Design and repair of a balcony or loggia – 100 topical ideas

Are you still using your balcony to store your old sledges, skis, and all kinds of junk that perhaps no one will ever use? Given the constant rise in real estate prices, this use of your square meters can hardly be called rational. How about getting rid of all the unnecessary stuff and transforming a balcony used as a smoking room or a drying space into a potentially new space for a study, a home workshop, a place for short meals, or even a summer bedroom? Whatever area our dwellings have, there is always not enough space. We bring to your attention a selection of interesting design projects for arranging balconies and loggias with a wide variety of functional purposes.

The original design of a small balcony

Convenient office on the balcony

Comfortable place to stay

Where to begin?

Before turning your precious 2-5 square meters into a cozy corner that will become your pride, you need to develop a detailed plan of action. First of all, you need to decide whether your work on improving the balcony or loggia will be decorative (the structure remains open and only the facade is sheathed with finishing material) or constructive (the balcony must be glazed and insulated). The choice will depend on your personal preference and expectations. Someone lives in the south of our country and has a magnificent sea view that opens directly from the balcony. It is enough to refine such a structure and equip a place for meals with a gorgeous view of the seascape. And for someone, a non-glazed balcony will be covered with snow for most of the year and its improvement will require a considerable amount of action. But first things first.

Convenient and practical balcony

Snow white workplace

Natural shades for balcony design

We decorate an open balcony

Having the opportunity to be outdoors without leaving your own home is a great idea for those who live in the southern part of our country. From the point of view of the design of the facade of an open balcony, the owners do not have many options. In addition to the traditional cladding of the fence, you can decorate the structure with original forging and live plants. It all depends on how the facade of your apartment building is decorated and whether you want to join the existing options for decorating your own parapet or stand out from the general background.

On an open balcony

View from above

Balcony with spectacular lighting

Place for meals on the open balcony

In modern apartment buildings, one can most often find a solid metal frame with inserts made of transparent, translucent or molded plastic of various colors as a fence (as a rule, the tone is selected for a harmonious combination with the color of the building facade). To create an original image of an open balcony, you can use a custom-made forged frame. In any case, before planning the reconstruction of the appearance of the open balcony, find out if the building has historical value and if residents are allowed to decorate the parapets at their discretion.

Cozy seasonal design

Romantic setting

Open air breakfast

An excellent way to decorate a balcony in the case of an open structure can be the use of living spaces. In order to preserve as much as possible all the available internal space of the balcony for placing furniture, use the following devices for placing plants:

  • flowers are located along the side of the railing;
  • live decor is located at the base of the fence;
  • at the end of the balcony, you can use a cascade or stepped arrangement;
  • for climbing plants, lattices that are attached to the walls on both sides of the doors are ideal.

Balcony surrounded by greenery


Asian style

Obviously, the decorative approach to the design of the balcony is a seasonal event, designed for warm, dry weather. Therefore, all furnishings must be mobile, lightweight and preferably foldable. Choose compact garden furniture that is not afraid of various exposure options – from moisture to burnout in the sun. And be prepared for the fact that in a strong wind with rain, you will need to bring textile elements (pillows, removable seats, blankets, etc.) inside the home. There are much more design and functional variations in the design of a closed-type balcony – let’s dwell on them in more detail.

Balcony with landscaping

Cozy open balcony

Garden on the loggia

General list of works for a closed balcony

So, if you decide to transfer the outer part of your home into additional living space and have already decided on its functional purpose, then the following types of work await you:

  • mandatory assessment of the condition of the balcony – slabs and fences;
  • glazing of the structure;
  • insulation, waterproofing with preliminary elimination of all cracks;
  • in some cases, the dismantling of the balcony block follows (depending on the reconstruction option);
  • works on laying electrical systems;
  • alignment (filling) of walls and floors (may not be available – it all depends on the types of finishing work);
  • finishing;
  • arrangement of furniture and accessories;
  • decorating a new room.

