Living room in a loft style of a New York apartment

How to integrate the loft style into a modern interior while maintaining the warmth and coziness of a homely atmosphere? How to combine industrial aesthetics in decoration and antique décor or designer furniture? Answers to these questions can be obtained from a short photo tour of the living room of a New York apartment. Comfortable environment, a combination of modern interior design and retro furnishings, the use of contemporary artwork – all within a few square meters, while maintaining a sense of spaciousness and freedom.

Loft style living room

Initially, the loft style arose during the arrangement of former industrial premises for residential apartments. Today, it is not necessary to live in a building that was once a factory hall or warehouse in order to organize an interior with industrial aesthetics. If a city apartment has sufficiently spacious rooms with high ceilings and large windows, then decorating its interior in the loft style will not be difficult. If you dislike the use of such loft motifs as open communications, large columns and floor structures exposed for display, then organizing brickwork as an accent of one of the walls is not difficult.

Brick wall as an accent

The sitting area of ​​the living room is represented by a comfortable sofa with leather upholstery in a pleasant ocher shade, a coffee table of the original design and an arched floor lamp with a large fabric shade. The look is completed by pleasant little things that create a cozy atmosphere – a carpet with a print and a worn effect and a small stand made of a wooden block.

Modern and cozy loft

Using hemp as an interior item is not self-irony and uniqueness of the design? Agree that making such an original stand will take a little time and money, and such an interior item will bring a lot of natural warmth and notes of uniqueness to the living room atmosphere.

Stump stand

A sofa with leather upholstery looks great against a brick wall, creating a certain spirit of brutality in the living room interior. This is a fairly practical option for apartments with small children, and snow-white sofas can be present in the interior only as magazine illustrations. In order to soften somewhat the brutal design of the sofa, you can use more «cosy» textiles as decoration for sofa cushions. Soft velor or even fur will become not only the highlight of the recreation area, but also bring color and texture variety to the interior of the entire room..

Sofa cushion textiles Emphasis on textiles

Attention to detail

During the daytime, there is plenty of natural light in the living room, thanks to the large windows. For the dark period, there are several lighting options – a central chandelier for bright lighting at the time of a gathering of the whole family or receiving guests in the space of a common room. For a more intimate setting, diffuse lighting of a floor lamp with an arched tripod and a linen textile lampshade is more suitable..

Arch model floor lamp

Local lighting

A snow-white coffee table with a glossy surface of the table top and steel legs has become a touch of modernity in the image of the living room. Comfortable, ergonomic shape and stable design allow the table to easily become a seating place if several people gather in the living room for a reception or a party.

Leather sofa upholstery

Snow white coffee table

As always, the overall impression of the interior design is not only the appearance of the largest or most striking interior items. Any little things, decorative elements, textile design – everything shapes our perception of this or that space design. Filling the interior with things that are dear to the heart, we not only decorate the room, but also make it incredibly personalized and unique..

Cool palette

On one side of the sofa is a two-tier wheelchair table. This one is comfortable. The mobile station can serve both as a beverage and snack trolley at a party, or as a book stand on regular days. Lovers of meals «under the TV» will also appreciate such a piece of furniture in their living room. Plus, it’s easy to transport from the kitchen and back with dirty dishes..

Wheelchair table

Mobile station

On the other side of the resting place is a segment of short meals. If two people live in the apartment, then a small round table and a couple of comfortable chairs may well organize a dining area..

Area for short meals

Light in its external impressions, but stable and strong in its characteristics, the furniture of a small dining area does not burden the interior, contributes to the creation of a light and relaxed atmosphere in the entire living room. The background of light, translucent curtains gives airiness to the image of a segment of short meals..

Elegant and light furniture

Live plants on a white background

A little live greenery and the interior of the entire living room space is transformed, filled with spring freshness and it seems that even the smell of fresh leaves can be felt by looking at the photo.

Table setting