Kitchen design in Khrushchev

Residential Khrushchev apartments in five-storey buildings, which were built numerously in the last century, back in the days of Khrushchev, which is why they were given such a name, do not differ in convenience and a large area. Kitchens are also very small in size and certainly not like the large ones built in modern living quarters, they only have enough space to prepare food. Our task is to make this kitchen stylish, reflecting the taste of the owners well and matching the design of the rest of the rooms..

Every owner of such a small apartment knows how difficult it is to save space in Khrushchev, professional designers have even come up with a term such as optimization, which is used in the design of small kitchens and is a real art. Having got acquainted with the ways of the correct design of the kitchen in Khrushchev, you can comfortably and simply equip it: with the help of a special arrangement of furniture, light and other important factors.

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Having received permission from the house administration in the legal authorities, it is possible to design a kitchen combined with a living room – as a result, you will get a large room, divided into two functional zones.

But you can make a small ideal kitchen without redevelopment: with built-in appliances and a well-stylistically selected furniture set.

Previously, the lack of free space was not felt as much as it is now, during the many technical inventions that make it easier for us to cook food, and indeed, life in general. Such wealth is very difficult to fit into tiny Khrushchev kitchens inherited by grandparents. You can still find a way out, but you need to approach the solution of such a problem with all seriousness, not missing even the most seemingly insignificant details..

Interior design of the kitchen in Khrushchev

The kitchen designer in Khrushchev is obliged to distribute furniture, materials, light and other components of the kitchen so as to make it as convenient and comfortable as possible. Usually, the design is driven by the desire to save as much space as possible and visually increase the kitchen area..

Professional Design Tips:

  • We increase the area?

    Very often, the combination of the connection of premises, living room and kitchen, for example, which will become a single whole with the help of competent general decoration and design, is perfectly reflected in a beautiful design.

    Kitchen-living room

  • Small decor

    Asymmetrically located, catchy small accessories perfectly distract attention from the size of the room. Large decor, large uncomfortable vases or bouquets spoil the impression.

    Small decor for the kitchen

  • Textiles and prints

    Textiles and prints used for kitchen design in Khrushchev, especially in pastel colors, create soft and pleasant outlines for the eyes, smoothness.

    Small decor in the kitchen

  • Color combinations of walls and furniture

    Light-colored furniture should be in the same color as the walls. It’s okay if it blends in with their finish, it’s also a great design trick. The lightest and visually taking up the least space is transparent furniture. When choosing, its size is also important. After all, several large objects look more compact and, most importantly, more neatly than many small ones that create chaos..

    Light walls in the kitchen

  • The best light is daylight

    A small room needs a sufficient amount of daylight, which will help to achieve light curtains, slightly diffusing it and making the design more expressive, for example, blinds or roman shades. A beautiful glossy reflection on the surface of the facades will also play an important positive role..

    Daylight in the kitchen

  • High cornice

    Also, the curtain rod, located as high as possible, will help to visually make the room higher..

    Curtains in the kitchen

  • We save space

    Large, but necessary household items, it is better to hide behind furniture or in a pantry.

    Large sideboard in the kitchen

  • No rough transitions!

    In the interior of a small kitchen, it is undesirable to use bright colors and rough transitions – this can visually narrow the area. Visual simplicity, on the other hand, will help expand the space..

    Rough transition in the kitchen

  • Round table is better

    It is better to choose an oval or round folding table..

    Kitchen table

  • Correct lighting

    A chandelier that gives glare and glare also works well for the task at hand..

    Lighting in the kitchen

  • Door?

    With a good hood, the doors must be replaced with sliding, glass doors or removed altogether..

    The door to the kitchen

  • White is always better

    The color of the floor, to match the flow and walls, is also better to choose light.

    Bright kitchen

  • Coloring rules

    Neutral colors visually expand the boundaries and slightly deceive the eyes. And to create interesting accents – use bright and dark tones..

    Neutral colors in the interior of the kitchen

  • Rationality of the area

    Shelving or pencil case in the ceiling, visually pulls the room up.

    Shelving in the ceiling in the kitchen

  • Classics of the genre

    The ceiling should be kept in a classic white color, regardless of the method of its creation: wallpaper, suspended or suspended ceilings, painting. For walls, light colors with or without a small pattern are suitable..

