Kitchen with a bar counter: varieties, advantages and disadvantages

An interesting solution in the form of a bar counter is increasingly common in the design of modern kitchens. It is not only stylish, but also a practical piece of furniture. Indeed, it often performs not only the function of a table, but also a partition or even a working surface. This solution has become especially relevant for small rooms, as well as studios. Since they often do not have the opportunity to organize a full-fledged dining area.

Bar counter for the kitchen: advantages and disadvantages

Like any solution in the arrangement of space, the bar counter has its advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, before installing it, we recommend that you carefully study all the nuances. Among the main advantages, we note the following:

  • the counter does not take up too much space and is great for a snack or breakfast, but at the same time it is not able to replace the dining table.
  • in some variants it is possible to organize storage space under the bar.
  • this piece of furniture helps to make optimal use of space and does not take up much space.
  • the ability to properly zone the space.
  • if desired, the bar counter can always be used as a working area.

Among the disadvantages are the following:

  • it will not be possible to accommodate more than four people at the bar in a small kitchen. Therefore, it is not suitable for celebrations and family meals..
  • basically, the racks always have a height of about 110 cm, therefore, additional chairs must be purchased. But keep in mind that they are not suitable for children and the elderly..

Varieties of bar counters for the kitchen

Built-in bar counter

This version of the stand is a continuation of the working surface of the countertop. It has the same height as the kitchen set and is also made without breaks. This is especially convenient since shelves or pull-out elements can be located underneath. In some cases, it is installed on legs. This option is mainly chosen by the owners of a small kitchen. In general, it is believed that the built-in bar counter is the most budgetary and easiest to implement. But this does not affect her appearance..

Two-level bar counter

Unlike the previous version, this view consists of two parts. One of them is used as a bar counter, and the other as a work surface. This solution is definitely suitable for a spacious kitchen and ensures optimal use of space..

Bar counter-partition

The baffle rack is most often found in small spaces. Because it is chosen to visually separate the kitchen from the rest of the home. Basically, it is installed perpendicular to the main line of the kitchen. This makes it possible to approach it from both sides.

Bar counter by the window

In a small room, there is often not enough space even for a bar counter. Therefore, it is often combined with a windowsill. This is a great option, especially if you have a beautiful view from the window. As for the implementation of this option, then most often the rack is installed separately from the working area. Or it can be a continuation of the corner kitchen with an entrance under the window. Each option has its own advantages. However, there may be some inconveniences in this solution. This is a radiator that the legs will rest against, as well as the cold from the window. In most cases, all objects must be removed from the surface in order to fully open the window..

How to choose material for countertops and supports?

Bar legs are mainly made of wood or steel. They are most suitable for every interior style. As for the countertop, everything is not so simple here. The most commonly used options are:

  • wood. Undoubtedly, a wooden countertop looks beautiful and is perfect for almost every kitchen. It is distinguished by its durability, warmth and the ability to restore over time. In addition, it is enough to just look after her. But there is one drawback – the high price..
  • MDF and chipboard. These are budget options that are often used. However, they have significant drawbacks. The fragility and toxicity of the material is the main thing that repels in the selection process.
  • natural stone is distinguished by its attractive appearance and durability. But, unfortunately, even he is not perfect. Since marble «fears» acids, fat and various food colors. Therefore, it requires careful maintenance. And, of course, it has a very high cost..
  • artificial stone is often used for the bar counter. It has high practicality, durability and attractive appearance..

Small kitchen with a bar

If you can realize absolutely any ideas with a large space, then a small kitchen forces you to make compromises. After all, it is extremely important to equip everything functionally so that in everyday life it is comfortable to be in it..

If the kitchen is so small that even a table cannot fit into it, a bar counter will be an alternative solution. It takes up much less space and goes well with a wide variety of interior styles. Plus, bar stools are generally much more compact than stools. In general, the most appropriate in this case would be a folding shelf attached to the wall. The counter also looks great instead of a window sill..

Studio with a bar

In studio apartments, the bar counter is often a necessary item, without which it is difficult to imagine competent zoning of space. In addition, she often decorates the interior. Especially when contrasting, complex structures with different decor, unusual lighting or other details are used. Since the studios are open-plan, the bar counter can be used as a partition. Therefore, it is often decorated with decorative brickwork or stone. Of course, only if it is appropriate in the chosen interior style..

Despite all the current trends in the world of interior design, the bar is still relevant. The main thing is to find the best solution for your kitchen..