Snow white image

Convenient stands and consoles

Modern style

Balcony glazing

There are two types of glazing: «cold and warm». The so-called «cold» glazing is used if the balcony or loggia just needs to be protected from moisture and dust, but it is not provided to organize an additional room there to perform any functions. With this type of glazing, one of the following options for the construction of transparent structures is usually used:

  • «frameless» way – the barrier looks like a solid glass sheet. In fact, parts of the transparent wall can move along horizontal tracks to open and close windows;
  • wooden swing doors;
  • sliding or swing-out structures with a metal-plastic profile.

Original glazing

Natural motives

Unusual design

Clapboard sheathing

If you need to implement «warm» glazing, then the option using plastic double-glazed windows is the best way to create high-quality heat and sound insulation. Very often, in such cases, the technique of removing the frames by 15-25 cm beyond the plane of the facade is used for some expansion of the balcony area. The feeling of spaciousness and a fairly wide window sill that can be used as a work surface is a great bonus for the owners..

Stand for short meals

A complete workplace

Laconic approach

Balcony with front garden

From the point of view of decor and bringing originality to the design of the balcony through the glazing stage, you can use tinted glass, stained glass, products with laser engraving or photo printing. Depending on the design solutions, such decor can be used both fragmentarily and for the entire surface of the protective glass barrier. Modern double-glazed windows can be made with any color scheme of the frames, imitate any type of wood. The original appearance of the glazing is the key to creating a non-trivial image of a balcony or loggia.

Bright design of glazing

Dark glazing frames

In the style of Arabian nights

Installation of insulation and waterproofing

This stage of work must be taken with full responsibility – not to save on materials and specialist fees. A poor-quality installation of thermal and waterproofing can subsequently nullify all finishing work, lead to damage to the furniture and, as a result, return you to your starting position with the need to rework the repair. Insignificant savings at this stage of work can result in significant costs for reconstruction and loss of time.

Unusual shapes

Illuminated balcony

Cool color palette

Polystyrene most often acts as insulation for floors, for walls and ceilings – expanded polystyrene or technoplex. Any insulation is mounted only after all the cracks have been removed and processed. To create a vapor barrier recently, foamed polyethylene is most often used, which is laid with the shiny side inward. Further, on the surface, it will be possible to mount the crate to create surface finishes.

Spacious and bright balcony

Loggia in light colors

Emphasis on forged decor

The most effective way to insulate a loggia is to install a so-called «warm floor». One of the most affordable ways to install the system is an infrared film floor. In such a room it will be really warm and comfortable at any time of the year. Temperature control modes allow you to independently set the microclimate of the additional room.

Bright accent

Snow-white surfaces

Connecting the balcony to the room

Combining spaces

Electric installation work

The amount of wiring work will depend on the estimated number of lighting sources and household appliances used on the territory of the balcony, the presence «warm floors» and whether the loggia is being renovated in a complex with the main alteration of the apartment or not. If the reconstruction concerned only the balcony, then you can not complicate the process and limit yourself to a conventional extension cord, having previously calculated the required section taking into account the maximum load.

Balcony in gray tones

Storage systems everywhere

The number of light sources will directly depend on what you expect from a balcony or loggia. If this is a place for breakfasts and rare evening romantic dinners overlooking the cityscape, then one lamp or built-in lighting will be enough. If the additional room will be used as an office, workshop or children’s play area, then one light source will not be enough. The number of lamps is also influenced by the size of the balcony and its location relative to the cardinal points..

Original color solutions

Luxurious study on the loggia

Finishing work

The choice of finishing materials directly depends on the general idea of ​​using the auxiliary room. But, regardless of how you will use the balcony or loggia (create a winter garden or install exercise equipment), there is a list of the most popular finishing options suitable for the special microclimate of the additional space:

  • MDF panels;
  • PVC finishing panels;
  • to eliminate irregularities and create cladding, niches and other structures, moisture-resistant drywall is perfect;
  • cork (creates excellent heat and sound insulation);
  • decorative plaster;
  • fake diamond;
  • painting;
  • combining different materials to create an original and durable coating.

Emphasis on finishing the balcony

Bright finish

Contrasting combinations

The choice of material for creating a floor covering is influenced by the presence of a system «warm floors», but in general, any modern raw material can be used:

  • ceramic or stone tiles;
  • floor board (parquet);
  • laminate;
  • linoleum;
  • carpet.

