Interior color 2021: stylish ideas for using shades in the arrangement of the bedroom, living room and kitchen

For most of us, the concept «House» associated with the most comfortable place on earth, in which every detail or object is filled with warmth and comfort. This is where we relax after a hard day’s work and gain strength to solve important problems. Therefore, when starting to repair and create an interior in a particular room, it is imperative to take into account all the nuances, from the choice of a style solution to the color palette and other nuances, because each room has a certain functional load, which is its feature. And here it is important to do everything right. At the same time, special attention «guru» design is advised to draw specifically on the color of the interior, on which not only our well-being depends, but also psychological health.

With the help of the play of colors and shades, you can expand or, conversely, reduce the space, correct the shape of the room, or highlight the dominant subject and competently divert attention from some of the layout flaws. Color sets the mood and emphasizes the stylistic direction.

Next, we propose to get acquainted with the fashionable interior colors of 2021, from which experts propose to build on when implementing a particular design idea..

Interior design 2021 – fashion trends

The basis of any design idea related to interior design in 2021 is the creation of the most comfortable environment for human living. After all, the situation with the quarantine caused by the COVID-19 pandemic made it clear to each of us how important it is to have a cozy, comfortable and at the same time sufficiently functional housing. And this means that all proposals on this issue will be aimed at using natural materials, and, accordingly, at shades and colors that occur in nature..

It should also be noted that design ideas, sustained in some one style, faded into the background. Personalization or, in other words, home decoration in accordance with the needs, lifestyle and taste preferences of a particular person is in fashion today..

Interior color 2021 – fashion trends

As we have said more than once, the color scheme of the interior allows you to create «correct» the perception of any interior and in 2021 will be relevant quite a variety of shades, the selection of which is caused by the desire to strengthen the relationship between man and nature, forest and ocean.

Beige and brown

The use of such discreet and neutral colors will look great in the interior of any room. If the proposed ideas seem too calm and inconspicuous to you, you can always dilute the interior with mustard, sand or yellow.


This color will be an excellent solution for the basis of the interior. Especially if you use all kinds of combinations with beige in your design. Such a proposal has a calming effect on the human psyche and has a beneficial effect on well-being in general..


The blue palette is quite versatile and this year designers are advised to pay attention to more complicated compositions, for example, cabalt, azure blue, sapphire, gray-blue, «Chinese porcelain» and others. They look no less impressive and original «clean» dark blue or deep blue tint in various combinations with other tones.


As in the blue example, trendy green in the interior is an impressive variety of blended hues that evoke a sense of closeness to nature, such as light green, mint green, bottle green or spring foliage. At the same time, to create the most harmonious atmosphere, it is not worth stopping the choice on any one tone. Combine shades of green with each other, and feel free to combine the palette with other colors.


This laconic and calm shade will be an excellent basis for creating an interior. And in this case, not only light, but also fairly deep and dark tones can become dominant. Bright details look very expressive against a gray background, and gray itself, depending on the level of lighting in the room, as well as on a number of other factors, can fill the room with coolness or warmth.

Red, pink, burgundy, peach, scarlet

Are you surprised? No matter how bright and expressive such proposals may look, in 2021, designers proposed to boldly combine such bright options with other shades. They will help to avoid the feeling of ordinary and will refresh any design. An equally impressive example is the use of pumpkin, sea buckthorn or mango colors. As well as a deep shade of black currant, bright aquamarine and many other suggestions.

Trendy colors of 2021 in the interior of the kitchen

The interior of the kitchen is always something special and unpredictable, because in most apartments these rooms do not differ in a large area or have a non-standard shape. Therefore, this will require some experience and knowledge in choosing a color palette. If it is physically impossible to expand or change the layout, then you can always more or less correct the situation with the help of color, namely, divide the kitchen into zones, visually raise the ceiling or increase the space.

The interior of the 2021 kitchen should be as close to nature as possible, so when choosing a suitable color palette, give preference to blue, green, beige, brown, gray, sandy yellow and other neutral colors. It can be classic white, ivory, black or milky..

Depending on the style of the interior, the presence of textiles made from natural materials, wood and stone, as well as a combination of glossy and matte surfaces is acceptable for the kitchen..

Choosing an interior color for the living room

All the important events of our life take place in the living room. Here we receive guests, relax and spend time with our family. Therefore, when choosing a suitable interior, you should focus primarily on versatility and comfort. At the same time, rather deep tones and bright colors have replaced calm neutral shades. However, such a proposal does not at all mean that you urgently need to paint the walls in one of the newfangled colors..

All details and colors should complement each other harmoniously. The list of trending ideas includes blue, green, and purple. Ocher color, golden and sandy. And also all kinds of variations of orange, red and pink. An excellent basis for creating incredible ideas!

Trendy bedroom colors 2021

If all the energy of the house is concentrated in the kitchen, and the living room should always be comfortable and cozy, then the bedroom is intended for relaxation and solitude, where each family member will find the long-awaited peace and relaxation for himself. Therefore, in the main palette of colors that are relevant for interior decoration in this room, the leading positions are given to dark blue, mint, plum, beige and brown shades..

Such proposals are perfect for a variety of styles and will bring the atmosphere of the premises as close as possible to nature. At the same time, variations in the combination of the proposed options with other laconic or close to the color wheel shades and color variations from the lightest to the darkest are possible..

The main color of the interior 2021 – what is it? Today this question cannot be answered unequivocally. In some cases, we are presented with restrained and neutral shades that should be used as base. In others, the interior may contain the most extraordinary ideas of bright and catchy combinations. From this we can conclude that the fashionable interior of 2021 is a great opportunity to equip housing in accordance with your tastes and lifestyle..

The main interior trend of 2021 is personalization!