How beautiful to decorate an apartment

No matter how first-class and modern the renovation of the room may be, the room looks unfinished without small touches in the form of decor. Hand-made elements give a special comfort, and they are closer to the heart. If it is not possible to make something on your own, then special stores offer a lot of accessories for decorating houses and apartments. It remains only to estimate the cost estimate for the upcoming work.

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The first thing to be guided by when choosing a decor is harmony with the interior. If you have a repair in the Hi-Tech style, then rustic flowers and baskets are unlikely to be appropriate there. You also need to pay attention to the color scheme. Pillows, tablecloths, napkins must match the color of the walls, curtains and carpets, otherwise the space can turn out to be overloaded with colors and styles. With the right choice of decorative elements, you can change the room beyond recognition.

Textiles in the interior

Textiles in the interior

If you turn on your imagination at full power, then with the help of textiles you can decorate a room in a very original way. You should not be limited only to curtains and tablecloths made of this material. For example, small cushions draped with the finest veil or elegant lace will look very beautiful. Fur, natural or artificial, also comes to the rescue – it is the master’s business, as far as the wallet allows, it can also be used for pillows and creating a small rug, if there is a fireplace, then such a rug must be located at his place. So, you will achieve harmony and comfort in the house..

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Drawings, paintings, panels and photographs

Paintings in the interior

One of the simple and effective ways to ennoble the space is to place paintings and photographs on the walls and shelves of the room. If you paint yourself, then you can decorate the walls with your own works of art that fit in with the style, or you can post beautiful photos of nature or your loved ones. Recently, three-dimensional paintings and paintings made of leather have become very fashionable. The panel can be made with your own hands, you just need to hang a frame on the wall and fill it with sculptural or pictorial images. Frames for pictures and photographs can also be decorated as you like. There are a lot of options for this. It can be rhinestones, and beads, and modeling, and various applications using decoupage technique..

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Embroidery and beads

Embroidery and beads

It can be both modern crafts and those that you got from your grandmother. Embroidery can be successfully applied on pillows, napkins, tablecloths. Embroidered pictures with elements of beadwork look very impressive. Also, pictures can be embroidered completely with beads, this is a rather painstaking work, but the result is worth it. You can also use beads to decorate cornices, corners of furniture, figurines, dishes, mirrors, you can weave various flowers and figures from beads. Threads with large beads on curtains and curtains look unusually beautiful.

Lamps, candles and candlesticks

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Candles can be used as a symbol of the hearth in the interior. This can be, for example, a transparent glass vase with stones and artificial or dried flowers and twigs with candles in the center of the composition. Or a decorative vessel or glass with water, sea pebbles and shells at the bottom, and a small candle will float above like a boat. You can make candle holders from a small tree trunk of different lengths and thicknesses by sawing a recess for a tablet candle from above. Data «candlesticks» will serve as long as you like. Or you can put a candle in a wide vase of coffee beans. Such crafts will not leave anyone indifferent..


Vases in the interior of the apartment

Both table and floor vases fit into any interior very logically. You can put vases singly, or you can put several vases at once, building a so-called composition of vases of different heights and widths. You can fill them in, if you wish, with anything you like. It can be both flowers (natural and artificial), and various kinds of twigs, spirals, threads or bamboo, the main thing for floor vases, the stems of vegetation should be long. Vases come in various textures, smooth, rough, mirrored, with molding elements, but you can also decorate any vase to your liking, for example, draw any pattern or ornament on a plain and transparent one, or make it out of rhinestones or glued beads. Thus, you will receive an exclusive decorative element that will not be found anywhere else..


Knitting ideas for apartment decor

If you are fond of knitting or crocheting, then you can easily apply your skill in decorating a room. You can, for example, tie a vase or make flowers from yarn, and knitted pillows, blankets, rugs, napkins will bring even more comfort and warmth to your home..

Vinyl stickers
  • Vinyl stickers
  • Vinyl photo stickers


With its variety of colors, shapes and sizes, vinyl decals can be matched to any room and style. They adhere perfectly to any surface, they are easily glued and, if desired, can be simply removed, if necessary, without leaving any traces. Vinyl stickers have been popular for a long time and receive only positive reviews..

If the decoration of the room also touched the nursery, then here it can be successfully applied as decorative elements of the child’s handicrafts. Your child will simply happily participate in this interesting process and will be happy to make a lot of interesting things by himself or with your help. Children’s drawings can be placed in frames and placed on the walls of the nursery. Handmade sewn dolls will look laconic in the children’s room. You can either buy them or sew them yourself. With the help of stencils, you can apply any ornament to walls or pieces of furniture, and you can also purchase stickers with your favorite cartoon characters and fairy tales.

Perhaps, at first glance, decorating the interior may seem like a difficult task, because you need to think over everything to the smallest detail, but in fact this process is very interesting and enjoyable. You can do a lot with your own hands, without special design knowledge and skills, the main thing is to turn on your imagination and get to work!