Living room in a classic style: photos of current interiors in an elegant direction

A living room in a classic style is always elegant and sophisticated. A room is an indication of good taste, with timeless forms. The interior, associated with the manners of past centuries, creatively draws on traditions, referring not only to complex forms, but also to natural, precious materials. This should be especially taken into account when choosing a living room in this direction. How to decorate a living room in a classic style? See proposals of interior designers.

Living rooms in a classic style: photos of chic interiors

The majestic image of a classic living room is also heated by a fireplace, which is an integral part of its furnishings. Most often, taking the form of decorative stoves or delicate portals, it is the center of the entire composition. In relation to the fireplace, the seating set, which is usually the main furniture, should be positioned. Patterned sofas with a thin line are complemented by richly carved chests of drawers or display cases.

Today the classics are interpreted in different ways, and interiors in this style combine between tradition and modernity. These living rooms are interesting variations on the design art of the past. Warm and cozy, they encourage relaxation. If you dream of a beautiful and elegant interior, choose the classics. So how to arrange a traditional living room?

The roots of the classic style

The classical style was popularized in Europe in the 19th century, when it became available to a wide audience thanks to the development of industrial production. People began to decorate their apartments, equipping them with decorative mirrors, attractive curtains and decorated furniture, while emphasizing the importance of the luxury style, which was originally dedicated to the upper classes of society. The classical style was implemented in the noble estates, observing the basic assumptions – seriousness, elegance, sophistication, as well as symmetry and proportion.

The most important features of a classic living room

Classic style is not subject to fashion change. It is considered timeless due to its underlying assumptions of elegance as well as simplicity, symmetry and quality. The interior in classic style is friendly and cozy for both residents and their guests. When decorating a living room in this spirit, keep the following in mind:

  • style can be called a safe way to decorate an interior;
  • it does not obey fashion, and due to its elegance, simplicity and harmony is considered timeless.

Elegant design

Furniture must be of the highest quality. Ideally made by hand and have a decorative finish (carving on legs, fittings, details). The presence of antique and elegant furniture, luxurious and comfortable armchairs is popular in classic interiors.

Precious fabrics

The classic style is characterized by the use of the highest quality fabrics and materials. The floor should be made of marble or wood parquet and additionally covered with a Persian carpet. These elements can be successfully replaced with marble floor tiles and good quality carpet woven with floral motifs..

Beautiful jewelry

The use of jewelry is encouraged. Paintings on the walls, decorative mirrors, impressive chandeliers, as well as patterns on the walls and ceilings (wallpaper, pilasters, cornices and rosettes) are recognizable features of a classic-style living room.

Muted, neutral colors

Basic colors of a classic interior:

  • beige;
  • cream;
  • Brown;
  • Gray;
  • White.

Beige and brown dominate the classic living room. These warm colors are not only eternal, but are inextricably linked to calmness and stability. Acting calmly, they create the familiar atmosphere of the interior, without depriving it of the sophistication inherent in this type of space. They can be successfully diluted with turquoise, greens and burgundy, and sometimes gold and silver..

Clear proportions

The classic style likes what is symmetrical. Therefore, by placing a bookcase on one side of the room, you need to find a mirror image on the other wall of the room so that the classic-style living room is harmonious.

The classic style may seem a little sluggish. However, this impression is effectively offset by vibrant colors, smooth surfaces and symmetrically furnished furnishings. This style will appeal to people who value comfort, elegance and tradition. However, almost everyone should feel good in a living room like this, as it is a friendly and extremely cozy setting..

Fashionable living room interior in classic style

The classical style is often confused with the palace style. However, this is not a very good comparison. In truth, classically designed interiors have certain elements that are reminiscent of royal chambers. However, unlike palace arrangements, classic interiors are muted and there is no place for glamor..

How to define a classic style?

The classic style has no clearly defined rules. With this arrangement, it’s worth asking yourself: «What I would like to see in an elegant restaurant?» Anything that is the answer is likely to work in the classics. Furniture color is usually soft and muted. Stronger accents are complements and textiles. All materials are natural, preferably of good quality.

When decorating the interior in a classic style, try not to overdo it by combining decorative furniture and other decorations.