Combination of finishes

Personal account on the loggia

Game of contrasts

If we talk about the choice of the color palette, it is obvious that in a modest room in terms of area, light shades will look much more organic, allowing you to visually expand the space. But, on the other hand, if all your furniture and decor of the balcony (loggia) are executed in light colors, then you can choose more colorful color solutions for the background..

Romantic style

Snow-white interior

Bright glossy accent

All shades of white

Examples of using a balcony for various premises

Only at first glance it might seem that the limited space of the balcony significantly reduces the list of possible options for using this additional room. The modern owner has not used this utilitarian room as a pantry for a long time, but arranges there an office, a workshop, a greenhouse, a children’s area, a playground for adults with billiards, a gym, a hookah room, a place for meals and even a bedroom..

Armchairs-bags for the balcony

Hookah bar on the balcony

Light hookah

In order to place a complete and functional environment on several square meters with a specific geometry, it is necessary to resort to various design techniques. It involves not only a visual expansion of space through the use of light finishes, mirror, glossy and glass surfaces, but also the installation of compact furniture (more often custom-made according to individual sizes), the maximum release of the floor – folding furniture, shelving and consoles that are attached to walls.

Layout of furniture on the balcony

Breakfast area

Cozy corner

A place for meals is one of the most popular uses for a balcony or loggia. If your balcony offers an excellent view of the cityscape, or even better – you can see the sunrise or sunset from your windows, it will be unforgivable not to use such a wonderful opportunity. The width of some loggias allows you to install a compact dining table, while in others you have to be content with a bar counter or a narrow console (most often a continuation of the window sill). Installation of a compact round (oval) table or folding panel can also be an effective technique..

Loggia for romantic evenings

Compact furnishings

Organic combinations

Smooth shapes for a narrow balcony

Another popular solution is to organize a reading and relaxation corner on a balcony or loggia. It is logical to install shelves for your home library and organize a comfortable place for reading books in a light-filled room. Even if the balcony is glazed with frames, there will still be enough natural light for comfortable placement. In this case, in addition to shelves with books, it will be necessary to install a couple of comfortable chairs or a compact sofa, an ottoman.

Emphasis on textile elements

Garden furniture for the balcony

Classic style

Beach style for the balcony

In order to organize a modern office, you need very little usable space. It is precisely such a modest size that a balcony or loggia has. A small console can be used as a work surface (modern laptops or computer screens take up little space), a comfortable adjustable chair and a pair of hanging shelves for storing documents and office supplies.

Convenient stands

Snow white and woody

Practical design

Fence decor

Discreet palette

One of the most popular options for organizing storage systems in balcony spaces is the installation of shelving. Even a shallow floor-to-ceiling shelving unit can accommodate a huge amount of household items. At the same time, the structure does not look massive due to the lack of facades..

Balcony rack

Music workshop

Built-in wardrobes are no less popular. But given that it is necessary to mount a storage system from floor to ceiling in a small area, it is better to give preference to light types of wood. It will not be superfluous to use glass and mirror surfaces – they will help to lighten the image of the cabinet..

Built-in wardrobe

Perforated facades

Built-in wardrobe

White storage systems

Facades with glass inserts

Even a small space under the balcony windowsill can be used rationally. Shallow shelves, hidden behind the sliding doors, can accommodate a large number of necessary little things.

Rational use of space

On a small balcony

Original colors

It is effective to use corner sofas as seating places, under the seats of which there are spacious storage systems. For balconies of small width, you can use similar, but only linear models.

Corner sofa

Built-in elements

Balcony in beige colors

Unusual finish

The balcony is the perfect place to use DIY household items. For example, building pallets can be used to design benches and sofas, tables and coasters, racks and other storage systems, even beds. Thus, you can not only significantly save money, but also create a truly unique image of an additional room..

DIY furniture

An original choice of furniture

Use of wood

Maximum use of space

Nice color schemes

But in modern design projects there are also completely unusual options for using the available square meters. A gym, or rather a mini-room, laundry, Finnish bath or Russian steam room, is not a complete list of creative ideas. But it is important to understand that organizing many of these original projects will require not only large resources, but also the appropriate permissions..

Laundry on the balcony

Bedroom on the balcony

Multifunctional room

Storage of sports equipment

Workshop on the loggia