Kitchen studio: stylish design solutions

The kitchen is where the whole family gets together every day. We often receive guests in this room. Studio kitchens are very popular at this time. By combining the kitchen with one of the rooms, we get a large spacious space. This option is suitable not only for small apartments, but also for large houses. Despite the large number of advantages, as in any other option, there are also disadvantages. One of the first and most important is cooking odors, which will spread throughout the apartment. To avoid this, you just need to have a fume hood..

Kitchen-studio with living room

The design of the kitchen studio must be approached correctly. It is necessary not to make a mistake when choosing and arranging furniture. When choosing a color scheme, it is necessary to correctly organize the distribution of light. If you have a small apartment, then it is better to design in light colors, this will visually increase the space. The design of the kitchen and living room should be in the same colors so that these two zones are not «torn». The style of the kitchen combined with the living room can be different from classic to high-tech.

Kitchen-studio with a bar

The bar counter in the kitchen was and is a very popular piece of furniture. Despite its bulkiness, it fits perfectly into any kitchen. The bar counter can serve not only as a dining table, but also serve as a working area. For the kitchen-studio, the bar counter is a kind of delimiter of space between the kitchen and the living room. The bar itself can be made of any materials and have a different design.

Kitchen-studio 20kv.

It is better to design a small studio kitchen without voluminous decors, without bright colors. Such requirements are met by such styles as loft, high-tech, minimalism. In such rooms, it is necessary to correctly distribute the color between the wall and ceiling. In this version, it is better to abandon the colored ceiling, it visually reduces the space. But the floor will look harmonious in dark colors. The walls, like the ceiling, are best made light. This technique will visually enlarge your kitchen..

Kitchen-studio in a private house

A private house is where you can give free rein to your imagination. A large studio kitchen is the dream of any hostess. A wide dining table that can easily accommodate the whole family. A variety of hanging cabinets in which you can put everything you need for the kitchen. Large hob on which you can cook several of your favorite dishes at once. The presence of windows in the kitchen will add coziness. And the more, the better.

In such a kitchen, bright colors will be a useful accent. In a house with a large area, the kitchen-studio can be delimited by an arch, it can be decorated with colored bricks. When it comes to floors, tiles are best for the kitchen. It is moisture resistant and easy to clean. To differentiate, you can use a different color palette. The rest area is lighter and the work area darker..

Combined kitchen studio

For small apartments, combining a kitchen is a good solution. The kitchen can be combined with the living room. In such a kitchen, it is convenient to receive guests, to look after children. In addition, such a combination will save money on the purchase of another TV set. Also, if a loggia adjoins the kitchen, such a combination is also possible..

There are pros and cons to this combination. The pluses include a large amount of natural light, and it is not necessary to completely remove the wall, it is enough to remove the door and window.

The disadvantages include the final result, not the fact that you will like your kitchen in a new way. In order for your repair to go through only with advantages, try to think through everything to the smallest detail. Imagine your future room. And you will definitely succeed.

Kitchen studio styles

There are several styles in which you can make a studio kitchen. Classic – this style is always popular. Clear, straight lines, symmetrical arrangement of every detail, restrained colors. A kitchen in this style will always look noble..

Country is ecological materials, simple design, calm colors.

A retro kitchen will allow you to use details from several eras. This style assumes a bright color scheme. With the right design, such an interior will be cozy and charming..

Provence is a style of home warmth and comfort. In this style, many natural colors are used, weightless curtains in delicate shades. You can use earthenware as a decor..

Kitchen-studio bedroom

Usually the kitchen is combined with the bedroom to increase the space. For one-room Khrushchev, this is ideal. With proper zoning, such an apartment will be comfortable and cozy. Consider several options: a glass partition will separate the cooking area from the sleeping area, while not interfering with the space. Sliding doors save space and completely isolate rooms from each other at the right time.

The choice of color in your room will be important. Designers advise choosing delicate colors for small rooms. To keep the room from being boring, complement your design with bright interior items. In such rooms, it is better to refuse large furniture, choose compact multifunctional furniture.

Ceiling in the kitchen studio

For a studio kitchen, it is important to correctly arrange the ceiling, since it serves as a delimitation of the zone from the kitchen itself to the living room. The ceiling can be made of plasterboard, provided that the room is spacious. For the classic style, the ceiling is usually pasted over with wallpaper or painted in a solid color. With this option, you save your budget and after a while you can change it yourself or paint it in a different color..

In rooms with low ceilings, a stretch ceiling is recommended, the glossy surface of the canvas and correctly selected lamps will help to visually enlarge the kitchen. If desired, a floral print can be applied to the canvas.

A suspended ceiling is also performed in spacious rooms, since the structure will take a height of at least 10 cm. Such ceilings do not require preliminary alignment. Performing the ceiling using this technique, you will get a flat surface, a solid structure and a long service life..