Interior decoration of a country house

The popularity of living in a country house is growing every year. Residents of megalopolises are looking for an opportunity to organize their living space away from the noise and gas pollution of city streets. Interior design options in country houses make it possible to use interesting solutions with the use of fireplaces.

The living room in every home plays a special role – a place where the family gathers in the evenings and on weekends. It is customary to receive guests and friends in this room. The interior is usually thought out so that it is as comfortable as possible and demonstrates the hospitality of the owners. The fireplace will give you the best opportunity to rest, relax and calm down. The presence of a fireplace in the living room suggests several styles – Country and Ecostyle, Fusion and Classic – will be perfectly emphasized by such an interior detail. Today, both natural fireplaces and electric fireplaces are offered – perfectly imitating real.

White ceiling Stone decoration Light interior

Modern designers are happy to use wooden beams on the ceiling to decorate living rooms of country houses. This technique is not available to every client at its cost, but those who nevertheless decided to use such an element of decoration in their home win. Beams on the ceiling made of wood are an element of a classic finish. Wooden beams on the ceiling are not only a beautiful decorative element, but also strengthen the ceilings and reinforce the structure. Oak or pine are well suited for the manufacture of decorative beams, these materials can strengthen the structure of the building.

Ceiling beams

For decorating living rooms with wooden beams, country style is suitable, decorated using natural fabrics for decorating furniture. Carpets for the floor are stylized as matting or rugs made according to the old weaving technology from coarse threads. Linen products look good in decoration – these can be tablecloths, towels or furniture covers – which are also elements of fashion of the last century. The floors in such living rooms are made of painted wooden planks, painting the floors and beams in the same color is very effective, emphasizing the style of the room and highlighting accents on the details. The fireplace will fit well into such an interior, radiating warmth and giving the fire of the hearth.

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A beautiful white ceiling, finished with plain beams, will visually increase the size of the room, make it spacious and bright. Large windows made of wooden frames with a lot of glass will create the effect of being in nature. A fireplace will logically fit into this interior, a large wall trimmed with natural stone will complement the harmony of the space. In general, the living room will make you feel calm and comfortable..

Living room in the country Wooden house

A very interesting solution to the use of wooden structures supporting the entire living room is made in country style. The white painted walls and ceiling are framed with wooden beams in a contrasting natural wood color. This solution creates a sense of solidity of security, with deliberate simplicity of design elements. The domed ceiling extends upward, visually enlarges the room, transparent chairs fill the living room with airiness, flooded with sunlight coming through a large window.

Beautiful interior of a country house

The living room, decorated in the Art Nouveau style, looks great. The combination of a fireplace, strictly inscribed by the designer into the interior in light gray tones, accentuates this element. The floor, imitating a rough wooden board, introduces an eco-style element. Diffused light from numerous lamps on the ceiling, sofas under wide bright windows reveal the character of the owner, a man of an urban lifestyle striving for the harmony of nature. As a result, the interweaving of styles gave an effective result of a modern solution for relaxation and pleasant conversations..

laminate flooring

If you are the owner of a large country house, decorating the living room on the first floor in the Middle Ages style is quite a suitable solution. Ceilings with a dome, extending upward, reinforcing the structure of wooden beams – create a feeling of strength and tranquility of the owner of the house. These impressions are enhanced by a natural stone wall with a built-in fireplace inside. Light enters through large open windows that line the entire wall of the living room. In the middle of the living room there is a large fireplace – a hearth that gathers the family around it. Modern soft armchairs emphasize the purpose of the room – to relax, talk peacefully under the crackling fire in the fireplace, remembering the days gone by.

Interior in white tones Discreet interior Large living room Beautiful living room Red walls

If desired, a billiards table can be placed in the living room equipped with a fireplace. Friends will appreciate the hospitality of the owner of such a living room. Diffused light sources on the ceiling and a massive lamp hanging over the billiard table add modernity to the interior. Everything here is strictly and masculinely functional – nothing superfluous.

Wall decoration with stone Billiard room photo

Another option for finishing large living rooms using a combination of different styles and decoration elements can be done with the maximum use of wooden elements. There are beams that support and reinforce the ceiling. The classics of the style can be seen in the processing of wooden surfaces. The floor shines with gloss, the furniture is solid and solid. Leather armchairs to match the wooden elements. Everything emphasizes the atmosphere of luxury and wealth, good taste and solid character of the owner of such a living room. Soft and warm light comes from hanging lamps that accentuate the cleanliness and sophistication of the walls.

Wall decor Decorative beams Living room decoration Fireplace in the living room Bar counter in the living room

The second example is classic-style decoration with country elements. Small wooden windows – like in an old house, beams that strengthen the structure, the color of natural wood is consistent across the entire interior palette. The decorative pillows with ornaments, which are comfortably located on the sofa in the center of the living room, enhance the feeling of antiquity. Everything is functional – there are almost no extra elements. Open shelves for small items decorate the wall.

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Another living room with a fireplace in light wood tones. The same beams on the ceiling as in the previous version make the room brighter and larger. The fireplace is built into the wall between the two large windows – a space-saving effect is achieved. There is a large leather couch in the center of the hall. Everywhere the colors of varnished pine dominate, from which the main wooden elements in this room are made – this is the living-dining room. Kitchen furniture is also built in here so that you can prepare dinner for guests.