Dining room design. We draw inspiration from photographs to organize a beautiful and functional place

Along with the fashion for adjoining rooms and the combination of living space, the dining room is playing an increasingly important role. Today, it serves more than just a quick meal. It is the center of home life that attracts the attention of guests. How to arrange a dining room? Consider the interesting design of the rooms in the photo, which will surely delight you.87 88 94 96 6 eight twenty 25 29 31 37 43 41 52 56 57 58 59 60

Kitchen-dining room design: a room project tailored to your needs

The location of the dining area, thanks to the opening of the kitchen to the living room, is a good solution for small apartments. The most important element when organizing a dining room is choosing a place to set up a table. Remember that this piece of furniture has the greatest impact on the functionality and convenience of the location of the eating area. Therefore, to create the perfect dining room, you should pay attention to its decoration. If the dining room is with the kitchen, then choose the style of the table for the kitchen furniture or living room in such a way that everything is harmoniously combined.16 17 33 34 35 48 49 50 51 53

Dining room design in the house: choosing furniture

The excellent location of the dining room encourages the whole family to gather at the table. The dining room should be designed in the same style as the rest of the interior, although a rare table can also look beautiful even in a newly equipped dining room. Decorating a room often starts with buying a table. In addition to the traditional shapes, we also have dining tables with atypical original tabletop shapes. If you are buying new furniture, you can opt for a table with a glass or plastic top. If the room is small, then you can always give preference to transforming furniture. An old massive wooden table will bring a special atmosphere to the dining room. You can leave it natural or recolor it.73 74 80 85 86 90 91

Place for a table in the dining room

How much space do you need to feel comfortable in your dining room? What kind of furniture to choose for the room? When decorating a dining room, it is assumed that one person should have 60 x 30 cm at his disposal, it is worth adding space for dishes in the middle of the table depending on whether you like lavish celebrations or modest dinners. The principles of ergonomics in setting the table are also important, for example, the distance between it and the wall should be at least 80 cm, this will allow you to move freely towards the chair, you also need to add a passage – at least 50 cm.If the table is a transformer, then do the calculation with the maximum the size.27 28 4 5 ten eleven 1 2 nine 15

Other dining room furniture

You can buy a whole dining room set, consisting of: a folding dining table, chairs, sideboard. The original decoration of the dining room will be a place for displaying decorative trinkets..3 23 thirty 40 48

Dining room in the house: photo design of beautiful and functional lighting

Make sure the light source is centered above the dining room table. The best thing about the location of the room is a lamp with adjustable height and brightness, so as not to blind the eyes of people sitting at the table. The most common solution is a centered ceiling lamp. A ring of light falling from above distinguishes the food area from the open space. An alternative to dining room lighting, which will give the same effect, but more intimate, is to install one or two floor lamps behind the chair line..19 22 32 38 39 42 45 47 99

How to decorate your living room and dining room design?

The living and dining room can be arranged in three different ways. Consider each of them, starting from the layout of an apartment or house, choose the most suitable design method in the photo.62 63 70 54 55 61 64

Separate dining room from the living room

In an executive house and a traditional house, the functions of the day area are usually separate, and the living room and dining room are not connected. The closed kitchen, dining room and living room are separate rooms. The downside of the dining room may be for some that it accepts an official, «festive» character. The room is rarely used every day, because there is additional space for food in the kitchen.eighteen 36 24 95

Dining room with living room: half board

The L-shaped plan of the dining room in relation to the living room is very good in this regard. Thanks to this solution, the dining room has a separate space, and the adjacent open kitchen is not visible from the back of the room. Accommodation contributes to the division of the living room into zones: hall, dining room and kitchen. At the same time, the entire interior is single-span, making the space large and comfortable..93 8913

Dining and living room: related areas

The decisive combination of living room and dining area tempts you to skip breakfast in the kitchen. Thus, the large family table comes to life, it becomes one of the most demanded territories in the hall. The place of the meal provides contact with all family members, no one is isolated in the kitchen, and during lunch you can watch TV. The dining room looks great in the living room, since at the large table you can not only eat, but also read, do your favorite hobby or do paperwork. Do not forget that installing a table in the living room, next to leisure furniture, causes some inconvenience and problems when organizing the interior. In such a situation, it is often a good idea to close the kitchen. Thanks to this, the table and chairs form a wall, and the appearance of the kitchen clutter does not interfere with the atmosphere of the living room. The table should be located as close to the kitchen entrance as possible.75 76 81 82 79 67

Practical advice

The seating and eating area can also be divided with furniture. The place of the dining room can also be determined by a different shape of the ceiling or a different color of the floor..72 6869

Dining room inspiration: which style to choose?

The design of the dining room can be chosen in different stylistic directions. Today, every thematic design is relevant. The main thing is that you feel cozy and comfortable in the room..65 71 8384 92 98

Classic and elegant dining room

Do you like a classic dining room? Furniture for such a room is simple forms, preferably from solid wood, possibly from metal, forged elements. When you don’t have the set you need, you can cover the table with a linen tablecloth, decorate chairs with covers made of white or gray linens. Crockery to accommodate a classic dining room – smooth, white ceramics with modern or traditional shapes combined with clear, colorless glass.7 12 21 44

Dining room inspiration: romantic room

Are you dreaming of a romantic dining room? Furniture for her is a mix. You should combine interior items in a modern, ethno, colonial and retro style. Subject to the principle of color harmony. For wood elements, choose furniture with the same tone and similar grain. Tableware for a romantic dining room should be patterned and rich..fourteen 26 100

See pictures of the dining room from real apartments, which will be a good source of inspiration for decorating the room. Choose dining room furniture and accessories, as well as colors and decor.