Kitchen combined with a balcony: ideas and subtleties of redevelopment

The kitchen, which has direct access to the balcony, has hidden functionality. By removing the partition and combining the kitchen with a loggia or balcony, you can optimize the space. This solution will allow:

  • Brighten the kitchen.
  • Increase the free space and dimensions of the room.
  • It is much better to make sound and heat insulation by insulating the loggia / balcony.

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The interior of such a kitchen is always very interesting and looks outside the box. Having applied the maximum of imagination here, you can decorate and organize free space in an original way, and use the balcony / loggia as a bay window or panoramic window.

Disadvantages of a combined kitchen:

  • Redevelopment requires legalization – it can be a long process, costly both in time and nerves, and in finance.
  • Changes entail high costs for insulation, glazing, finishing and floor improvement.

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Briefly about the main

The kitchen can be combined with a loggia in one of the following ways:

  • Partially – the partition is used as a table top or underframe, windows and doors are removed.
  • Completely – a single room is created, the walls are removed.

If you remove only the window, then no papers and permission are needed, however, during the sale of the home, everything will need to be returned to its original form. In the second case, with the demolition of the wall, approval of the updated layout will be required in the instance dealing with this issue..

If the wall turns out to be load-bearing, then the combination of the kitchen and the loggia will be impossible, and no one will allow such a redevelopment. It is strictly forbidden to move and transfer centralized heating batteries to the balcony / loggia, which means that you will have to think over the heating system in this area in advance.

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It is important to remember that it is strictly forbidden to carry out any work on your own. Even if the partition is not load-bearing, you cannot demolish it whenever you like. Redeveloping and combining a kitchen with a loggia / balcony without consent is incurring unnecessary danger and problems, in addition, it is stupid and not financially profitable. As soon as the authorities identify violations (it is very easy and simple to do this), they will immediately impose penalties on the violator, and the kitchen will have to be returned to its original form. In order to calmly engage in redevelopment, you should not study this issue on the Internet, it is best to immediately contact the BTI or consult with the designer.

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«Legalization» carrying out work on the demolition of the partition between the kitchen and the loggia / balcony is a very responsible and serious matter. In order to resolve this issue, you will need proper preparation, consultation, collection of the necessary papers and documents, which will entail time and financial costs. Moreover, there is no one hundred percent guarantee that a positive decision will be made upon completion of the proceedings, therefore this undertaking is not always justified..

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In order to effectively and with maximum benefit use empty additional meters, you need to glaze the loggia with special profiles made of aluminum or PVC, they retain heat well inside the room. The floor, walls and ceiling must be insulated with mineralized wool, and also with high-quality waterproofing. Expanded polystyrene boards can be used as an alternative material. Also, an excellent way out of the situation would be to use underfloor heating; as a heating means, you can use a fan heater or an electric convector.

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Ideas for a kitchen combined with a loggia

A number of popular ideas for how to properly equip a kitchen combined with a loggia:

  • Location on the loggia of the dining area. This option is to the liking of most people, since thanks to this idea, the working area of ​​the kitchen increases and becomes more spacious. Moreover, dining on the territory of the loggia is much more interesting, because you can admire the view from the window or look at «whims» weather while sipping a cup of hot tea. Also, as an original idea, you can use panoramic glazing, which will create a cozy atmosphere and give the kitchen maximum natural light during the day..
  • Kitchen with a bar counter. On the insulated loggia, you can create a dining area in the form of a bar counter. In order to save money, the previously demolished partition can be used as a rack underframe. Also, the partition can be used as a table for dining or storing cans and other gizmos..
  • Arrangement of a balcony with equipment, placing a pantry, stove or other working area in this area. This idea needs to be carefully considered, taking into account the maximum permissible load on the balcony area. In addition, it is important to take into account that when placing the stove here, it is necessary to carry out appropriate communications. For example, here you can place a stove, work surface or refrigerator, but this is not always convenient and you need to build on the functionality of the interior items. If you live on the ground floor, then you can get permission to completely transfer the kitchen to the balcony area.
  • Kitchen with seating area or study. The kitchen combined with the loggia can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also to translate original ideas into reality. For example, here you can place a winter garden or a minibar. An original idea would be to create a playground so that the child is always under the supervision of the mother, or to set up a personal account. If this idea turned out to be interesting, and it will be implemented, then it is best to use screens or «French window». Among the alternative options, curtains and original shelving can be noted, which will not only serve as a partition, but also have a functional role..

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Zoning, lighting and curtains

After the carried out work on the combination, you need to do the decor and interior arrangement. In this case, you need to adhere to the advice of designers:

  • It is necessary to create a single style and combine similar colors for the integrity of the interior of the kitchen and loggia.
  • For zoning, it is best to use transparent doors, screens and «French windows».
  • Floor differences can not be removed or hidden, but can be correctly used as a podium for dividing zones.
  • Windows are best decorated with panel, roller blinds or roman blinds. In individual cases, curtains and blinds are suitable, it all depends on the style of the kitchen.
  • If the additional space is small, then it is best not to overload the forge with furniture, use shelving instead of cabinets.
  • Lighting should unite – it is best to use spotlights on the stream, it is best to use sconces on the walls.

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