    White ceiling in the kitchen

  • We decorate correctly

    The upholstery of a sofa, armchair, chairs, in no case should contain dark colors, large drawings or sharp patterns: do not forget that everything should be kept in a minimalist style.

    Decoupage in the kitchen



To choose furniture in a Khrushchev apartment, you need to draw up a room plan, which will include everything planned for purchase and installation in the kitchen, for example, a sink, a dishwasher, a dining table and other similar items that occupy a sufficient area. Such a set can also be ordered in the workshop, individually, according to your taste. The design of a kitchen in a Khrushchev with a gas water heater has its own difficulties: there should be a place for ventilation around this column, in no case should it be masked, but designed so that it fits into the overall interior.

Built-in appliances are ideal

Khrushchev kitchen table Small table for the kitchen Functional kitchen furniture Functional furniture for the Khrushchev kitchen Functional kitchen table Functional kitchen cabinet Functional kitchen table Trash bin for kitchen Trash bin for Khrushchev's kitchen Functional kitchen sink

When arranging a small kitchen in Khrushchev, they often resort to using built-in appliances. Such devices are very compact, they do not look flashy (usually built-in appliances necessary in everyday life are hidden behind the facades of a headset in the kitchen), they are much smaller, that is, they will not stand out against the general background and this will simplify the task of creating a beautiful and harmonious interior environment. For example, placing a dishwasher or washing machine, as well as a small refrigerator under the countertop, will increase your work space. You can also hide a microwave oven in the cabinet, regardless of whether it is wall-mounted or floor-standing..

How can you replace cabinets and shelves?

Hanging structures designed to store a wide variety of kitchen utensils very often look bulky from the side, «make» and visually reduce the area of ​​\ u200b \ u200bthe kitchen. Therefore, it is necessary to think about the arrangement of kitchen equipment so that its workspace is freed from the need to use these cabinets. Instead of them, you can install the so-called cabinets-pencil cases, which help to solve the issue of arranging a kitchen in a Khrushchev with a gas water heater. In this case, the gas water heater is usually installed in the center of the working area of ​​the kitchen area and decorated with open shelves. As a result, the guest’s attention will always be riveted precisely in this part of the room, where it will be possible to arrange all the basic kitchen utensils..

At the moment, almost any furniture store sells removable shelves that are installed inside the cabinet and dividing its total space into two zones. As a result, this will help to double the used storage area of ​​kitchen utensils or food..

Replacing the shelves with metal bars

If the landlord is not satisfied with the open shelves, then you can replace them with metal rods intended for weighing various kitchen utensils: for example, pans or ladles. Furniture that allows you to use every inch of available space wisely.

Functional furniture for a small kitchen Functional furniture for a small kitchen Functional furniture for a small kitchen Functional furniture for a small kitchen Functional furniture for a small kitchen Functional furniture for a small kitchen

When choosing a hanging cabinet, you need to think about whether these structures can be extended to the ceiling. After all, this way you can hide not very nice ventilation pipes from the eyes of guests and at the same time get a couple of centimeters that you can use to store utensils.

Light-colored furniture will visually increase the area of ​​the room. It is always better to equip a small room or kitchen with such furniture that does not reduce the space: for example, a set with colored facades will ideally play with the interior, make your kitchen lighter and, as a result, more spacious.

If you think about ease of use, then wall cabinets with doors that open wide open are significantly inferior to counterparts with doors that automatically rise up with the help of fittings specially designed for this. Moreover, they do not steal the area so much and, again, they look more compact..

In free corners, it is possible to install a hob or a sink, freeing up space for a working area located along one of the walls of the kitchen.

Do I need a door in the kitchen?

The door that opens into the room takes up a large share of the usable area. But, if you think about it, is it needed in the apartment at all? Maybe it is not necessary to install it at all? If you often eat in your own apartment, then, of course, you cannot do without a door, but in this case you can install a sliding door, the use of which will not in any way affect the size of your kitchen.

Sliding door to the kitchen Sliding door to the kitchen Sliding door to the kitchen Sliding door to the kitchen Sliding door to the kitchen

Early planning is the key to a positive outcome. The best work is the work performed according to a plan defined in advance by you or a specialist. Only in this case you can be sure of a good work result. And the schemes drawn up by a professional designer will become the main guideline for you, which will allow you to easily choose the furniture that is suitable specifically for your kitchen. Remember this important rule and learn it to turn your little kitchen in Khrushchev into a real paradise.