks. The same is the case with impacts, it immediately breaks down, so its installation is not desirable in families with children, and the balcony itself needs to be insulated with high quality.

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This material is chosen when the surface is not completely smooth. Plasterboard sheets are attached to a metal frame, and insulation is laid between the wall and the drywall. For finishing the balcony, it is better to use a special moisture-resistant drywall. Outwardly, this material is not pretty, so it needs to be painted or decorated with wallpaper. Installation is very simple, you can do it yourself, besides this, the price of drywall is acceptable and everyone can afford it.

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Vinyl siding

Externally, the material is very similar to a wooden lining as it has the same shape and grooves for connection. The installation of such material is very simple and comfortable, the panels can be painted under a tree, but initially the market offers many color options.

Compared to wood, vinyl siding is non-combustible, easy to maintain, and has a long service life. In addition, it should be noted that it is resistant to precipitation and temperature changes..

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Ceramic tile

The main advantage of the material is its hygiene, since the tile is easy to clean, it is easy and simple to wash it, in addition, it easily withstands the action of detergents. It should also be noted the decorative properties, many colors, as well as style and aesthetics, which will create a unique interior for the balcony..

Ceramic tiles are a durable material resistant to various influences that will last for many years. In addition, it should be noted its environmental safety. The tile is cold to the touch and slippery, so it is better not to use it for finishing the floor..

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MDF board is a pressed panel made of dry wood fibers, which are covered with a special PVC film coating. There is a large assortment on the market with various colors and textures. The appearance of the MDF board is quite attractive. The material is characterized by high-quality sound and heat insulation. Installation and assembly of plates is easy and quick, and it is also quite simple to care for them. MDF has a high level of wear resistance, is much more convenient than wood, and its price is significantly lower. The only drawback is a strong susceptibility to high humidity and flammability, which entails an insufficient level of strength.

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This material is very popular for interior balcony decoration. The cork is produced in the form of sheets of crushed and pressed bark of a cork tree, which is covered with veneer. The advantage of cork in comparison with wood is that it does not need regular treatments and maintains the microclimate. In addition, it is worth noting the environmental safety of the material, since it is not only harmless, but also useful for people with respiratory diseases. Also, cork is great for allergy sufferers, does not cause any diseases.

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In general, the choice of materials is large, it all depends on the style, interior and unity of style in the house. Which material to choose is decided only by the owner himself, taking into account personal tastes, advantages and disadvantages of materials, which were given in the example above. If you take a responsible approach to this matter, then you can create not only a beautiful balcony, but also carry out high-quality finishing in order to make the space as efficient and functional as possible..

cork finish

Decorating balconies inside: ideas in the photo

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