Kitchen 5 sq. m – practical ideas for design, renovation, redevelopment

A miniature kitchen in an apartment can be stylish and attractive, but it also requires a thorough approach to furnishing. Thoughtful design is essential for developing space in a small room. Quite often, the kitchen is 5 sq. m, if you try, it becomes more interesting and original than those whose square meters do not create problems for the designer. The proofs are the following photos. eleven 12 36 39

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Kitchen design 5 sq. m

The kitchen in the apartment is often not very convenient and small. Renovation requires good planning. The miniature kitchen is 5 sq. m furniture should not take up all the space. Even large, cluttered rooms look smaller than they really are. This is why it is so important that a room in a confined space is emptied as much as possible. The most difficult thing is a good layout of the space and size of the equipment, which should be functional and convenient. Organizing a small kitchen interior 5 sq. m, choose light colors of finishing materials that optically increase the space. Consider whites, light grays, warm wood tones..eight 2 ten 32 33 34 40 43 74 75 49 59 67 55 45

Kitchen in Khrushchev 5 sq. m: important rules

In a small kitchen in an apartment, avoid filling with cupboards from top to bottom..24 23 28

Use wall-hanging and hooked shelves and organizers. They allow us to use the walls and free up the work surface, so we have more space at our disposal..37 38 47

If you decide on white or beige cabinets, you will make the kitchen in the block more voluminous. Smooth, shiny facades also reflect light, enhancing the impression of space.53 54 58

Kitchen combined with the living room 5 sq. m: photos of interesting ideas

If the kitchen in the apartment is very small, it is worth considering opening it for the dining room or living room. Blurring the line between a room adjacent to a miniature cooking space is the most obvious way to expand its space. Install furniture across a kitchen width of 5 square meters. m. In a very narrow room, place one row of cabinets or an L-shaped kitchen set. If you want to have two rows of cabinets in a small kitchen, remember that the distance between them, that is, the passage, must be at least 120 cm.3572 77 76 5069

Kitchenette in the apartment

If the kitchen is 5 sq. m is open to the living room, then you can plan its location more freely, because the walls are no longer a hard constraint. An added benefit of a combined kitchen is the ability to maintain eye contact with people in the living room, which is especially important when there are small children at home. When organizing a cooking room in combination with a living room, you must choose furniture accordingly. The fronts of the kitchen cabinets should be tailored to the living room furniture so that the entire area is consistent. It is also worth introducing the traditional boundary between the kitchen and the hall, for example, in the form of various floor coverings..27 2660 64

Small kitchen in the apartment: good design

When you cannot combine a 5 sq. m from the living room, or this solution does not suit you for various reasons, we can still have a fashionable and functional room for cooking. Particular attention should be paid to the selection and placement of furniture. Kitchen cabinets with light, sleek fronts will be the best. Tall structures will provide a large amount of storage space, and open shelves will add lightness. In a small, closed kitchen, all elements of a purely decorative meaning should be minimized. Kitchen design should be well thought out. Regardless of whether a room is miniature or large, narrow or spacious, when planning an interior, you should know several universal principles that will protect you from serious mistakes..4 15 16 19 twenty 79

Small kitchen 5 sq. m – practicality and beauty 2 in 1

If you want to make the most of the very small kitchen space in your apartment, remember that every room, where furniture is from floor to ceiling, seems even more compact than it actually is. And in a small kitchen 5 sq. m this is especially noticeable. Better to choose cabinets in different levels.5 nine 1 13 17 22

Kitchen furniture and doors

In a very small kitchen block, you need to choose a custom sliding door. Low cabinets with glazed fronts and illuminated from the inside are recommended in accordance with the current fashion, not only for small kitchens. They are increasingly being used in kitchens open to the living room. If someone already decides to install top cabinets in a small kitchen, then it would be good if their facades are made of frosted glass or translucent plastic. Transparent kitchen furniture located at eye level creates the illusion of space and a sense of depth. Sliding doors are especially recommended for small kitchens of 5 sq. m, which take up very little space.7 fourteen 29 42 51

A wide kitchen worktop is an excellent choice for a 5 sq. m

A practical solution in a miniature kitchen is to increase the width of the countertop to 80 cm. Thanks to this, under the wall you can place compartments for storing convenient working tools: knives, spoons and other kitchen utensils necessary for cooking and consuming meals. By expanding your work surface, you get more space under the cabinet, which can now be 60 cm deep. The added 20 cm is also a place to store essential items. The extension of the base cabinets allows you to store more kitchen utensils in them, while the functional, pull-out shelves and drawers allow you to make the most of the space..31 thirty 21 6 66

The kitchen for a family should be spacious, but our desires do not always coincide with the possibilities, therefore, we should equip the area that is available as comfortably and practically as possible. Even the kitchen is 5 sq. m can sparkle with new colors if you think over its design, choose suitable finishing materials and furniture. A room can easily become comfortable, functional and safe. The advantage of the kitchen is 5 sq. m is not its size, but even on such a miniature area, you can create an excellent room for use, which will decorate the entire apartment. Make sure of this by looking at the photo gallery of this article..