Living room furniture in classic style

Some furniture that represents the classic style may look like an element of a palace arrangement. For example, a Louis chair would work great here. However, antique or stylized furniture should be mixed with simpler furniture. All elements of a classic composition must be made of natural and solid materials. Cabinets and dressers can have delicate decor and interesting handles. They are usually distinguished by the natural wood color or painted with a light paint. Upholstered furniture such as sofas, armchairs and chairs should invoke with their elegant appearance a comfortable rest. Families usually live in a classic interior and spend time at a common table. Therefore, this piece of furniture should be the center of attention of the dining room, pleasing the eye with comfortable elegance..

Classic interiors are characterized not only by beauty, but also by the impeccable quality of furniture and exquisite accessories. The furniture that you choose for the living room should delight with craftsmanship. Every element and detail plays an important role. Rich furniture design means you can choose from collections inspired by French, English or Italian style.

To decorate the living room with class, you should pay attention to the classic furniture. It adds incredible elegance, value and character to the interior. You can choose from a variety of collections, from exquisite furniture characterized by Provencal beauty and grace to massive models. Their choice should depend on personal preferences, whether you like light and bright compositions or want to equip the living room in warm oak tones, but in a heavier setting..

The living room, representing the classic style, cannot do without upholstered furniture. It can be elegant comfortable armchairs or a large sofa. Everything should be made from natural materials and have muted colors..

Classic style living room wall

Rustic as well as traditional interiors require appropriate framing. Consider the classic wall-mounted living room furniture that will help create space right out of an opulent manor house. This is a combination of tradition and modernity – famous models in original, stylistic arrangements. A huge selection of walls allows you to create countless combinations that delight with their original character. If you want to recreate the charm of the good old days in your apartment, classic living room furniture is definitely the best choice. The walls are available in rich colors. Light proposals will work well with dark walls, and dark ones with a little bolder. Explore unusual furniture in delicate subtle colors that will add charm to any interior.

Decorating an apartment in the style of a dream doesn’t necessarily take a lot of effort. Ready-made furniture sets that match each other in terms of color, style and functionality will help you create the right design. The set usually includes a table, chairs, chest of drawers, shelves and matching cabinets. This classic living room furniture perfectly reflects the luxurious ambience of the space. You can express your aesthetic tastes and create a warm interior in which the whole family will be happy to meet. Since this is an executive room, you need to make sure it looks great. Precision in every detail, durability and solidity – these are the advantages of classic furniture, thanks to which you can enjoy the beauty of the interior for many years..

Classic modular living rooms: sophisticated compositions

Classic modular living rooms create incredible compositions that will allow you to immerse yourself in a completely different world – the relaxing space of your home. Exclusive classic living room furniture will appeal to lovers of traditional styling, but such furnishings also offer great opportunities when it comes to creating unusual connections. You can add a bit of modernity to a classic space. Create your dream interior with modular furniture proposals.

Living room in a classic style in an apartment

The classics are always on top. Therefore, if you want your apartment to be always fashionable, then choose a classic style. The interiors in classic style are characterized by carefully selected materials, stylish shapes and elegant designs. Looking at such an interior, it seems that someone has spent a lot of time on its arrangement. A classic living room needs to be consistent, so furniture, lighting and decorations come together as a whole. However, do not be afraid that the classic hall will be serious, pompous and tough. Of course it can be, but a skillful selection of elements of its arrangement will make the room elegant and stylish..

Color is also important. An excellent option would be light green, which is striking and gives a decent character to the entire interior. Looking at it, you can feel a clear harmony between all the elements in the room. It’s elegant, but not overwhelming. Green calms the interior and lends it a timeless elegance. Even if you are dressed in sportswear, you will still look festive in such an interior..

Living room design in a classic style: accessories

Accessories and embellishments are integral to the arrangement. This is no exception for classic-style interiors. The most important accessories are elegant textiles. Here you can indulge in a little colorful madness. A bright interior will perfectly complement burgundy or purple curtains. A classic interior should also have a carpet. Its color can refer to the entire styling or be a slight deviation from the color rule. It is also worth planning for elegant decorations in classic interiors. Among them are vases and candlesticks. The walls will be beautifully decorated with classic paintings in stylish frames. It is important that the planning of add-ons does not go overboard and that restraint is maintained. This is a universal recipe for classic style.

