Finishing the house inside: photos of design solutions

Finishing a private house inside is the final stage of construction. You need to choose a style direction in advance, so that you can select the necessary materials, as well as carry out preparatory work. During interior work, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the material that was used in the construction..

Interior finishing can be done only after creating a rough floor, mounted electrical wiring, arrangement of a water supply system and a heating system. The list of finishing works on interior decoration includes: putty and plaster, painting and wallpapering the house, tiling and flooring.

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interior decoration with light wood

Ceiling decoration

It is best to start repair work from the ceiling, as during the work you can ruin the floor or stain the walls. Ceiling decoration is considered the most difficult due to the inconvenience of applying materials, but even a beginner can cope with it.

The choice of the owner of a private house offers a wide range of finishing materials, in addition, designers always come up with something new and original. Popular finishing options: suspended or suspended ceilings, painting or whitewashing, wallpapering the ceiling. Initially, you need to level the surface with plaster and putty, impregnating the ceiling with a primer, after which you can apply the final coat.

house with internal timber cladding

Dropped ceilings

Initially, you need to create a structure, fix it by attaching it to the floor. With the help of such ceilings, you can create a complex lighting structure, as well as create a multi-level ceiling. The base in the form of a structure should be putty, and painted or pasted over with wallpaper. The disadvantage of this type of ceiling is that it reduces the height of the room, which means that the space will become smaller..

wood trimhouse decoration with wood

Stretch ceiling

The design of such a ceiling is also capable of hiding the overlap, gives access to various lighting options. The structure must be attached directly to the walls. With the help of stretch ceilings, you can create a unique design, since they have a wide selection, you can diversify the ceilings with a print or pattern. You can also use a combination of stretch and false ceilings.

The design is a profile with a special snap-on mechanism that is attached around the perimeter of the room. It is better to entrust the installation of stretch ceilings to professionals.

stretch ceilings in a wooden house


Pasting the ceiling with wallpaper is a budget option that allows you to create an interesting design. Finishing is considered difficult, since skills and equipment will be required, in addition, it is impossible to do it yourself. Only liquid or special ceiling wallpaper can be used for decoration. Vinyl wallpaper is strictly forbidden to use, and the choice of wallpaper by color will pleasantly surprise every demanding owner of a private house..

plaster finishing

Whitewashing and painting

This option for finishing the ceiling has been known to everyone for a long time, it is the easiest to implement. For finishing work, you do not need knowledge or special skills, you can whitewash or paint yourself. The advantage lies in the low cost of work and their simplicity. For whitewashing, quicklime is used, and for painting you can choose any suitable paint, the color range is not limited by anything.

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Wall decoration

After finishing the ceilings has been completed, you can proceed to the next stage – finishing the walls inside the house. Here, the construction assortment is striking, since many options are offered as materials. The choice of materials directly depends on the style direction of the room, the design project that was developed earlier. Popular options include wallpaper, ceramic tiles, stone (natural and artificial), decorative plaster, drywall or simple painting..

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In general, it can be said that wall finishing work is a little easier than finishing ceilings, however, special skills in working with the tool may also be required. In general, for all materials there is one main condition – before applying the testamentary layer, you need to take care that the walls should be perfectly smooth, and all roughness is removed with putty and plaster.

When choosing a material, it is important to take into account the style of the room, as well as what material the house itself is made of. For example, in the bathroom, it is better to give preference to ceramic tiles, which are easy to maintain, resistant to moisture and temperature changes. For a bedroom, wallpaper, decorative plaster or drywall will be the best option. The main thing is that the materials used are combined with each other, create a single picture and be able to serve for a long time. In general, it can be noted that identical materials can be used to decorate walls and ceilings. An exception will be ceramic tiles and stone (natural or artificial), which are not used for finishing ceilings due to their impressive weight..

original decoration of a country house original finish finishing of a log house

Floor finishing

The main work on the flooring was done during the creation of the foundation, the final interior work is best done at the end of the interior arrangement. The choice of flooring depends on the type of building. For example, in a brick house with concrete floors there are no restrictions on the choice of material, here you can use both ceramic tiles and parquet or any other materials..

If the house and floors are made of wood, then it is best to use boards, laminate, parquet or linoleum. It is better not to use ceramic tiles, stone and similar materials. The limitation is due to the fact that the construction of a wooden floor has its own characteristics. If desired, ceramic tiles with a warm floor system can also be installed on a wooden floor, but there are no guarantees that the floor will not warp, in addition, the reliability and service life of such a floor will be a big question..

home decoration in light colors home decoration semi-antique finishing of a country house

Finishing features

Decorating a bathroom, kitchen or toilet requires careful attention to the choice of materials. To decorate these premises, it is necessary to use materials that are resistant to temperature extremes and high levels of humidity. Because of this, it is advised to use acrylic paints for ceilings, for walls it is best to use ceramic tiles, lining or ordinary painting. Floor is best made from tile, stone or linoleum.

There are no restrictions on materials for finishing a living room or bedroom, however, it is here that a person spends most of his time, so it is better to use natural materials.

blue triminterior decoration of a frame house

Corridor decoration is a special topic, the approach to which should be as careful as possible. This room is located in close proximity to the street, which means you need to take this into account when choosing materials. It is best to give preference to materials with increased moisture resistance, they must be resistant to sudden changes in temperature, easily cleaned of dirt. Also in the corridor you need to pay attention to thermal insulation, which should be of high quality.

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