Bright living rooms in a classic style: stylish stucco and plaster

Walls in classic interiors are often painted with warm paint, but white is also ideal. To prevent cladding in this shade from looking too flat, choose a plaster that will add depth to the room. They can be made from plaster of paris, but this is a rather expensive choice. A cheaper solution would be expanded polystyrene, from which the plaster can be easily glued due to its low weight. Ceiling, wall skirting boards with rosettes will create an elegant cladding in the room. If you are not convinced by plaster on the entire wall, apply only as delicate decorations, for example, around the fireplace. White stripes will also look great when paired with a classic wallpaper embellished with a subtle motif that will enrich a classic living room..

Plaster is the best solution for a classic-style living room, as it is elegant and in harmony with other coatings, such as wallpaper. You will find it in cheaper polystyrene and expensive gypsum..

Wallpaper for the living room in a classic style

Living room decoration in classic design always looks representative and elegant. As the name suggests, the style is part of the historic wall decoration tradition. This does not mean, however, that you should copy the old royal chambers without thinking. In modern realities, a classic interior means elegance, moderation and spatial order with the addition of historical quotes. The exaggerated splendor and excess of various patterned decorations, such as furniture, curtains, rugs and wallpaper, is more likely to add gravity to the interior and not provide a stylish arrangement in the living room. The core of the classic interior is richly decorated walls covered with mostly patterned wallpaper with a structure often related to handmade canvas or embroidery. Traditional patterns in the form of flower bouquets, intricate ornaments and stylish stripes often resemble hand-painted water paints.

Nice rug on the wooden floor

The classic-style room is distinguished not only by its timeless design, but also by the use of high quality materials. Use wood parquet flooring that is durable and also provides good sound insulation. Pay attention to the oak and beech boards that you can arrange in the herringbone. A living room in a classic style should be elegant and cozy at the same time, so place a soft rug on the wooden floor. Choose a beige model while referencing other accessories like sofa cushions. If you want to focus on a stylish arrangement, choose a Persian rug with a muted shade of red.

Living room in classic style with fireplace

An important element in the design of the living room in a classic style is the fireplace. It is found in almost every English interior, and this design is very similar to the classic style. However, a fireplace in the interior is a dream not only of a resident of England, but also of our compatriots, which is why it appears in the living room of most newly built houses. Often, however, a dilemma arises of how to arrange a fireplace. If you are creating an interior in a classic style, then the traditional option is perfect. This fireplace is in perfect harmony with the entire arrangement. A classic living room will look even more beautiful if you decorate it with a fireplace, which will become the center of the room. Select the white portal and place the marble slabs around the insert. Hang your favorite painting above the fireplace in a gold frame, mirror, or leave this place unadorned. The fireplace is an important element of classic design.

The classic dark fireplace blends perfectly with the traditional living room. The classic décor is complemented by white furniture and lighting fixtures. The room exudes some kind of mystery and dignity. It is not at all necessary that a classic style fireplace should be white. The area around the fireplace can be any color, including black. It is only important that this element of the room arrangement matches the interior colors..

Classic style curtains in the living room: 5 golden rules for choosing window decoration

Living room curtains have a very important practical and decorative function. Choosing the right models is an important task. You need to think about fabric, hanging methods and, most importantly, match them with your interior design. Here’s a guide to learn how to choose curtains for an elegant living room in a classic style..

Curtains or drapes?

If you want to emphasize the elegant atmosphere of the living room, pay special attention to the selection of appropriate curtains and curtains. In a living room, especially in a classic one, the functionality of fabrics is very important. Additions in the form of bandeau, pellets, tassels can emphasize the stylish character of the room. If your main concern is protecting the room from the sun’s rays or unwanted glances, then curtains will work first..

Well-chosen curtains for a classic living room effectively minimize the amount of sunlight that enters the room. You should also remember that if you plan to open and close the curtains in your living room frequently, then they must be of the correct length. Optimally, when they end about 1.5 cm above the floor. However, when you care first of all about such an arrangement of windows that will decorate the interior, then the curtains will be perfect. Their snow-white surface will further expand the room.

Curtains also play a very important decorative function in the living room. The combination of curtains and curtains will look most impressive in classic rooms. If you care about the consistency of the composition, then select the fabrics to the style in which the hall is decorated.

Curtains are one of the elements that will add elegance to your living room. If the living room is tall and spacious, choose a heavyweight fabric that matches other decorative elements such as carpets. Window niches in warm browns and beige will also work. If the classic living room is a little smaller, do not give up curtains, but choose softer materials that will not overload the space..

5 golden rules for choosing curtains for a classic living room:

Lighting in a classic living room

In a classically decorated interior, mount a decorative pendant lamp, which should be placed in the center of the ceiling. The model with crystals looks fantastic. If you prefer a softer solution, choose a lamp with silver elements and white shades..

A classic living room also needs side light sources, such as a standing lamp, which you can place right next to the armchair for the perfect reading area. Choose from models with a retro feel, such as gold, solid base and white lampshade. Install a smaller version of a similar lamp on the chest of drawers – this will become an additional decoration. The main lighting will be a crystal chandelier or a pendant lamp with white shades. Also remember about additional light sources that will make the interior functional..

Living room in a modern classic style

A classic interior requires appropriate spaces, so creating this kind of design can sometimes be problematic. However, even in small interiors, elements of the classic style can be used and, thus, an unusual arrangement can be developed. The complete sequence is not always appropriate. The classic style says that it blends perfectly with modernity. This is a kind of backdrop for decisions that seem to come from a completely different topic. Thanks to this solution, even in a small room, where classic saturated colors overload the interior, and a chandelier with crystals will look at least inappropriate, it is worth using a combination of two styles – classic and modern.

Take a look at the details. Look at the chandelier, coffee table, and armchair. Aren’t they products of contemporary design? And yet they fit well into the classic interior, proving that a sense of style is much more important..

How to combine classic and modern style in the living room?

If you are lucky enough to live in an old apartment building, whose tall and spacious rooms provide a huge design opportunity, then you should feel the atmosphere of such an interior as best as possible. This does not mean, however, that the living room should be furnished in the old style. You can draw on history and use it as a background, but you shouldn’t give up on modern furniture. An excellent illustration of this design is shown in the photo below..

Beautiful plasterwork, a classic fireplace case or a stylish chandelier are noble and soulful decorations. They can be said to set the tone for the entire arrangement, although if you look closer, you will notice that other pieces of equipment are modern. A simple sofa and coffee table are modern furnishings. However, they are fittingly set in an interior that is considered to be an excellent example of a successful combination of modern and classic style. Looking at this photo, you will not feel the dissonance that something is wrong here. On the contrary, everything seems to be in place and fits perfectly into the nature of the arrangement..

Combination of classic and modern furniture: can it be successful?

At first glance, it may seem that the photo shows a completely classical composition, and only after a more careful study of the interior will you be able to see modern elements. I wonder if you can find them quickly? If you look closely at the photo, you will surely notice modern accents. For example, a modern glass table. On the one hand, it is very simple and transparent, so it is not entirely noticeable, and on the other, although very modern, it fits perfectly into the overall layout of a rather traditional living room..

Even in very classic interiors, where most of the elements are in the old style, you can find room for modern accents. The combination of classic and modern furniture is not so difficult, as it allows you to get a very interesting and stylish composition.

Kitchen-living room in classic style

To make the hall a successful combination of a living room with a kitchen and a dining room, it is worth choosing interior design elements that will be common to all parts. The effect is most easily achieved with colors. Pick a theme and try to match accessories for the living room, kitchen and dining room in the same color in different shades. In this situation, look for safe colors such as browns, grays and beige, which, when combined with well-chosen accessories, will bring an impression of elegance to a classic style. Also, decide on the same texture of furniture (for example, the upholstery of the sofa in the living room and chairs in the dining room). Choose the same curtain or blind motif throughout the space using, for example, a gray patterned fabric.

A fusion of classic and modern cuisine: how to achieve it?

How to combine classic and modern style not only in the living room, but also in the kitchen? It should be remembered that the entire interior design of the kitchen is influenced not only by furniture, but also by various accessories. It is here that there are ample opportunities for demonstration, and by choosing the right accessories from a classic and rather boring composition, you can create an interior whose character is enhanced by modern decorative elements. Look out for lamps, cooking utensils, and stools and chairs. With the right choice, the combination of a classic and modern kitchen-living room can look like the picture.

The classic style of the house means a tranquil setting, drawing on the best of bygone eras. The interiors in this direction are elegant and balanced. Such a house should be associated with order. Classic style never goes out of style and captivates with timeless elegance. Traditional interiors have an infinite number of facets – they can relate to palace solutions or be combined with retro, glamor and even modern elements. By choosing this decor, you will get an interior that will fascinate today and for years to come..